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Clutch Chatter -- May 1999


by Warren LeVeque

I remember a story told years ago about Mario Andretti. A sportscaster was asking him about a teamís chances in an upcoming Super Bowl Game. He looked at a picture of the team in the newspaper and responded, "Theyíre going to loose. They look Ďjust happy to be thereí." They lost.

I know what he was talking about. In my lengthy amateur career Iíve become able to recognize the look of winners and losers. The winners usually have that very serious, not having fun, fire in the belly, about to have a stroke look, and the losers have that great goofy grin. Not always, but you know what I mean. And, yes, I have looked in a mirror lately.

Iíve always known "itís not the destination, itís the trip." But, during this last three years of mostly down time due to illness, itís really come home to me.

I was one of "them" Ė I had to win, and I did. I donít mean to sound as if this is a bad thing. Iím just adding some perspective. I didnít go nuts. I only spent overtime money, and I only worked in the garage a maximum of 2 hours three times a week. I was a poor qualifier, mostly due to having no spare parts. But in the races, the red mist overtook me and nothing but mechanical failure or running completely out of talent could stop me. I also, through dumb luck just because I like it, had made a good car choice. I enjoyed the reputation.

An example of this: In 1978 at the last bonus National Road Race of the year to see who would go to the Run-Offs, I was dicing with a factory Jensen Healy. The winner of the dice would go to the Run-Offs. We traded the lead lap after lap. The main straight was a drag strip which passed under the spectator bridge after the finish. On the last lap, we were side to side all the way down the straight. We each looked over at the other to see who was going to brake first for the turn. The front end of neither car went down, and we missed the turn and went into the run off area under the bridge. He was first back on and went to the Run-Offs.

Youíve seen the same thing in autocrosses. Certain Fiero and Porsche (and Corvair?) drivers who werenít having a good time, but were winning. Iím not condemning; who knows what the right choices are. Youíve probably seen potential winners at the Solo Nationals who literally throw up or have diarrhea before running.

In recent years that same dumb luck car choice has become a bad choice. I donít care; I still like it! When youíre just happy to be there, there are many other things to enjoy. Among these things:

  • Engineering the car, experimental set ups
  • Tech talk with your peers 
  • General BSing 
  • Camaraderie with folks with a common interest 
  • Support from Car Clubs and Marque groups 
  • Teaching, being taught 
  • Traveling, Camping 
  • Being with your extended family 
  • Lady Competitors 
  • Stock classes Ė new people 
  • Feeling joy from others if you do well Ė giving joy 
  • Receiving rides Ė giving rides Ė practicing a pitiful look to receive rides 
  • Encouraging, being encouraged 
  • Planning events 
  • Taking an office 
  • Parties Ė Hellos Ė Good byes Ė Hugs 
  • Greetings at registration Ė meeting everyone at tech 
  • Lying and bench racing the night before 
  • Making excuses afterward 
  • Designing courses, complaining about courses, helping set up and tear down 
  • Course walking with friends, trying to find the line 
  • Loading and unloading 
  • Engine sounds, tire sounds, tow vehicle sounds 
  • Looking at interesting cars, trying to guess their secrets 
  • Laughing, cheering, consoling 
  • Trophy presentations 
  • Looking for your name in the next article Ė not reading anything else
WINNING Ė Itís still possible. But, I donít have to.

I once said that I enjoyed this so much that I could come without a car and not run. Little did I know that I would have to prove it. One bittersweet moment was at the Nationals last year when I had someone else bring my car and drive it.

Iím sure that Iím just representing one of many untold stories out there. Iím looking forward to the work of preparing, loading and driving to the next event and wondering as I enter the paddock, what competition will be there.

Iíll be the one with the goofy smile, just glad to be there.


April 12, 1999

by David De Bolt

BOARD MEETING MINUTES: The April Board Meeting minutes were approved with no revisions.

TREASURER'S REPORT: No report presented.

RALLY REPORT: Our second event, "Rambling Road" mastered by Cathy and Dave Hart, had twenty-three rally teams participating. The enjoyable rally was a map rally covering Hamilton county. Our next event will be on Sunday, May 2nd. The rally will be presented by Candice & Frank Pope. It will be a TSD rally covering portions of Hamilton, Madison, and Henry counties. See elsewhere in "C.C." for details.

