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Clutch Chatter -- February 2000

RE News
by Mark J. Badgley

The planning for the year is well under way, and I am excited about the possibilities for the upcoming year. The second board meeting was very busy; however, due to time constraints we could not get all of the budgets approved and will have to complete them at the February Meeting. Speaking of the February Meeting, due to the fact that the second Monday is Valentines Day, the meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 15th at Laughner’s Cafeteria on US 31 South. I would encourage any members that would like to be involved in the planning of this season to attend and to bring your thoughts and ideas to the board.

This is our club, and we really do need the input of all the members to decide what the future of the region should hold for all of us. Yngvar is putting together the "Future Planing Committee". He is currently looking for volunteers, and I hope that we can find a mix of people to reside on this committee. This committee is charged with reporting back to the Indianapolis Region Board later this year as to what the future goals of the region should be. In my opinion, this is really the most critical focus of this year, and everybody should take the time to discuss with Ingvar what events and services they want their region to provide over the course of the next five to ten years.

I am of the opinion that we may not get to the ideal place; however, I am concerned that if we do not set some long term goals then we will most certainly fail in the long term. Do we want more races and events? If attendance and membership growth figures were any indication, then it would seem to indicate that this is not what the membership wants. That having been said, then what is the key to the future? Do you as members of this region want more junior programs, more old guy programs, to own and manage our own facilities, etc.? Honestly, I do not have an answer to this question, and it is my hope that when Ingvar reports back, he can tell us what course we need to set.

By the time that most people get this, I will be on my way to the National Convention in Denver. There is some guy named Hylton speaking on Saturday night which should be entertaining. The schedule for the convention looks very busy, and I will do my best to attend everything possible. I will provide some feedback as to the hot topics in next month’s article.

Again this month, I was shocked to find out that another SCCA member has passed away. Denny Elff had been battling cancer for a couple of years, and when I spoke to him last fall he was, as always, very upbeat. I very much appreciated Denny’s help over the last couple of years and my sympathies go out to his family.

I look forward to seeing everybody over the course of the 2000 Competition season, and as always if anybody would like to discuss the future of the region, please feel free to call.


February 6, 1999

2302 S. Shelby Street (west side of street, 1-1/2 blocks south of Raymond Street and just west of I-65)

Park on west or south side of the building.

PRE-REGISTRATION: Pre-registering for this event would be appreciated in order that I may plan for the refreshments more effectively. Call 317-780-9007 and leave a message. You may register the day of the event from 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM.

SCHEDULE: Registration: 12:30-1:00 p.m.
Class: 1:00 PM
Break: 2:15 PM
Class: 2:45 PM
Review: 4:00 p.m.

COST: $5.00 team, member or non-member, to cover drinks and munchies.

NOTE: Chairs are limited - attendees are requested to bring their own folding chairs.

Smoking is prohibited!

January 10, 2000
by Bob Burns

Treasurer's Report: The books are closed on 1999 and at the accountant for auditing. Cathy Hart is now functioning as Treasurer.

Clutch Chatter: Budget approved.

Road Rally: Seven events plus a rally school planned, budget approved, entry fees will go up slightly, points rules approved.

Solo: Eight events including a BFG event planned, budget approved, purchase of new timer to be considered, points rules approved.

Other Points Rules: Approved with a few changes.

Drivers School/Regional Race: Race Chairman Sam Crites, Chief Steward Andy Welden, Chief Instructors Tom & Fred Edwards, budget approved.

Double Regional Race: Details in progress.

National Race: Race Chairman Cindy Hylton, Chief Steward Bob Burns, budget approved.

National Convention: R.E.'s expenses to be partially reimbursed.

Activities: Plans in progress.

The next board meeting will be 15 February 2000 at Laughner's Cafeteria on US 31 South.


