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Clutch Chatter -- July 1999



JULY 10-11, 1999




Race Chairman: - Sam Crites
Chief Steward: - Cindy Hylton
Asst. Chief Steward: - Bob Burns
Operating Stewards:
 - Terrence Garrett
 - Andy Weldon
 - John Peterson
 - Frank Karl
Safety Stewards:
 - Rich Lankford
 - Ken Patterson
 - Bill Schuberth
Chairman SOM: - Ed Pomeroy
Stewards of the Meet:
 - Cindy Pomeroy
 - Ralph Scott
 - Jim Green
 - Chuck Shapiro
Chief of Course: - John Lyghtel
Chief of Flag & Comm.: - John Best
Chief of Grid: - Linda Osiecki
Chief of Pits: - Ken Osiecki
Chief of Paddock: - Dale Baker
Chief Registrar: - Pete Hylton
Chief of Tech:
 - Jay Quinn
 - Jeannie Spellman
Chief of Sound Control: - Bill Stevens
Chief Starters: - Bobbe Orr
Chief of T & S: - Sue Young
Driver Information: - Myra Kulke
Fire & Rescue: - IRP Fire/Rescue
Medical: - IRP Medical Staff
Security: - Hendricks Co. Sheriff


Friday, July 9
8:00 am - 5:00 pm IRP Test Day (not SCCA sanctioned)
4:00 pm - 9:00 pm Registration and Tech at IRP

Saturday, July 10
6:30 am Gates Open
7:00 am - 10:00 am Registration Open
7:00 am - 10:00 am Tech Open
8:00 am Begin 20 minute practice sessions for
Group 1 (FV, F500) & Group 8 (Pro Vee)
Group 2 (EP, FP, GP, HP, GT4, GT5)
Group 3 (FF, FC)
Group 4 (GT1, GT2, GT3, AS)
Group 5 (FA, FM, S2, CSR, DSR)
Group 6 (SRF)
Group 7 (SSB, SSC, T1, T2)

followed by LUNCH

1:00 pm Begin 25 minute qualifying sessions for
Group 1 (FV, F500)
Group 2 (EP, FP, GP, HP, GT4, GT5)
Group 3 (FF, FC)
Group 4 (GT1, GT2, GT3, AS)
Group 5 (FA, FM, S2, CSR, DSR)
Group 6 (SRF)
Group 7 (SSB, SSC, T1, T2)
Group 8 (Pro Vee)

6:00 pm Giant Pig-In Cookout for everyone located behind the dragstrip grandstands

Sunday, July 11
6:30 am Gates Open
7:00 am - 10:00 am Registration Open
Tech by appointment only
8:00 am Begin 10 minute warm-up sessions for
Groups 1, 3, 5 and 8
Groups 2, 4, 6 and 7

8:35 pm Begin 18 lap races for
Group 1 (FV, F500)
Group 2 (EP, FP, GP, HP, GT4, GT5)
Group 3 (FF, FC)
Group 4 (GT1, GT2, GT3, AS)

followed by LUNCH

1:00 pm Begin 18 lap races for
Group 8 (Pro Vee)
Group 5 (FA, FM, S2, CSR, DSR)
Group 6 (SRF)
Group 7 (SSB, SSC, T1, T2)


With more than 55,000 members, the Sports Car Club of America is the world’s largest car-enthusiast organization. To cater to the needs of such a big and diverse membership, SCCA offers a wide variety of automotive competition ranging from autocrosses and solo events to rallies and all-out racing.

In the racing sector, SCCA has separate divisions that address both professional and nonprofessional racing. The pro side has several series to offer such as the high-energy Trans-Am and World Challenge.

The Club Racing side provides a complete range of events that begins with training novice drivers and progresses all the way up to the National Championships. While it is nonprofessional, to call it “amateur” racing would be anything but fair. Although many of the cars aren’t terribly expensive - often coming right off of used car lots - still others may cost $100,000 or more. And the levels of vehicle preparation and competition are every bit as fierce and professional as are found over on the pro side.

There are three levels of competition within Club Racing. Driver schools teach new drivers the basics and give them a place to gain necessary racing experience under the watchful eye and guidance of veteran drivers. Regional racing is the intermediate plane, and offers fierce competition and high levels of enjoyment, but without the extensive travel and sometimes intense pressure that can be found higher up.