SOLO REPORT: The first solo points event held April 11th at Fort Ben attracted forty competitors, some of them being newcomers. The event went very well. The next event will be held on May 16th and co-sanctioned with the Columbus Sports Car Club at Columbus.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Inflows of approximately $700 were reported. All membership pins and five-year increment "tags" have been mailed.

ACTIVITIES REPORT: Our March activity was held at Hoosier Tire on the 27th. Approximately fifty people including Porsche Club members attended the presentation which was described as "excellent". Coffee, doughnuts, and lunch were provided by the good folks from Hoosier Tire. Our April activity will be a pizza party and a tour of Patterson Drive Shaft Company on the 23rd. Our May activity will be held on the 20th at the 38th Street Lone Star Steakhouse. Mr. Dan Layton of Honda Motorsports will be the guest speaker. See elsewhere in "C.C." for details.

RACE REPORT: Fifty cars attended the April 3rd and 4th Driver School. Feedback on the Driver School and the Worker School were very favorable not only from the participants, but also from the chairman of the SOM's. Fifty-seven cars have registered, so far, for the Regional/Enduro races to be held on April 17-18.

OLD BUSINESS: The BoD discussed the issue of incorporation by the Central Division. Pros and cons were discussed. Sentiment seemed to favor "strong business decision", "will not change the way we operate", and "will be helpful in difficult business situations". Secretaryís Note: If you have questions or opinions with respect to the idea of incorporation, please contact a BoD member and voice them. This issue will be voted upon at the CEN-DIV Roundtable meeting in November.

NEW BUSINESS: The BoD reviewed the current collection of F&C radios used at I.R.P. for all of the region's races. Facts such as condition, age, problems, ease of repair, costs to maintain were discussed. Sam Crites and Terrence Garrett will meet with Scott Schick to further discuss the situation.

NEXT MEETING DATE: The next BoD Meeting was scheduled for Monday, May 10, 1999, at 6 p.m. at Laughner's Cafeteria on U.S. 31 South near Southern Plaza Shopping Center.


May 2 Indy Region Rally (See ad page 4)

May 8-9 Cincinnati Regional Race at IRP

May 16 Indy Region Solo (See ad page 7)

May 20 Activities Meeting Ė Lone Star Steak House, Speaker: Dan Layton (Honda Motor Sports)

Jun 6 Indy Region Solo

Jun 12-13 Indy Region Overnight Rally

Jun 18 Activities Meeting

Jun 27 Indy Region Solo

Jul 23 Activities Meeting Ė Speedrome Legend Race

Aug 27 Activities Meeting Ė Whiteland Raceway Park

Sep 24 Activities Meeting

Oct 16 Activities Meeting Ė Stoneycreek Farms

Nov 18 Activities Meeting Ė Brickyard at the Crossing, Valvoline Motor Oil

Dec 4 Annual Banquet, Brickyard at the Crossing


by Sam Crites

In last monthís RE News I asked if anyone out there would be interested in reviewing the Proposed Incorporation Bylaws for the Central Division. I received no inquiries except for the Board Members who I forced a copy on for each of them to review. None of the present members are lawyers, so we may miss something important. If you are interested in supporting the best interest of your Region, Division and National Club, give me a call, and Iíll get you a copy of the proposed Bylaws. 

The Drivers School, better known as The IUSCCA (The Indianapolis University of Sports Car Club of America), was well received by both drivers and workers. The weather could have been a little more cooperative, but hey, it wasnít snowing. Success can not be measured by financial results alone, and we are thinking about ways to make next year even better.

We would also like to put out a plea for someone to volunteer to assist Terrence Garrett in preparation for the July 31 - Aug 1 Road Course/Oval Double Regional. Terrence would be an excellent teacher for anyone interested in learning how to put on a race.

As long as Iím making pleas for help we need some help for the Indy Grand Prix with the reinstatement of a separate Paddock Chief. Since Iím the race chairman I need a volunteer to chief and organize the Paddock Marshals. This has been an area that has caused us problems over the last couple of years, and we definitely need to take some corrective action.