Feb 6 Road Rally School (See ad on page 1.)
Feb 15 Board Meeting, 6:00 PM, Laughners at Southern Plaza
Feb 18 Clutch Chatter Deadline
Mar 11 Activities Meeting – Thunder in the Dome
Mar 13 Board Meeting, 6:00 PM, Laughners at Southern Plaza
Mar 24 Clutch Chatter Deadline
Apr 2 Road Rally Points Event
Apr 2 Informal Solo School, Ft. Benjamin Harrison
Apr 10 Board Meeting
Apr 16 Solo II Event, Ft. Benjamin Harrison
Apr 21 Clutch Chatter Deadline

Solo Report
by Dave & Cathy Hart

We are continuing to refine the 2000 Indianapolis Region Solo II program and schedule. A tentative schedule is provided below. We now have a tentative set of rules for the kart program, so please contact Dave Hart if you are interested. We will soon have a set of rules for both a novice class and a street tire class, both of which will be scored with the PAX index. The kart, novice, and street tire class rules will be published in the March Clutch Chatter. Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to help run the Solo program this year. Those who have volunteered are listed below. We still need a Chief of Equipment. As we mentioned last month, we are looking for additional volunteers to help staff the Converse BFGoodrich Cendiv Solo II Championship Series event, which will be counted as one of the events in the Indy Region point series. Please join the fun and e-mail or call Dave at (317) 849-2495 with your particular interest in helping to organize the 2000 program or helping with the BFG Event and/or questions. We also intend to use e-mail to share late-breaking Solo II news, schedule updates, etc., so send us your e-mail address.

The next board meeting is Tuesday, February 15, 6:00PM at Laughner’s Cafeteria (just north of I465 on US31 on the south side). You are welcome at these meetings…come join us and help shape the future of the Indianapolis Region and our Solo Program!

2000 Indianapolis Region Solo II Program Volunteers

Chief of Communications Sam/Corey White ?
Coordinate use of radios with Club Racing. Charge and transport radios to/from Solo's.

Chief of Equipment Your Name Here…?
Coordinate transportation of the Solo trailer. First to arrive, last to leave.

Chief of Course Clemens Burger
Coordinate course design and setup.

Chief of Tech Harold Hammerly, Sam/Corey White ?
Coordinate Technical Inspectors/Inspection

Chief of Workers Josh Hayes
Grid: Don Kline
Coordinate worker assignments at the event, i.e. grid, course, start, timing/scoring, etc.

Novice Chief Chris McGuire
Novice Coaches: Don Kline ?
Coordinate "Novice Coaches" to help ensure that Novice competitors have fun.

Safety Stewards Phillip Wehman, Darlene Badgley ?, Jason Baugh ?
Learn the responsibilities, attend a training session, work as an assistant Safety Steward.

Other Sherri & Scott DeCoursey
Order Portable Facilities


Date(s) Points Event Event/Site
Apr 2 NO Informal School / Test&Tune / Fort Benjamin Harrison
Apr 16 1 Fort Benjamin Harrison
May 14 2 TBA
Jun 6 3 Australian Pursuit / Speedrome
Jun 18 4 TBA
Jul 22-23 5 BFG #4 / Converse, IN
Aug 20 6 TBA
Sep 17 7 Australian Pursuit / Speedrome
Oct 15 8 TBA


Saturday, March 11


We will meet at TGI Fridays for dinner and then head to the races.
More details on cost and schedule to follow in the March issue of Clutch Chatter.

Solo Is: Tweety Power
by Warren LeVeque

People are constantly asking me "What is the significance of the Tweety Birds painted on my cars?" At first I didn’t think that there was any significance; it was just a lark. Maybe it’s my puppy dog. At car shows, young ladies with children in tow will be dragged past other cars by the child wanting to see the Tweety Bird. Honest, it was not my first intention, but I certainly don’t mind it. It’s also a good hook for business cards (Tweety with glasses -- did you notice?), but it also was not the primary intention.

Back in the middle seventies when I was road racing a D/P Yenko Stinger, it was an underdog. This was between the Reeves and Schardt successful years. People who took themselves way to seriously all had racing team logos, even if the team consisted of one member. Nearly all of the cars had some ferocious monster painted on the flanks--tigers, lions, bears, crocs, etc. We even had team races identified by animal logos. My team members were pushing for some kind of logo. Since I had very little money for racing, I had spruced the cheap steel parts up with yellow paint -- yellow widened steel wheels and yellow exhaust headers. Our very supportive local sports car club (SCCCI) had adopted yellow racing jackets with red stripes. So, as I was pondering the logo decision , I walked past a full length mirror in the mall and saw reflected back the image of a small guy dressed in yellow. The decision was made.

This decision was met with overwhelming positive acceptance. Our previous Team Cheap became Team Cheep. I actually had a few very successful years in this era, but since it was still such a low buck effort the underdog character stuck.