National racing is the highest level in Club Racing and, as the name implies, the goal at this plateau is winning a National Championship. This occurs each fall in the Valvoline Runoffs, the Olympics of road racing, where the top drivers from SCCA’s 23 classes square off in a single 30-minute shoot-out for each class to determine who will wear the crown.

To get to the Runoffs, drivers compete around the country in National races such as those here this weekend accumulating points based on how well they do in each. At the end of the season, the top handful of drivers from each of SCCA’s geographical Divisions is invited to “go for the gold”. With everything on the line in a single roll of the dice, it’s not surprising that those half-hour shoot-outs have been described as the most exciting 30 minutes in racing.


Formula Cars - Formula cars are pure bred racing machines which were never intended to turn a wheel anywhere but the race track. They are single seat, open wheel machines, and the faster classes have wings to provide aerodynamic downforce to improve handling. The fastest SCCA class is Formula Atlantic where the cars can reach top speeds of 180 mph with lap averages over 100 mph. Formula Continental is a similar, but slightly slower class. The remaining classes use identical stock based engines and therefore provide some of the closest competition. Formula Fords use 1600 cc Ford engines while Formula Vees use air-cooled VW powerplants. Formula 500 cars use snowmobile engines, and Formula Mazdas use nearly stock Mazda motors.

Sports Racers - The Sports Racing classes are also made up of pure racing cars, but they have full bodywork unlike the Formula cars. Spec Racer Ford and Sports 2000 are two of the most popular classes, and their use of identical stock-based engines makes for close racing. The C and D Sports Racing classes are among the smallest in terms of numbers, but they frequently lead the way in terms of technical innovation in chassis design, engines, and aerodynamics.

Production and GT - The Production classes (EP through HP) and GT classes (GT1 through GT5) are made up of cars which were originally designed for street use. However, they have been highly modified for racing. While they a bear strong resemblance to their street-going cousins, a close look tells you that it is only skin deep. The front runners use tube frame chassis and the bodywork has been modified to permit super-wide racing slicks to fit under the fenders. The cars range from Trans Am type Corvettes and Porsches in GT1 to Triumphs and Austin Healeys in GP and HP.

Showroom Stock, Touring and American Sedan - The two Showroom Stock classes (B & C) are comprised of cars that not only look like what you drive on the street, but frequently ARE driven on the street. The cars are completely stock except for safety equipment and are fully street legal. All components must be stock and absolutely no performance modifications are allowed. Some of the closest racing comes from these classes, so don’t let the lack of noise fool you. There’s no lack of excitement on the track. The Touring classes (T1 & T2) are similar to Showroom Stock, but allow more modification for safety’s sake since the cars are faster. A Sedan is the fastest growing class in SCCA. It is made up of good old American cars like Camaros, Mustangs, etc. While not allowed the extreme modifications of the GT category, the class is popular because it is easy to build a competitive car.

The Valvoline Pro Vee Series presented by ADPAC is a semi-professional series for the Formula Vee class. Highly competitive and fun to watch, this series is structured not only to recognize the winner, but to reward and involve any and all Formula Vee competitors.


The Sports Car Club of America is a nationwide organization of automotive enthusiasts made up of over 100 local regions. The Indianapolis Region has been around since 1946 and has been consistently recognized as one of the best in the country as witnessed by National Achievement Awards for 1983, 1986, 1990 and 1996. At over 600 members, Indianapolis Region has people interested in all forms of automotive activity.

RACING - Indy Region participates in staging racing events at Indianapolis Raceway Park. For more info on race working call 892-4206.

ROAD RALLY - Indy Region stages a 6-8 event rally series each year where teams of driver and navigator follow route instructions that guide them around the county roads of Central Indiana. These tours of the countryside are not speed contests, but rather require you to follow the correct course while either answering questions or maintaining correct average speeds between checkpoints. The rally series has classes for both experienced and novice competitors, and you need not be a member to complete. For more info call 891-8596.

SOLO - A Solo II (also known as an autocross) is a speed event where one car at a time runs a course marked with pylons. You compete against the clock and receive a penalty for each pylon you hit. Indy Region Solos are conducted on various sites around town with classes for a wide variety of cars ranging from stock street cars to highly modified race cars. You need not be a member to compete. For more info on Solo call 849-2495.