Plea for help number three is for a replacement Treasurer for next year. Cindy Hylton has been doing this job for a number of years and would like to move on to other activities. If you have any interest, please contact me or Cindy. This is a very important Board position, but will require a little training to transfer the responsibility to a replacement.

Pete Hylton announced he will be a candidate for Area 4 Director at the Workers Convention and last monthís Clutch Chatter gave an explanation of why he decided to run. Most of you have probably known Pete longer than I. I have just passed my 5th year in the club and want to say that Pete has been a major source of information and support as I have tried to take on the tasks of a board member and then as RE. If you want a straight answer about what has happened, is happening, or what is likely to happen in the future, Pete is the man to ask. Pete Rallys, Solos, Races, and works the races when he isnít a driver. I wish Pete the best of luck in the upcoming election. He has my vote, and I hope yours as well.


I would like to thank everyone that participated at the Indy Regionís Driver School for the huge "Get Well" Card. It really meant a lot to me!

Harold Kulke


by Matt Curry

Bad Dream Team Racing added another pedal jockey to its lineup when Indy Regionís Brian Klein completed the Double School/Regional on March 27-29 at Gateway International. Brian made good account for himself in Matt Curryís ITS Mazda RX-7 by getting down to within a second of the track record on the second day of the school.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature unleashed her liquid governor on race day. Brian approached the rainy first practice session with severe trepidation and fear of not ever seeing his damage deposit again. However, he came out of the car with a smile from ear to ear and professing some kind of unnatural love for the Hoosier Dirt Stockers that we use as rain tires. The qualifying was just as wet, and Brian had his first agricultural excursion. Make that two. No harm, but apparently the mud weight kept him from getting any faster, and so he was sixth fastest with five front wheel drive IT cars and an ITE BMW in front of him. But on the ITS pole!

The track was drying, but still wet for the race. Dry tires were the unanimous choice of the field. The big question was what would happen with the typically faster ITS cars starting back in the pack. On the third attempt, the field was given the green. For the most part not much shuffling occurred. Brian got by the ITE car early, but let the fieldís wily ITS veteran by, too. Despite a hairy spin when he got off the dry line while trying to pass an ITB car, Brian brought the BDT Skoal Pumpkin home in second (no damage) and grabbed a fancy plaque to take home. Not bad for a rookie!

Watch for Brian on the track this year. (Heís the one in the old Darth Vader t-shirt.)


by Roberta & Dave De Bolt

We hope all of you are ready for Event #3 on Sunday, the 2nd. of May. Our rallymasters, Candice and Frank Pope, have planned a nice TSD rally covering approximately 100 miles of paved roads in Hamilton, Madison, and Henry counties. Registration starts at 11:00 AM next to the Cord Camera store, 6840 Lake Plaza Drive, near Highway 37 and 71st Street on the northeast side of Indianapolis. Driver's meeting will be at 11:40 AM with first car off at 12:01 PM The three-hour rally will end at the Daleville shopping center for all of you "shoppers". See elsewhere in "C.C." for details.


1. WORKERS! Here is your chance to qualify your year-end rally points. Candice & Frank need 2 to 4 people to work as checkpoint workers for the May 2nd rally. No experience needed. Training provided. You can get those worker requirements out of the way early! Call us at 891-8596 or call Candice & Frank at 317-465-0115.

2. BMWCCA Rally- The local chapter of the BMW Car Club Of America is staging a TSD Touring Rally on Wednesday, the 21st. of July as part of their week long "National Octoberfest". They are in need of 2 to 4 checkpoint workers to help them with this rally. Work time will be approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours long. They are hoping for an entry of 70 to 90 cars. The rally will end at the Putnam Park Road Course. So if you like BMW's, racing, and want to help a fellow local car club please contact us at 891-8596 or Mr. Mike Lingenfelter at 317-726-0077 or 464-3388. Thanks!

