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Last revised: 18-Jan-99

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Clutch Chatter -- January 1999


Indy Region’s top competitors were honored at the Annual Awards Banquet on December 5 at the Brickyard Crossing Resort. The prestigious Hergenroether Award, which goes to the top competition driver, was presented to Ralph Porter. Ralph had his best season ever while exhibiting all the qualities which exemplify sportsmanship and the spirit of Club Racing. The Competitor of the Year Award, which goes to the top all around competitor, was a tie between Dave Hart who ran solos and rallies and Dave Daughtery who raced and rallied. The 1998 Rookie of the Year Award went to second generation driver Mark Dismore who began 1998 on a Novice Permit and claimed the FC Silver Medal at the Runoffs.

Among those who make the region’s activities possible, Myra Kulke received the top honor, The John McGee Award. Ken and Linda Osiecki received the Worker of the Year Award for their efforts on the IRP grid. Meanwhile, the most involved members were saluted: Myra Kulke, Dave and Cathy Hart, Ken and Linda Osiecki, Peter and Cindy Hylton, Aeron Hylton, Nick Hart, Jo Seymour and A.J. Seymour.

The top Solo competitors were crowned as follows:

1st -- A Stock -- Jason Baugh
2nd -- A Stock -- Mike McLeish Jr.
1st -- C Stock -- Clemens Burger
1st -- D Stock -- Brian Gard
1st -- D Stock Ladies -- Cindy Fineberg
1st -- E Stock -- Mike McLeish Sr.
2nd -- E Stock -- Les Moore
1st -- F Stock -- Dave Hart
1st -- G Stock -- Nick Hart
2nd -- G Stock -- David Moak
1st -- A Street Prepared -- Jack Tovey
1st -- E Street Prepared -- Corey White
2nd -- E Street Prepared -- Sam White
1st -- A Prepared -- T. J. Cole
1st -- C Prepared -- Paul Fox
1st -- D Prepared -- Richard Atkins
1st -- E Prepared -- Frank Palin
1st -- F Modified -- Larry Metz
1st -- Street Touring 1 -- Mark Badgley
The top Rallyists were:
1st -- Class A -- Kurt & Dustin Weisner
2nd -- Class A -- Cindy Hylton
1st -- Class B -- Frank & Candice Pope
2nd -- Class B -- Steve Phillips
1st -- Class C -- Lowell King
2nd -- Class C -- Aeron Hylton
3rd -- Class C -- T.J. Cole & Holly Banta
1st -- Novice Class -- Richard & Janet Atkins
2nd -- Novice Class -- Jo & Bob Seymour

Receiving Regional Racing Awards were:
Bill Baten -- 1st in Indy Region points
Ken Stiver -- 2nd in Indy Region points
Matt Curry -- 3rd in Indy Region points
Lloyd Jennings -- 4th in Indy Region points and 1st in CenDiv EP points
Larry Lefebvre -- 5th in Indy Region points
Bill Campbell -- 1st in CenDiv FP points
Stu Coomer -- 2nd in CenDiv SRF points

Receiving National Racing Awards were:
David Daughtery -- 1st in Indy Region points and 1st in CenDiv SSB and SSC points
Bruce May -- 2nd in Indy Region points and 1st in CenDiv FF points
Ralph Porter -- 3rd in Indy Region points and 2nd in CenDiv SSC points
Aaron Ellis -- 4th in Indy Region points and 3rd in CenDiv F500 points
Dave Ham -- 5th in Indy Region points
Brian Jennerjahn -- 3rd in CenDiv FV points

by Sam Crites

The 1998 season and activities have all come to an end. The Annual Awards Banquet was outstanding, and I believe everyone had a great time. The food was great and the company even better.

We are all looking forward to next year with an expanded racing program at IRP with the addition of two events and the return of Cincinnati and Western Ohio as sanctioning regions. We have formed a team between the three regions to put on a “knock your socks off” opening to the 1999 racing season. I want to thank Terrence Garrett for his effort in putting this program together and taking on the task of coordinating our activities with Cincinnati and Western Ohio.