As racing became too expensive to continue, I became more of an autocrosser. People came up and asked if they could be part of Team Tweety. I don’t know to this day what they thought they were joining. We had a fairly large group of cars with Tweeties which would caravan to autocrosses. It was great camaraderie. We would race and socialize together and help each other out. When I would put on an event (with my Tweety helpers), I gave out an extra award of a stuffed Tweety bird. This was the Top Tweety award for an outstanding performance -- not necessarily Top Time of the Day. People who won this acted like they had struck gold. They loved it -- I loved it.

Tweety tee shirts and sweatshirts popped up everywhere. I still get them as gifts and still love them. I also notice a lot of Sylvester decals and dolls on some of my rivals’ cars. At a recent Halloween autocross, I dressed up in my full size Tweety costume. NO one seemed surprised. I some times quietly give out Tweety decals (hand painted) and lapel pins to persons whom I and my other Tweety pals agree have the Tweety attitude.

At the risk of over analyzing something which came by accidentally and seemed to take on a life of it’s own, I’m going to do it anyway. What is a Tweety?

Tweeties seem to have the aforementioned underdog attitude (under bird?). Tweeties always seem to try very hard no matter what the circumstances or odds, although some Tweeties are National Champions without an accompanying attitude. Tweeties don’t seem to know when they don’t really have a chance. Tweety never does get eaten by the mean old cat. Tweeties always seem positive. Tweeties seem to have an unassuming, modest attitude no matter what their actual circumstance. There are no Big Shits here. There seem to be a disproportionate amount of lady Tweeties. Maybe we men still tend to take ourselves too seriously. And the most likely candidate for a Tweety --the person who asks.

by Chuck Hanson

For those who are contemplating whether you should attend Rally School a second time, let me suggest that you will find it beneficial. The Tutorial for Novices has been totally re-written with an increased emphasis on driving. It has been re-organized to operate more like a computer help screen; i.e. there are now links and prompts that will assist you in finding specific information in a hurry (like while you are running a Rally). Your first opportunity to obtain this new document will be at the school.

I have finally received the Racing and Solo schedules, both of which have components of national competition that I have attempted to schedule around. Based on this information, we could have as many as eight events this season. All events other than the school will count for the year end championship. The determining factor will be finding willing event chairmen.


Date Rallymaster
Feb. 6, 2000 Rally School
Apr. 2, 2000 Kurt & Dustin Weisner
May 21, 2000 ???
June 25, 2000 ???
July 30, 2000 Vic & Pat Brunamonti
Aug. 27, 2000 ???
Sept. 10, 2000 Frank & Candice Pope
Oct. 22, 2000 ???
Nov. 19, 2000 ???

RE: Red Mist? I believe all of you can relate to this one!!

You could have the Red Mist if:

  1. You refer to the corner down the street from your house as "Turn One."
  2. You take your Snell 95 helmet along when you go to the Porsche dealer for a test drive of the new Boxster S!
  3. You drive to the grocery store…and feel compelled to beat your previous times!
  4. You are always trying to get the "jump" on a green traffic signal.
  5. You bought a new tow vehicle…instead of braces for your kids.
  6. You just paid $4.25 a gallon for racing gas ...without even complaining!
  7. You drive your shopping cart through the 'proper line' at the grocery store!
  8. You save broken car parts as little 'mementos' and paper weights.
  9. You've have tried CAM 2 in your riding lawn mower, snow blower and chainsaw to improve performance.
  10. Your 'fantasy' garage will hold twice as many cars as your house has bedrooms.
  11. You can't stand anyone telling you how to drive because you are the best!
  12. You really enjoy showing the tailgaters behind you... how to really drive 'the line' around the Interstate on/off ramps!
  13. Your 'Favorite Places' on AOL are all motorsports websites.
  14. You really hate long distance family vacation driving, but a two day, four pit stop sprint to the race track is an exception!
  15. Your home library consists solely of parts catalogs, factory shop manuals, old, "valuable" motorsports books, and "in car" race videos!
  16. Instead of family photos in your have pictures of all the race cars that you have ever owned!
  17. You sit in your race car in a dark garage making engine sounds, shifting gears, and practicing double clutching while waiting for your engine to be returned after an expensive rebuild!
  18. You tell your wife/girlfriend (or both!) where you would like to go for your next vacation. She answers: "Why…is there a *#!#!* race there?"
  19. Your television/VCR is always programmed for: Speedvision or a F1, CART/IRL, and a NASCAR race.
  20. You gave away your complete set of 1950 -1970 baseball cards…but saved all those old musty Sports Car Graphic, Motor Sport, and Road and Track magazines!
  21. You practice the 'racing line' and hit all the apexes just right on your daily commute to work.
  22. Your favorite motorsports heroes are: James Dean, Juan Manuel Fangio, Steve McQueen, Peter Revson, Ricardo and Pedro Rodriguez, Ayrton Senna, Jo Siffert, and "Taffy" von Tripps.
  23. You own five cars…but only one is street legal!
  24. You have motorsports related decals plastered on the rear window of all your family vehicles.
  25. And…you have even considered getting a "marque" tattoo on the wrist of your shifting hand…Yikes!