3. Our 1999 rally schedule presently stands as follows:


#3 May 2 Candice & Frank Pope

#4 June 12/13 Pete, Cindy & Aeron Hylton -- Rally on Saturday, Overnight stay, Sunday - Wright Field Air Force Museum

#5 August 15 Ken Osiecki

#6 September 26 Dale Baker

#7 November 14 Chuck & Julie Hanson

Back By Popular Demand

Another Family Overnight Road Rally

June 12-13

The Wright Stuff


  • Easy Instructions & Simple Scoring 
  • A stop at Wilbur Wrightís Birthplace 
  • Lunch at the renowned Sherman House 
  • The only known occurrence of a canal crossing a river 
  • Overnight in Dayton, OH 
  • A visit to the USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB
The US Air Force Museum at Wright-Pat is the oldest and largest Military aviation museum in the world. It features over 250 aircraft and missles on display and family oriented historical exhibits telling the exciting story of aviation from the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk to the Space Age. The museum also features an IMAX Theatre, giftshop, bookstore, model shop and aerospace poster store.

Start Location: Castleton Square Mall by Sears

Registration: 7:15 AM to 7:45 AM

Rally Starts: 8:00 AM

For more info call Pete & Cindy Hylton at 317-892-4206

Recommended hotels:

Dayton Quality Inn North, 937-278-5711, I75 & Needmore Rd.

Best Western Dayton North, 513-276-6151, I75 & Exit 57B

Dayton Super 8, 937-298-0380, I75 & Dryden Rd.


by Myra Kulke

The March Activities Meeting was held at the Hoosier Tire facility on March 17, 1999. Dave Garner provided us with coffee and donuts to start off our meeting. Bruce Foss, the road racing product manager from the home office in Lakeville, IN, held an informal presentation about racing tires. We broke for lunch which was provided by Hoosier Tire. Everyone came away from this meeting very informed about racing tires and set ups.

Our May Activities Meeting will be held at the Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon, 5116 W. 38th St., Indianapolis, IN. We are having a dinner meeting with our guest speaker Dan Layton from Honda Motorsports. So, all of you CART fans can come and find out all the latest scoop regarding race drivers and race teams. See you in May!



Guest Speaker: Dan Layton

Dinner Meeting at

Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon

5116 W. 38th Street

Indianapolis, IN

May 20, 1999, 6:30 pm

RSVP Myra Kulke (317) 745-6918


by Jan Castelluccio

Remember...Indy Region's Regional Racing Awards Rule #9 states "It shall be the responsibility of each driver to supply the points keeper with results throughout the season." I got all results from the April WOR Regional at IRP, but don't assume that I will get results from any other regional event you run this year. In addition I still have a few 1999 Showroom Stock, Formula, Sports Racer, Production, GT, and IT/American Sedan Specification Books for sale at $10.00 each. Thanks and Good Luck with your racing in 1999!!! Indy Region Competition Chairman and Regional Racing Points Keeper Jan Castelluccio 317-898-9273 (evenings). 


Boles, J. Douglas 19Bradley, Craig H. 12

Campbell, William J. 12

Hasselbrinck, Fred 12

Knell, S. Alan 12

Moore, Les 12

Parker, Gary 12

Yngvar, Brynildssen 12

Gilbert, Patrick 9

Hylton, Peter 9

Curry, Matt 7

Duncan, Brian 7

Monday, Donald L. 7

Thomas, Dave 7

Rude, Darold 6

Schopp, Jerry 6

Bearden, Michael 5

Hunt, Robert A. 5

Reisert, John Mark 3


by Dave & Cathy HartJason Baugh put together another fun course at Fort Harrison this past month, and 40 drivers (with friends and family) braved the cold and windy, but dry weather for the first points event of the season. Everyone who competed felt the challenge of a tight 180 degree section, but clean runs were achieved by all who took their 6 (yes 6) runs that day. Thanks again to everyone who helped out, and also to Tom Crouch of the Fort Harrison Reuse Authority for the use of the site. See the event results for the School/Test & Tune and for the Points Event #1 elsewhere in this issue.

Our upcoming events are Points Event #2 on May 16, co-sanctioned with the Columbus Region, and Points Event #3 on June 6 at the 16th Street Speedway. See event advertisements elsewhere in this issue.