SOCIAL - The local club conducts a variety of social activities throughout the year from a formal year end awards banquet to movie nights, guest speakers, and “bench racing” sessions. For info on the next get-together call 745-6918.

To join, fill in the membership application in this program or contact the local Membership Chairman at 745-6918. Join the fun today!

SCCA Workers--The Inside Track

After each race this weekend you will notice that as the drivers take their “cool-off” lap they will give a wave to the folks dressed in white around the course. This is their way of saying “Thanks for being here.” Because without the many volunteer workers who give their free time to stage these events, the races simply could not happen. The SCCA race workers are a dedicated, but fun-loving corps who do what they do for the love of the sport.

You say this sounds like your kind of group? You think you’d like to spend some time getting “up close and personal” with the races? What’s stopping you? Nothing! SCCA accepts new volunteers at every event and regularly conducts training sessions. And if you really get into this, you can join the travelling workers who go to other tracks throughout the midwest. How do you find out more? During a slack period you can simply ask one of the workers about his or her specialty. Or you can call 892-4206 and talk with one of our worker coordinators. That only leaves one tough decision – which specialty do you want to try?

The most visible workers are the Corner Workers. Officially known as Flagging and Communication specialists, these workers-in-white maintain radio communication between all corners and race control. They are the driver’s link to knowing what is going on around the course. They also provide assistance to disabled cars and are the first line of support in case of an accident. Course Workers provide additional support for disabled cars with wrecker and towing capabilities. They coordinate the setting up of the track facility and the staffing of emergency stations. Pit, Paddock, and Grid Workers direct and control traffic off the race track. They supervise activities in the pits and are in charge of lining up the cars before they go on track.

The folks in Tech Inspection have the responsibility of checking the safety equipment of the car and driver before the event and supervising post-race impound where the legality of the winners is checked. Timing and Scoring Workers must keep track of every car on every lap of every session. It’s a tough job, but at least they get to stay inside when it turns rainy. Sound Control is a specialty responsible for monitoring the noise produced by the cars, so as to ensure that we remain a responsible neighbor to the surrounding countryside. And finally, Registration personnel are responsible for handling all the paperwork and credentials for all the drivers, crews, and workers at the track.



by Sam Crites

When you Receive this, the Indy Grand Prix will be just days away. The Road Course/Oval event will follow 3 weeks later. This will complete our local Road Racing season except for our support of the VSCDA Vintage Race in October. It is time to start thinking about how we will accomplish all of the Club’s functions for next year.

I have been asking for people to come forward and take on some of the responsibility. Well, guess what, here I am again. The following positions will be available next year, and it’s not too early to think about what you might be interesting in trying.

 - Regional Executive
 - Assistant RE
 - Treasurer
 - Clutch Chatter Editor
 - IRO Worker Newsletter Editor
 - Race Chairman (you can pick any of several dates)
 - Radio Man (Our present Radioman will be unable to continue next year because of family obligations) You’ll need a van or SUV to haul all the stuff.
 - All Specialties

I’m sure there are others that would appreciate some assistance as well. We can’t keep relying on the same people to continue to do all the work. This is your club, and your sport, so pitch in so we can maintain the high quality events we have become known for.


Jul 6 - Indy Region Solo (See ad page 8)
Jul 10-11 - Indy Grand Prix National at IRP
Jul 12 - Indy Region Board Meeting – Laughner’s at Southern Plaza, 6:00 PM.
Jul 18 - Indy Region Solo (See ad page 7)
Jul 23 - Activities Meeting – Speedrome Legend Race (See page 8)
Jul 31-Aug 1 - Indy Region Road Course & Oval Double Regional at IRP
Aug 8 - Indy Region Solo (See ad page 8)
Aug 15 - Indy Region Road Rally (See ad page 12)
Aug 27 - Activities Meeting – Whiteland Raceway Park
Aug 29 - Indy Region Solo
Sep 19 - Indy Region Solo
Sep 24 - Activities Meeting
Sep 26 - Indy Region Road Rally
Oct 3 - Indy Region Solo
Oct 8-10 - Vintage Race at IRP
Oct 16 - Activities Meeting – Stoneycreek Farms
Nov 14 - Indy Region Road Rally
Nov 18 - Activities Meeting – Brickyard at the Crossing, Valvoline Motor Oil
Dec 4 - Annual Banquet, Brickyard at the Crossing


June 14, 1999
by David De Bolt

BOARD MEETING MINUTES: The May Board Meeting minutes were approved with no revisions.