HOLIDAY INN – City Center
213 West Washington
(Corner of Washington & Main)

SCCA Room Rate: $77.00 per night up to 4 per room.

Call Holiday Inn directly to make reservations (219-232-3941) – a block of rooms will be held until February 13 at the above rate. Request the SCCA rate (normally $89 - $109) when making your reservations. The Seminar registration fee also includes continental breakfast and lunch on Saturday, continental breakfast on Sunday morning.

Registration Fee for the Seminar: $45.00. If registering with Spouse, their fee is $40.00. Registration form and fee must be received by February 22. Checks payable to Central Division Calendar Committee.
Late Registration add $10.00 per person if postmarked after February 22.
Lunch only fee is $15.00

Registration will open on Friday, March 3 at 6:00 pm at the Holiday Inn.

Please print all information on your registration form and mail with fees to:
Liz Eslaire
5720 Homewood Drive
Fort Wayne IN 46825-4306

For more info call Liz at:
219-483-7266 between 5:00-9:00 P.M.

Make cheks payable to:
Central Division Calendar Committee


FOR SALE: 1988 Porsche 944 Coupe, black/black, leather int., 5-spd., Florida car, no winters, LSD, Koni Adj. Shocks, K&N, four 16" 7-spoke (Design90) with Dunlop SP8000, eight 15" phone dials with Kumho V700, clutch and water pump replaced, recent tune-up and O2-sensor, new timing belt, fastest C Stock 944 in the country, 127,000 mi., $8450/OBO. Call Clemens at (765) 643-0470 or email: (1/00)

FOR SALE: 1999 Grand Prix Trans-Am car that competed in the Trans-Am series last year. Just like Leighton Reese car with professional V-6. Would make a nice National car. Sell as roller or complete with spares, excellent shape. Might be a collectors item as being the last V-6 to compete in the Trans-Am. Contact Glenn Andrew at (812) 696-2149 or e-mail at (1/00)

FOR SALE: 1988 ITA Honda CRX SI, Lap Record at Road America (2:43.8), Route 66 (1:43.0), Blackhawk Farms (1:23.8). Over thirty straight podium finishes. Exclusively prepared and maintained by King Motor Sports, best of everything. Mugen limited Slip, Koni shocks, OMP seat, .040 over, prepared to the limits of the rules. Three sets of wheels, one Panasport and two Revolutions with monsoon rains and intermediates. Peter Cunningham’s 1988 World Challenge championship winning #42 General Tire car. Ready to win anywhere, including AARC! $16,500 with running street ’88 CRX SI. Contact Chris at (630) 499-8635. (1/00)

WANTED: Westside racing supply outlet needs additional person of many talents. If you think somewhere the phone’s ringing off the hook when there’s still packages to pack and the UPS guy’s due any minute sounds like a fun place to work, we want to hear from you! Fax your resume to (317) 271-7951. Wit and originality score additional points. (2/00)

FOR SALE: ITS Mazda MX6 racers available – 1999 Motorola Cup Touring Class winning cars, Most fully developed Mazda MX-6s in country with over 13 Professional Victories, 1995 ITE & 1997 SSA NEOHIO Regional Championships. Very Reliable (finished 27 out of 28 races in 1999), Nelson Ledges time of 1:17:00. Excellent starter car ready to win in ITS. $7,500 each or better if buy both. Many spares and wheels also for sale to last whole season. Please contact Will Nonnamaker (330) 497-4484, ext. 23, North Canton, OH. (2/00)