Remember, itís never too early for non-members to join the SCCA, or for members to qualify their points for year-end awards. Non-members joining prior to September 1, 1999 can use all points earned during the season towards a possible year-end award. Please call Dave Hart at 317-849-2495 or if you have any questions, or would like to qualify your points. 


Date(s) Points Event/Site

May 16 Columbus Municipal Airport

Jun 6 16th Street Speedway

Jun 27 Fort Benjamin Harrison

Jul 7 Australian Pursuit / Speedrome (tentative)

Jul 18 16th Street Speedway

Aug 8 To Be Announced

Aug 29 Fort Benjamin Harrison

Sep 19 Columbus Municipal Airport

Oct 3 16th Street Speedway

Indianapolis Region SCCA Solo II School /Test&Tune

Fort Benjamin Harrison March 28, 1999

Time Class Name Vehicle


51.062 AS Jason Baugh Porsche 944S


48.249 CS Clemens Burger Porsche 944

53.666 CS Sean Murphy Pontiac Fiero

53.855 CS Jeff Alexander Toyota MR2


52.442 DS Gustavo Hammerly Honda CRX SI

53.309 DS Larry Metz Honda CRX


54.330 ES Dennis Dunkman Honda Civic EX


52.809 FS Dave Hart Pontiac Formula

57.512 FS Eric Johnson Chevrolet Impala SS


54.053 GS Harold Hammerly Acura Integra 

56.785 GS Robert Hinton Eagle Talon TSI AWD

59.020 GS Richard Feltman Acura Legend


52.102 HS Glenn Kellum Honda Accord

53.201 HS Sherri DeCoursey VW Golf GTI 4CYL

54.718 HS Scott DeCoursey VW Golf GTI 4CYL

57.472 HS Nick Judy Saturn SL


50.626 CSP Steve Linn Nissan Sentra SE


52.826 AP Lee Miller Pontiac Fiero


50.377 CP Paul Fox Chevrolet Corvair

54.458 CP Joshua Scott Ford Mustang

57.405 CP Jeff Goss Audi 90Q


64.516 CPL Erin Goss Audi 90Q


50.875 DP Travis Smith Honda Civic

56.309 DP Jim Wade MG B

58.982 DP Ken Doty MG B


47.433 CM Brent Cary Van Diemen

52.423 CM Steve Geiger Van Diemen


52.478 EM Jason Mackiewicz Opel GT

53.368 EM Garrick Miller Opel GT

99.999 EM Steve Mackiewicz Opel GT


53.853 ST Ian Linn Honda Accord

Indianapolis Region SCCA Solo II Points Event #1

Fort Benjamin Harrison April 11, 1999

Time Class Name Vehicle


55.913 AS Mike McLeish Jr. Mazda RX-7 Turbo II

57.756 AS Jason Baugh Porsche 944S

59.856 AS Steve Knitter Porsche 911 Cabriolet

69.216 AS Corey Snapp Mazda RX-7 R1


52.543 CS Clemens Burger Porsche 944


57.990 DS Brian Gard Plymouth Neon ACR

59.670 DS Gustavo Hammerly Honda CRX SI


57.817 ES Ken Krozel Honda Civic EX

57.917 ES Mike McLeish Sr. Saturn SC2

58.999 ES Dennis Dunkman Honda Civic EX

62.572 ES Jim Durbin Honda Civic EX


56.600 FS Dave Hart Pontiac Formula


59.129 GS Michael Lamfalusi VW Jetta


55.788 HS Sherri DeCoursey VW Golf GTI 4CYL

56.785 HS Glenn Kellum Honda Accord

57.521 HS Scott DeCoursey VW Golf GTI 4CYL

59.264 HS Andrew Bratt Toyota Supra

60.671 HS Pat Dotson Oldsmobile Alero


55.782 ASP Jack Tovey BMW M3 Lightweight


54.889 CSP Matt Curry Mazda RX-7

56.386 CSP Brian Klein Mazda RX-7


99.999 DSP Tony Rierdorf VW Rabbit

99.999 DSP Todd Tiernon VW Rabbit


63.089 ESP Sam Crites Chevrolet Camaro IROC


58.917 AP Michael LeVeque Pontiac Fiero

63.105 AP T.J. Cole Alfa Romeo GTV6


54.667 CP Paul Fox Chevrolet Corvair


53.216 DP Richard Atkins Fiat X-1/9

64.278 DP Jim Wade MG B

64.527 DP Ken Doty MG B


51.956 CM Brent Cary Van Diemen Ford

57.449 CM Steve Geiger Van Diemen FI


56.267 DM Phillip Wehman Caterham Seven Super Seven


52.805 EM Warren LeVeque Chevrolet Corvair

99.999 EM Mike Hurst Mazda RX-7


52.184 FM Larry Metz Zink C4 Solo Vee