TREASURER'S REPORT: The report presented by Cindy Hylton showed a current balance of $-25,629.91. This figure includes the double school held in April at I.R.P., but does not include the last two events at the track. The double school showed a final loss of $-6,819.22.

RALLY REPORT: Our fourth event, "The Wright Stuff", mastered by Cindy and Aeron Hylton was held on June 12/13th. Ten teams participated in this family-oriented overnight rally to Dayton, Ohio. See elsewhere in "C.C." for a summary and results of this event. Our next rally will be held on Sunday, August 15th. Mr. Ken Osiecki will be the rallymaster. See elsewhere in "C.C. for details.

SOLO REPORT: The May 16th event went well with good weather and 80 competitors participating. The June 6th event at the 16th Street Speedway attracted some newcomers in the group of twenty-four entrants. The lower turnout was as expected as this event was scheduled against the B.F. Goodrich event at Converse, Indiana. The next event will be at Fort Ben on the 27th of June followed by the July 6th Australian Pursuit event at the Indianapolis Speedrome. See elsewhere in "C.C." for details concerning this event.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: The cost of publishing the membership directory was discussed. Twenty-six people joined the region in the month of May.

ACTIVITIES REPORT: The May activity was held at the Lone Star Steakhouse on West 38 Street on the 20th. Mr. Dan Layton of Honda Motorsports presented a very interesting and informative video and talk on the Cart Fed-Ex Series, its cars, and its drivers with the Target Honda Motorsports team being featured. There will be no June meeting due to family vacations and the heavy racing schedule. The July activity will be a fun event watching our fellow members, Bill Coughlin and Gary McIntosh, race their Legend cars at the Indianapolis Speedrome on the 23rd of July.

RACE REPORT: Entries are in the mail for the July 10-11th Indy Grand Prix. All Chiefs of Specialities have been retained and trophies are in process. The event will be catered by Harold's. The BoD discussed having a person sing the National Anthem and having a minister offer a prayer before the start of the racing program on Sunday. The sanction for the end of July regional was mailed June 14th. The supplementals are finished.

OLD BUSINESS: The BoD once again discussed the issue of F&C radios. There was no investigation into the pricing of radios as the Region has no money currently in the budget for radios. Some BoD members believe that further investigation of radios is needed with respect to available frequencies, number of channels, number of keys, repeaters, etc.

SPECIAL EVENT: After discussion on Myra Kulke's proposal, the BoD agreed to appropriate money for the purchase of centerpieces with a racing and/or automotive theme for the December Awards Banquet.

NEXT MEETING DATE: The next BoD Meeting was scheduled for Monday, July 12, 1999, at 6 p.m. at Laughner's Cafeteria on U.S. 31 South near Southern Plaza Shopping Center.


by Dave & Cathy Hart

We had a small turnout (24 Entrants) for our June 6th event at 16th Street Speedway, mostly due to the BFG event at Converse. Those who attended enjoyed a sunny day with 6 official runs (plus 2 fun runs for those that desired) on a course that crossed over itself several times. Thanks to all who helped make this event a success. The event results are elsewhere in this issue. By the time you read this, we will have completed the June 27th event at Fort Ben. Event results will be in next month’s Clutch Chatter.

Don’t forget our next event at the Speedrome on Tuesday evening, July 6.

There are ads elsewhere in this issue for our next 3 events. Please make note of the items on the schedule below that are marked with “U” (Update), particularly the date change from July 7 to July 6 (Tuesday) for the first of 2 Speedrome events. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the unique format for the Australian Pursuits at the Speedrome. Also note that Columbus has moved the SuperWeekend event to October. We hope to see everyone soon.