I would again like to make a plea for all of you to get involved. I would like to paraphrase Ralph Porter’s comments from the banquet. The programs of the SCCA are all equal. If you’re a solo guy, why not try working a race or try your hand on a rally. Racer, how about a solo to check the latest mods to the car, or the tow vehicle would make a great rally car. There are several rally folks who also solo their rally cars. Our Workers of the Year Ken and Linda Osiecki, Pro Rally racers, are also big supporters of racing by working grid and timing and scoring. We are all in this together. Let’s help each other, and we will all benefit. We may not all become “Ralphy the Racer”, but if we all help each other as much as Ralph Porter has helped others over the year, just think what we could accomplish.

See you at the RACES, RALLYS AND SOLOS!!


JANUARY 30, 1999

Meet at TGI Fridays, 501 W. Washington Street for dinner.
Kenyon Cars -- 6:00 PM
Go-Karts -- 6:30 PM
Midget Races -- 7:00 PM

Adults: $17.00
Children 7-12: $6.00, 6 and under: Free

We look forward to a real fun evening for our first SCCA Activities Meeting for 1999.

December 5, 1998
by David De Bolt

Note - A board meeting was held immediately following the Annual Banquet and awards presentations. Due to the festive mood of the evening, the meeting was short and to the point: called to order at 8:30 p.m.; adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

BOARD MEETING MINUTES: The November Board Meeting minutes were approved with no revisions.

TREASURER'S REPORT: No report presented; covered at annual banquet.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: No report presented.

ACTIVITIES REPORT: Our January activity will include a night at the midget races. See elsewhere in CC for details.

RALLY REPORT: Rally school with a short fun rally following is scheduled for the Sunday afternoon of the February 7th. Chuck Hanson will be the instructor / rallymaster. See elsewhere in CC for full details on this event.

SOLO REPORT: Eight events are tentatively planned for 1999. Six would be Indy Region events with two being co-sanctioned with CSCC.

RACE REPORT: No report presented.


NEW BUSINESS: Newly elected officers R.E. Sam Crites, Asst. R.E. Ron Drake, Secretary Dave De Bolt, Treasurer Cindy Hylton, Activities Chairman Myra Kulke, and Membership Chairman Harold Kulke were installed. The following members were elected as Board Members at Large for the 1999 year: Yngvar Brynildssen, Jan Castelluccio, and Terrence Garrett. R.E. Sam Crites, Bob Burns and Pete, Cindy and Aeron Hylton will be attending the National Convention in San Diego, California in February.

NOTE: Two additional At-Large Board Member positions will be filled at the January 4th Board Meeting. For information about these positions, contact any officer.

NEXT MEETING DATE: The next BoD Meeting is scheduled for Monday, Janauary 4, 1999, at 6 PM at Laughner's Cafeteria on U.S. 31 South near Southern Plaza Shopping Center.


Jan 4 -- Board Meeting, 6:00 PM, Laughners at Southern Plaza
Jan 30 -- Activities Meeting, Thunder in the Dome XV (See ad on page 1.)
Feb 1 -- Board Meeting, 6:00 PM, Laughners at Southern Plaza
Feb 7 -- Road Rally School/Fun Event (See ad on page 3.)

NOTE: 1999 Points Rules will be discussed at the January 4th Board Meeting. If you have input, plant to attend or contact a Board Member prior to the meeting.


Both Indianapolis Raceway Park and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway announced big plans during December. Jeff Dakin, Operations Director for IRP, announced major renovations to the oval for 1999. Approximately $25 million will be spent on a two-tiered front straight grandstand to replace the original 38 year old wooden bleachers. Twelve corporate suites and a new control tower are included in the project. With the repaving done in 1998, this will make IRP one of the premier short track ovals in the country. In addition to the traditional NASCAR, USAC and ASA dates, IRP will reintroduce a weekly Friday night program of stock cars and American Race Trucks.