57.967 ST Steve Linn Nissan Sentra SE

58.219 ST David Moak VW GTI VR6

58.552 ST Ian Linn Honda Accord

59.673 ST Chris McGuire VW Rabbit GTI

Indianapolis Region Solo II Points Event #2

Co-Sanctioned with Columbus Region

At Columbus Municipal Airport

SUNDAY, May 16

Rain or Shine

No Karts

Registration and Tech: 9:30 AM Ė 10:30 AM

Driverís Meeting: 10:45 AM

Event Start: 11:00 AM

$12.00 Members $15.00 Non-Members

Contact: Dave or Cathy Hart at (317) 849-2495


Indianapolis Region Solo II Points Event #3


Sunday, June 6

16th Street Speedway Parking Lot

1501 West 16th Street, Indianapolis

Rain or Shine

No Karts

Registration & Tech: 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Driver's Meeting: 10:45 AM

Event Start: 11:00 AM

$15.00 Members $18.00 Non-Members

Contact: Dave or Cathy Hart at (317) 849-2495



with Aeron Hylton

Our racing season started off with my buddy Terrence Garrett and a bunch of his driving friends teaching some new race drivers how to go fast. SCCA says Iím not old enough yet, so Daddy says weíre going to look at Quarter Midgets soon. Local members who gave it a try were Yngvar Brynildssen in a pretty A Sedan Mustang that unfortunately went boom on Saturday; Charles Bushor in the AS Firebird he got from James McDaniels; Brian Duncan in an Improved Touring A Honda CRX; and James Hart in a Formula Vee. Renee Edwards went through school in the family Formula 500, and two new members, the father and son team of Doug Flint and Doug Flint, Jr. drove a pair of cool Formula Atlantics. Mark Hogue came out of retirement in Formula Continental; Joe Huerkamp ran an RX-7 in ITS; and Mark Hupfer drive a 911SC in ITE. Solo regulars Andy VanVlyman (RX-7 in ITS) and Les Moore (Neon in SSC) tried their hand at racing. Jeff Jeffers drove an RX-7 in ITA, and Don Munday and Darold Rude both ran Spec Racers. Mike Neylon broke his Lola Formula Ford on Saturday and came back in a rented Spec Racer on Sunday. And Paul Reineck had to switch from his scheduled Formula Ford to an ITC Rabbit when the intended car wasnít ready in time. Looks like weíll have lots of new faces at the racetrack this summer!

Two weeks after the school we all got to go racing at Western Ohio Regionís Spring WORkout Regional Race, featuring a one hour enduro for the IT and SS cars. Many of the practicers (Daddy called them track babies) from the school came out again for a real race. The weather was about as yucky as I can imagine with rain, snow, wind and lots of cold. The highlight of the enduro for many was watching Yngvar Brynildssen and his pretty new Mustang A Sedan run their first race together. When the cars pulled away from the Grid, Yngvar was still running down the grid from the tower. That meant he missed the pace lap while his Dad belted him in, and he had to start from the pit lane. He played catch up for half the race and finally caught the lead AS car on the main straight away. Then, he got so excited he went straight off the end at turn one and had to navigate his way back to the course. With half the race left, he set off again, and caught the leader at the end to take his first win. Vic Brunamonti and Pat Gilbert co-drove their Horizon to the ITB win and second overall, taking full advantage of that front wheel drive that Daddy used to love so much in the rain. Brian Duncan won ITA in his Honda, and Matt Curry and Brian Klein were second ITS in Mattís Mazda. Dave Thomas took his GTI to fifth in ITB.