Date(s) -  - Points - Event/Site
Jul 18 -  - 6 - 16th Street Speedway
Aug 8 - U - 7 - Australian Pursuit / Speedrome
Aug 29 -  - 8 - Fort Benjamin Harrison
Sep 19 -  - 9 - Columbus Municipal Airport
Oct 3 -  - 10 - 16th Street Speedway

Dave Hart – (317) 849-2495

Indianapolis Region SCCA Solo II - Points Event #3

16th Street Speedway - June 6, 1999

Time - Name - Vehicle

43.745 - Jason Baugh - Porsche 944S
44.230 - Todd Houtz - Porsche 944 Turbo
46.074 - Jason Frazier - Porsche 944

43.701 - Brian Gard - Plymouth Neon ACR
45.274 - Gustavo Hammerly - Honda CRX SI
45.411 - Jeff Ashton - Nissan 240SX
48.779 - Brett Wilson - Nissan 300ZX

45.555 - Ken Krozel - Honda Civic EX
45.582 - Dennis Dunkman - Honda Civic EX
45.649 - Dave Alexander - Toyota Celica

42.780 - Dave Hart - Pontiac Formula
44.665 - Chris Crowley - Ford Mustang
46.075 - T.J. Edwards - Ford Mustang

42.418 - Harold Hammerly - Acura Integra-GSR
45.527 - Michael Lamfalusi - VW Jetta
46.517 - John Kudlaty - Eagle Talon
48.040 - Ted Wilke - Ford Contour

40.587 - Ralph Ford - Chevrolet Corvette

41.040 - Paul Fox - Chevrolet Corvair

40.751 - Travis Smith - Honda Civic


42.478 - Phillip Wehman - Caterham Super Seven

43.543 - Steve Linn - Nissan Sentra SE-R
44.910 - Ian Linn - Honda Accord
45.701 - Chris McGuire - VW Rabbit GTI

Indianapolis Region Solo II Points Event #6

Sunday, July 18

16th Street Speedway Parking Lot
1501 West 16th Street, Indianapolis
Rain or Shine -- No Karts

Registration & Tech: - 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Driver's Meeting: -  - 10:45 AM
Event Start: -  - 11:00 AM

$15.00 Members -  - $18.00 Non-Members

Contact: Dave or Cathy Hart at (317) 849-2495

Indianapolis Region Solo II, Points Event #7


Sunday, August 8

Australian Pursuit
If you haven’t tried this specialty format, you owe it to yourself to try it out.

Indianapolis Speedrome
802 South Kitley Avenue, Indianapolis
Corner of Kitley Avenue and Brookville Road

No Karts

Gates Open: - 9:00 AM
Registration & Tech: - 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Driver's Meeting: - 10:45 AM
Event Start: - 11:00 AM

$15.00 Members - $18.00 Non-Members

Contact: Dave or Cathy Hart at (317) 849-2495
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by Myra Kulke

I hope the month of June was good for everyone. We are getting ready for our biggest racing event of the season, "The Indy Grand Prix". We not only will be having a great race, food and fun, but Hoosier Midwest Tire is sponsoring a Gift Certificate for a set of four racing tires to be awarded to an SCCA member at our Saturday night drawing. We have lots of prizes to be given away, also. Make sure you get your ticket for the drawing at registration.

We are going to the Speedrome on July 23, 1999, to cheer on our own SCCA members (Bill Coughlin and Gary McIntosh) as they race their Legend Cars. Practice starts at 5:00 P.M., and the race is at 7:00 P.M. The tickets are $8.00 per adult, $3.00 for 6-11 per child and 5 and under are free. This looks like another fun evening watching our guys put on a show for us. We will have the "Indy Region" banner at this event so we can sit together, so look for it! Come and join us for lots of fun.


by Roberta & Dave De Bolt

Our overnight family rally to Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday and Sunday, the 12th and 13th of June, was a great success. Everyone seemed to really enjoy "The Wright Stuff" as well as the Sunday excursion to the Wright-Patterson AFB Museum. See elsewhere in "C.C." for results from this event.

Our next rally will be on Sunday, the 15th of August. The rally will be entitled "August Tour II" and will be written by Ken Osiecki. According to Ken, this rally will be a "touring TSD” rally in concept with no traps or tricks. The rally will cover portions of Hancock, Henry, Delaware and Madison counties; and will cover mostly, if not all, paved roads. See the ad for this rally elsewhere in "C.C.". More specific details concerning this rally will appear in the next issue of "C.C". Also, please note that this rally will need 4 teams of checkpoint workers; therefore, this event will offer an opportunity for you to qualify your season points for a year-end award.


1. Rally Rule III-B: We are now halfway through our rally schedule for 1999. To have all of your points count for a year-end award, you must be an Indianapolis Region member by September 1st.