Meanwhile, Indy Region member Tony George announced that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway would become the host for the United States Grand Prix in 2000. Bringing Formula One to the Speedway will compliment the current IRL Indy 500 and the NASCAR Brickyard 400 making the facility the unequaled center of worldwide motor sports.

Major changes will have to take place in order to host this new event. A 2.53 mile road course will be constructed utilizing the front straight and turns one and two. Running opposite the normal direction of flow, the road course will wind its way through the infield avoiding the existing golf course. New pit side garages will be constructed on the inside of the front straight along with a new control tower. The existing stands in this area will be replaced with new pit side suites and stands. While the exact date of the F1 event is unknown as is the duration of the agreement, the long rumored move appears to complete the major overhaul of the IMS operations begun several years ago.

by Roberta & Dave De Bolt

The start of the 1999 Indianapolis Region Rally Series is just around the corner. To help you enjoy next year's program even more than this year's and to help you be even more competitive in our series, we are holding a rally school on Sunday, the February 7, 1999. This school is for ALL rallyists - first time novices to seasoned veterans. The school, instructed by Chuck & Julie Hanson, will cover all aspects of rallying from common rally vocabulary words and time, speed, and distance calculations to basic concepts or themes used in the writing of a rally. After the school, attendees will be able to compete in a short demo rally where they can practice their newly acquired knowledge. NOTE: This rally is a NON-POINTS fun rally only.

The basic information bits for this school/rally are in the following ad. We encourage all of you to attend this rally school. We feel that it will be a quality event offering a lot of good information and advice on the sport of rallying.

Our 1999 rally schedule presently stands as follows:


February 7 -- Chuck Hanson -- Rally School and short Fun Rally. School for beginners and old pros.
March 14 -- Dave & Cathy Hart
April 25 or May 2 -- Candice & Frank Pope
June 12/13 -- Pete, Cindy & Aeron Hylton -- Rally on Saturday/Overnight stay. Sunday - Wright Field Air Force Museum
August 15 -- Ken Osiecki
September 26 -- Dale Baker
November 7 -- Chuck Hanson


February 7, 1999

2302 S. Shelby Street (west side of street, 1-1/2 blocks south of Raymond Street and just west of I-65). Park on west or south side of the building.

PRE-REGISTRATION: Pre-registering for this event is preferred, in order that we may plan for the event and refreshments more effectively. Call 317-891-8596 to pre-register. You may register the day of the event from 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM.

Registration: 12:30-1:00 p.m.
Class- 1:00 p.m. promptly
Demo Rally- Approximately 2:30 p.m.
Review- Approximately 4:00 p.m.

COST: -- School - $5.00 member/non-member/team Rally - $3.00 (sanction fee if applicable)

Drinks and munchies will be provided!

NOTE: Chairs are limited - attendees are requested to bring their own chairs.

Smoking is prohibited!

with Aeron Hylton

As the season was ending Steve Phillips and Paul Gilbert went north to Michigan for the Thumbs Up Divisional Rally. It covered 193 miles with 33 checkpoints. They finished 3rd in class.

Meanwhile, Matt Curry went south for the America Road Race of Champions, the equivalent of the Runoffs for IT cars, where he took a stunning second in the ITS class.

Congratulations to all!

Solo Report
by Dave & Cathy Hart

Cathy and I hope all of you had an enjoyable holiday season. We are slowly beginning to work on the 1999 Solo II schedule as well as updating the Indy Region Solo Points Rules. We would like invite anyone with ideas for new sites to contact us (some already have). We hope to have some new sites in 1999 for an even more exciting season. Thanks in advance for your help.

We hope all of you who attended the Annual Awards Banquet last month had a good time, and congratulations again to all of you class champions and trophy winners last year.