The weather was slightly better for Sundayís regular Regional rain, but lots of cold. Yngvar won again in AS, but his car didnít look so pretty anymore with an ouchie on the front end. Morey Doyle and Matt Curry were in a race long three car battle for the ITS lead. They all three got so excited they ran into each other and spun just prior to the race being cut short by an accident. They ended up second and third respectively. Bob Hunt followed then in fifth. Brian Duncan took third ITA.

Alan Knell has given up on Formula 500 and bought a Baby Grand sedan to run in Super Production. Now he looks like he ought to be racing with Jeffy and Dale (Jarrett not Earnhardt!). He won just like he always has. Gary Parker broke after sitting on the front row, but still won GT1.

Recent driver school graduate Les Moore got his first win in his SSC Neon while Pat Gilbert and Dave Thomas were second and third in ITB. The Spec Racer event was an Indy Region benefit as Craig Bradley led Daddy, Don Munday and Darold Rude. Bill Campbell won FP, and poor Mommy didnít get to start in EP after her motor broke. Our crew were all sad, but at least no one said any loud, bad words!

Doug Boles had a busy weekend winning FC in Mark Hogueís Reynard and finishing third in Terrence Garrettís FV. Fred Hasselbrinck won Club Formula Continental while Don Baker and Ralph Johnson didnít get to start. Jerry Schopp, Michael Bearden and John Reisert were fourth, fifth and seventh in FV. And Craig Campbell was back after a long lay off in CFF, but broke on Saturday.


Race teams from all types of motorsports can now purchase racing fuel where the legends have for decades: the garage area of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Thanks to recently completed renovations, racers can buy 110-octane Unocal racing gasoline for $4 per gallon, or methanol fuel for $1.25 per gallon.

The methanol available for purchase is the same fuel used by the 700-horsepower Pep Boys Indy Racing League cars that compete in the Indianapolis 500, while the Unocal gasoline is the same as that used by NASCAR Winston Cup stock cars at the Brickyard 400.

"Weíre offering very competitive prices on fuels that many racers in the region use on a weekly basis," said Jim Reynolds, manager of racing fuel services for the Speedway and the Pep Boys Indy Racing League. "The Speedway just completed a renovation of our garage-area fuel facilities, and for the first time we can supply both gasoline and methanol all year long."

All fuel sales are subject to Indiana sales tax, unless a federal tax identification number is provided.

Teams interested in purchasing fuel must contact the Speedway before arriving at the fuel facility. For more information, contact Reynolds at (317) 484-6420.


Most SCCA regions do not have enough workers to stage a race unassisted. They need workers from other regions to come lend a hand. In the early 1970ís Indy Region organizer Paul Page came up with a concept called the Indianapolis Race Organization or IRO. The concept was for this new entity to be a worker corps which ignored regional boundaries and involved all the individuals who worked at IRP races.

Some folks initially misunderstood and thought this was an attempt to form a sort of "second region" made up of the event workers with the ultimate objective of pushing Indianapolis Region out of IRP. This obviously created some initial hard feelings and a few unkind words. Ultimately, however, everyone came to understand that the IRO wasnít intended to replace the region, but rather to supplement it, and to give all the IRP race workers a feeling of community regardless of where they called home.

In the mid-seventies the IRO regions jointly built the hospital/registration building at IRP and erected more guardrail. From a staffing stand point, the IROís volunteer medical crew, nicknamed the "Medichanics", were leading the country in terms of expetise. And one of their members, John McClure, won the National Martin Tanner Award for heroism during a GT1 crash in the turn two tunnel.

The fire/safety crews also got lots of attention. One of the people Paul Page contacted was Sig Bickel, an Indianapolis Fireman, about forming a Fire Department for SCCA road racing. Sig contacted Airport Firemen because of their training in fuel fires and they had proper fire suits. He also got a Washington Township Fireman and an Avon Fireman. Harold Kulke became Fire Chief in 1980 when Sig Bickel moved to Florida. They used three fire trucks for National races and two for Regional races. IRP supplied the 250lb fire extinguishers for the trucks, and Indy Region supplied 30lb portable extinguishers for the corners.