2. Rally Rule III-E: Don't forget that you must qualify your rally points, if you want to earn a year-end award, by working an Indianapolis region event (rally, race, or solo). After working the event, don't forget to send us the work certificate or qualification registration card by the date indicated at the bottom of the card showing which event you worked. This 3 x 5 work certificate card was given to you at the beginning of the year. If you have misplaced your card or did not get one, let us know.

3. As mentioned above, our August 15th rally needs 4 teams of checkpoint workers.

4. - Our 1999 rally schedule is as follows:

#5 - August 15 - Ken Osiecki
#6 - September 26 - Dale Baker
#7 - November 14 - Chuck & Julie Hanson


Ten rally teams and their families met at the east end of Castleton Square Shopping Center on Saturday, June 12th for “The Wright Stuff” rally. The excellent morning weather that greeted the rallyists was a hint of what the day ahead would provide for the teams - the beautiful weather and scenery, good roads, and a great event. The aptly named rally, presented by the Hyltons, was an easy sign-hunt event as promised. The rally left the Castleton area and headed northeast on I-69. Taking Indiana 38 east, the rally took the competitors to the birthplace of Wilbur Wright, he of aviation and Kittyhawk fame. There, the rallyists and their families spent an hour touring the museum and the Wright family home. The museum contained an exact replica of the Wright brother’s plane that recorded the first powered flight at Kittyhawk, North Carolina as well as an early wind tunnel, a 1911 Maxwell car, and other personal papers and artifacts. Everyone seemed to enjoy this morning break as it was very interesting and educational.

From the museum, the rally proceeded south through Connersville for leg #2; through Oldenburg, the scenic, southeastern town know as the “Village of Spires”; and then on to Batesville where everyone enjoyed a nice buffet lunch at the Sherman House.

After lunch, the rallyists began leg #3 again proceeding south on Indiana 229. They then headed east and north until they arrived in Brookville, Indiana. Heading west out of Brookville on US52, they stopped in Metamora for an afternoon break of cookies and soda while comparing scores compiled from the first three legs of the rally.

Leaving Metamora on the last leg of the rally, the teams drove back to Brookville, turned north and finally east with Miamisburg, Ohio, being their final destination. Only in Camden, Ohio, did the rally teams encounter a small problem on this event as their route ran right into the middle of an upstart summer carnival placed right in front of the town courthouse. Where did this course-blocker come from? Needless to say, one of the questions on the rally concerned the courthouse and its on-going reconstruction. The rally ended at a Ponderosa in Miamisburg where the teams enjoyed a good meal while waiting for their answers to the seventy-one questions to be scored.

Most of the teams and their families stayed overnight in the surrounding areas, and on Sunday they traveled to the Wright-Patterson AFB for a tour of the Museum that is located on the base. Everyone that we have talked to really enjoyed this part of the activities. The museum has a great collection of airplanes, artifacts and personal papers dating from before WWI to the present. One could easily spend the greater part of a day touring this facility. We would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Thanks go to Cindy, Aeron and Pete Hylton for preparing, organizing and giving us this really nice, entertaining, and relaxing rally that the entire family could enjoy. The results for this event follow:

Pos./Class - Driver/Navigator - Points
1/1E * - Kurt & Dustin Weisner - 1120
2/2E * - Dave & Roberta De Bolt - 1105
3/3E - Carolyn George & James Cates - 1033
4/4E - Chuck & Julie Hanson - 1020
5/5E - Kevin & Steve Vernon - 918
6/6E - Candice & Frank Pope - 885
7/7E - Holly Banta & T.J. Cole - 860
8/8E - Sam & Elizabeth Crites - 735
9/9E - Dale & Jean Baker - 716
10/1N * - Harold & Myra Kulke - 360

1999 Indianapolis Region Rally Series POINTS EVENT #5

Sunday, August 15, 1999

Covers Hancock, Henry, Delaware and Madison counties. This rally will be a touring TSD event with no traps or tricks. It will use mostly (maybe all) paved roads. Look for more details in next month’s Clutch Chatter.

Rallymaster: Ken Osiecki

NOTE: Four (4) checkpoint crews are needed for this rally. Contact Dave De Bolt if you are interested in working (891-8596).