December BoD Meeting

1. Appointments for CenDiv National Field Staff:

Pro Rally Safety Committee – Beryl Ann Burton
Road Rally Board – Jim Mickle
Divisional Road Rally – Jim Mickle
Division Pro Rally Steward – Bruce Weinman
Solo Events Board – Bruce Domeck
Divisional Solo I Steward – Barry Burke
Divisional Solo II Steward – Debbie Fessler
Executive Steward – Kent Williamson

2. Budget and Finance Committee:

Computer Update – Before proceeding further an outside consultant will be used to finalize the needs.
1998-1999 budget is within forecast.
Preparation of the 1999-2000 budget is in the works.
SCCA Enterprises is preparing to make the first repayment of their loan to SCCA after the first of the year.

3. Membership: By designation on membership applications a truer picture of member interest has been determined:

Solo numbers are up 22%
Membership figures through November: 54,748

4. Risk Management: Board voted to raise participant accident insurance program from $500,000 to $1,000,000. There will be a review of participant excess versus primary coverage.

5. Club Racing and Rally/Solo operation manual should be in the region’s hands in January.

6. Bids will be taken for the publication of Sports Car in December. The specs call for bids on the old and new format.

7. Discussions were held on the formation of a council of sports car clubs.

8. Rally/Solo: A study is being conducted to determine the feasibility of holding a World Rally Championship event in the USA. A decision should be made by the National Convention. New logos are available for Pro, Club and Road Rally.

9. The club office is preparing a mission statement on membership retention with the hope of helping to provide tools to the region. I would like to have your input in this area.

10. The Web site is functioning. During the Runoffs 7,300 hits were made in 3 days.

11. A SRF compliance fee of $10 has been retained for 1999.

12. Statistics that you may find of interest:

Pro Rally average participation increased by 11%.
National Pro Rally licenses increased by 19%; Divisional Pro Rally licenses decreased by 25%.
Road Rally average participation decreased by 60%, but the number of events increased by 37%.
Regional Road Rally events were 14; an increase of 2.
Number of Regional Solo II events have increased by 10%. Average participants is 56; increase of 5 over last year.
National Tour Solo average participation was 200. Seven events are scheduled for 1999.
Pro Solo II average participation is up 5%.
Solo II National entrants were 880 – the largest single event ever.
Solo and Rally rule books will be available by January.

13. SCCA – the Next Millennium: This focus group comprised of REs and/or official representatives from the regions while attending the National Convention will look at how we govern ourselves and what tools will be necessary to do the job effectively. This group will have a very important task and only thorough input from membership will make its work effective.


FOR SALE: 1978 MGB. In storage for 6 years. Excellent body. Needs drive train work. Call Bill Field (317) 849-2212. (12/98)

FOR SALE: T8990 Red Devil F440, new engine, rains, good shape. Ready for Regionals or Solo. Have trailer available. $3000 OBO. Call Ron Steward (317) 916-9690 (evenings) (1/99)

WANTED: Recently relocated SCCA member needs garage to store and prepare FV. One or two bay garage would be just fine. Call Jon (317) 392-7092 (w) days or (317) 570-9455 (h) evenings or E-mail at or (1/99)

FOR SALE: 1983 Rabbit GTI. Car was used for Solo II last two years in E Stock and Street Touring 1. Bilstein struts and shocks, Neuspeed front swaybar, upper strut support and race springs, two sets of wheels. Koni adjustable shocks and struts available. Would make a good start for IT car, DSP car or daily driver. $4850 OBO. (317) 852-8062 (h) or (317) 917-5075 (w). Tow Dolly is available for $750 with all new bearings, kingpins, tires and wheels. (1/99)

FOR SALE: 1986 2M4 Red Fiero. 119K miles. 4 cylinder, 5 speed. 1996 E Stock Regional Solo Champion. $1200. Call Sam Crites (317) 882-5721. (1/99)

FOR SALE: Bell SA95, Sport II Helmet. Brand new, never worn, still in box. $260. Call Jeff (765) 563-5011 evenings. (1/99)