In 1971 Sig contacted Al Wright and the Civil Defense Fire Department for their extraction equipment. They also became another fire truck. The IRO Fire Department ran like that until Civil Defense disbanded. Then Midwest Fire and Safety supplied us with the Hurst Tool (Jaws of Life) for every racing weekend until IRP took over the fire, safety and medical operations with their own permanent staff.

In 1978 a scheduling fight at the CenDiv Roundtable led to another region stealing the date of a traditional IRP Regional race, preventing that race at IRP from being part of the CenDiv Regional Championship Series. In light of this, all the IRO regions withdrew from the series and in protest formed their own IRO Championship Series (IROCS). For 1981 the IRO regions adopted a new class called Vintage Formula Ford for older, less competitive cars. This class grew in popularity and was soon adopted by all of CenDiv under the name Club Formula Ford.

In 1986 the IRO regions again led the way in CenDiv, introducing the new "Improved Touring" category which had sprung up on the west coast. In 1992 with the opening of the Putnam Park road course, the IRO staffed events at two different tracks. In 1993, to promote the local events, the Indiana Regional Road Racing Series was formed with jackets awarded to the top finishers in the regional race series that used both tracks. Additionally, a series of Fire and Rescue schools began in order to train race workers.

Through it all the volunteer workers have been the core of the Indianapolis Race Organization. While financial considerations have come in to play, it has primarily been the camaraderie of the workers who have kept the spirit of the IRO going. Whether standing in the hot sun on race day or sloshing through the mud to build tire walls before an event, the volunteers of SCCA have been its backbone. This had no better example than IRO member Barry McDonald of WOR who in 1994 won national recognition for his actions to assist a trapped driver after a frightening crash at Putnam Park. With the return of Cincinnati and Western Ohio Regions to IRP this year, the feelings of camaraderie and cooperation are again present as those regions, along with Indy, are sharing the responsibilities for the three spring events.


In 1949 Bob Magenheimer was working at an Indianapolis area car dealership when a nearly new 1948 MG-TC was brought in for trade. Bob bought the car and began racing it in SCCA events at Watkins Glen (shown here leading at the start of the 1951 race) and Elkhart Lake as well as Indy Region events. The car won events at both Stout Field and the Milport Hillclimb as well as others.

Bob sold the car after he moved up to a Porsche. Fifteen years later the new owner offered it back to Bob. It had only 400 more miles on it, and it had been parked in a barn and left to rot. After a massive restoration project, Bob once again put the car on the street in 1981. Bob and his wife Joanne retired to Florida and took the MG with them. In 1996 they came back to the Indy for the Regionís 50th Anniversary Reunion where they met the Hylton family including the youngest member, Aeron.

This spring Bob decided it was finally time to let the MG go, and he wanted to sell it to someone who would appreciate its history. Thus, in late March, Pete Hylton and Dale Baker towed the Wabbit Wacing trailer to Florida and brought this storied 1948 MG-TC back home again to Indy. Watch for it at IRP this summer!


FOR SALE: 1997 Legends Race Car, í37 Ford Sedan, 15 races on car, legal and ready for í99 season. Spare Parts. $9150. Call (317) 862-3897 or (317) 862-2128 and ask for Gary. (4/99)
FOR SALE: Transferable certificate for one day session at Skip Barber School at Road America. Good until August 6, 1999. Several dates available in May, June, July and August 6. 1/2 normal price = $250. Mike Robbins (317) 253-9041. (4/99)

I hope that I shall never see 
Flagman running up a tree.
Or the starter Ė in his leap
Fail to land upon his feet.
Nor a scorer with a sty
Counting cars as they go by.
Nor yet a steward on the track
With a driver on his back.
But what I hope will never be
And what I really fear to see...
Is a track completely bare
Without a single worker there.
Races are won by guile or grace
But only workers put on a race.

By Edna Sherman