Indy Double Regional (Road Course & Oval) -- July 31-August 1

After the Indy Grand Prix, we will have a return of our popular Double Regional event using the IRP road course on Saturday and the IRP 5/8ths mile oval on Sunday. Last year this was a great event that was a whole lot of fun! On July 31-August 1 all our fantasy racers can pretend to be Michael Schumacher one day and Dale Earnhardt the next. We can use workers for both days so if you have any questions, feel free to give Pete and Cindy Hylton a call at 317-892-4206.

REMEMBER, worker lunches will be served for this event!!!

July 30 - Registration - 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

July 31 - Registration - 7:15 AM – 10:30 PM
 - F&C Registration, Turn 9 - 7:00 AM – 7:30 AM
 - F&C Meeting, Turn 9 - 7:30 AM
 - Practice/Qualifying - 8:00 AM
 - Lunch - 11:20 AM
 - Racing - 12:15 PM

August 1 - Registration - 7:15 AM – 10:00 AM
 - F&C Registration, Oval - 7:30 AM – 8:00 AM
 - F&C Meeting, Oval - 8:00 AM
 - Practice - 8:30 AM
 - Qualifying - 10:15 AM
 - Races - 10:45 AM
 - Lunch (Approximately) - 12:15 PM
 - Practice - 1:30 PM
 - Qualifying - 3:15 PM
 - Races - 3:45 PM

Race Chairman - Terrence Garrett - 317-849-3543
Chief Steward - Bob Burns - 317-892-3745
Chief Registrar - Marilyn Russell - 219-482-3052
Chief Scrutineer - Jay Quinn - 317-248-9626
 - Jeannie Spellman - 317-248-9655
Chief T&S - Betsy Ruszel
Chief F&C - John Best - 317-642-2916
Chief of Pit/Grid/Paddock - Ken Osiecki
Chief Starter - Bobbie Orr - 616-381-6317
Chief of Course - TBA
Chief of Sound - TBA
Driver Info - TBA


with Aeron Hylton

Memorial Day weekend a few of us went up to Grattan for Western Michigan’s traditional double Regional race. Bill Campbell came away looking good with two firsts in F Production. Jerry Schopp took fourth Formula Vee on Saturday, then worked really had trying for second Sunday, but ended up third. Daddy melted one of his plugged wires on Saturday. I helped him change it afterwards, and it looked all white and brown and crunchy...kinda like when I roast marshmallows. On Sunday he did a yucky job in qualifying again and started 16th. In the race he got up to tenth. Don Munday was eleventh on Saturday and finished two spots behind Daddy on Sunday. That’s everybody who was there that weekend. But I understand Renee Edwards ran her first race there two weeks earlier and got a pair of wins in the family Formula 500.

Our friends at IRP have started up a weekly series of Friday night stock car races on the little oval track. Daddy claims they used to do that every Friday night when he was a kid, but I’m sure they didn’t really have cars way back then. I think he must be teasing me. Anyway, we went to see the American Race Trucks, Baby Grands and late models (why can’t they be on-time models?). There were three familiar names as Greg Buttrey and Ken Piepenbrink of FV fame and former A Sedan racer James McDaniels were all in trucks. None of them did very well, but the season’s early!

I hear that Mauri and Janet Henricks celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently. Mauri was Daddy’s Driver School instructor when he started. He must have been a good teacher!

I also hear that Will and Sue Zobbe have been up to Minnesota to see their grand-daughters go-kart racing series. Ali has been tearing up the track with wins so now Cassie and Leah want to try. That’s a three generation racing family.

Rallyist Rob Bohn posted a strong 19th overall finish, 4th in class at the Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally in Wellsboro, PA on June 5. STPR is the largest performance rally in North America, and it featured a capacity field of 80 cars. It was Rob’s first National Rally finish as a driver. He piloted a Tune-Tech prepared Mitsubishi Eclipse 4wd turbo with veteran navigator David Bruce in the right seat.

On Daddy’s Day weekend we towed all the way to Nelson Ledges for a double Regional race. When Daddy opened the trailer, he found that the car had come loose inside. The only major damage was a torn brake line, but Daddy only had about 30 minutes to unload, find the problem, chase down a spare part from someone, install it, bleed the brakes, suit up and go. He made it, and Mommy and I were real proud of him . . . he didn’t use any bad words and he didn’t throw a single tool. See what a good influence I’ve been on him! Oh, he got fifth and sixth in the races.