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Clutch Chatter -- March 2000

RE News
by Mark J. Badgley

As I promised last month, I will try to cover the highlights of the 2000 Convention. There were really two items of conversation.

The first was the issue of fuel testing. This issue created great debate amongst those in attendance at the Competition Board Meeting, but little in the way of definitive answers. This will be discussed at the Central Division level at the Worker / Steward’s Meeting this month. We should know more about how this will be handled and administered by April.

The second issue was the validity of the convention itself. This issue created great debate at the open forum meeting. This horse was ridden, killed, buried and dug back up again way too many times. If those who took the opportunity to complain about the lack of specific break out meetings had instead brought forth those topics that they were so passionate about, but failed to actually discuss, it might have resulted in some meaningful dialog. Instead it was just another opportunity to degrade the efforts of the organizers. After the dinner on Saturday Night, it occurred to me that a real opportunity had been missed. I personally left with a great sense of pride. Peter Hylton’s look at the past coupled with the emotion of those that received various awards is really what this club is about. I left with a sense of pride in that past, satisfaction with the current accomplishments and a humble look to where we are heading in the future.

On the local scene things seem to be coming together very well at an organizational level. All of the programs, budgets and schedules are in place. This of course just leaves that pesky execution part, but this is the part that we do very well. I am a little concerned with the current region budget. As it was approved, it shows another loss; however, I think that the individual program budgets were fairly conservative. This should hopefully net a slightly positive result, but it will be close.

The Awards Banquet is set for December 9, 2000, at the Birckyard Crossing Resort. Please put this on your calendar for the years end festivities.

Next month, hopefully, I will be able to bring more information with regards to fuel testing at the divisional level and how we are going to handle it as a region.

Lastly, please note that our April date at IRP is a Driver’s School / Regional, not a two day school as is noted in Sports Car. In addition, we are offering a reduced entry fee for qualified instructors. If you need more information, please feel free to contact Sam Crites.

I look forward to seeing everybody over the course of the 2000 Competition Season, and, as always, if anybody would like to discuss the future of the region, please feel free to call.


Race Chairman Sam Crites is returning us to our long time traditional Saturday Driver School and Sunday Regional Race on April 8-9, 2000. This weekend will be a great opportunity to learn how to go racing, whether it’s behind the wheel or on the volunteer worker side. Those needing entry forms contact Sam Crites at 317-882-5721. Those interested in starting off as a driver can contact Indy Region’s Competition Chairman, Jan Castelluccio, at 317-898-9273. Anyone interested in volunteering to work can contact the specific race specialty chief or call Pete Hylton at 317-892-4206.


Saturday, March 11


Eat at TGI Fridays for dinner (5:00 PM) and then head to the races. Look for the SCCA banner in the stands.

Mini Cups 6:00 PM
Go-Karts 6:30 PM
Midget Races 7:00 PM

Adults: $17.00
Children 7-12: $6.00, 6 and under: Free

For more info check out: or contact Sam Crites at 317-882-5721.

February 15, 2000
by Bob Burns

Treasurer's Report: Cathy Hart is getting up to speed as our new Treasurer and reports the usual negative cash flow for this time of year.

Membership: 624 members. Budget approved. There will be no printed directory this year, but we will pursue an electronic directory on our website. New members will be published in Clutch Chatter.

Activities: Thunder in the Dome Midget race party planned for March 11. Banquet to be December 9 at Brickyard Crossing (Speedway Motel). Budget approved.

Road Rally: Jim Bredle reported on Chuck Hanson's behalf. Chuck has a revised budget and entry fee schedule that was approved. The rally school
went well with 11 participants. Schedule set.

Solo: The schedule is now firm. Safety Steward training being planned. An organizational meeting for the BFG event is planned. Solo Kart rules to be published soon.

Drivers School/Regional Race: Sanction applied for, entry forms going to the printer, trophies and give-aways selected, mailing labels purchased.

Double Regional Race: Terrence Garrett to be Race Chairman. Terrence is working on the format for this event and a budget is in progress.

National Race: Arrangements made for adding Pro-Vee to the event. Much discussion regarding also adding electric cars, but the final decision was to not pursue this idea due to scheduling concerns.

Competition Committees: Solo and Rally already have an infrastructure in place. Terrence Garrett to head up a Race committee and needs suggestions
for people to serve on this committee.

Planning Committee: Yngvar Brynildssen is lining up people for this committee and a late-March meeting is planned.

The next board meeting will be 13 March 2000 at Laughner's Cafeteria on US 31 South.


Mar 11--Activities Meeting – Thunder in the Dome (See ad on page 1.)
Mar 13--Board Meeting, 6:00 PM, Laughners at Southern Plaza
Mar 24--Clutch Chatter Deadline
Apr 2--Road Rally Points Event (See ad on page 6.)
Apr 2--Informal Solo School, Ft. Benjamin Harrison (See ad on page 4.)
Apr 8-9--Driver School/Regional at IRP (See info on page 1.)
Apr 10--Board Meeting
Apr 16--Solo II Event, Ft. Benjamin HarrisonSee ad on page 6.)
Apr 21--Clutch Chatter Deadline

Solo Report
by Dave & Cathy Hart

The 2000 Indianapolis Region Solo II program is just around the corner. Are YOU ready?

The first event is April 2, which is only about 4 weeks from now (details elsewhere in this issue). It will be an informal school, suitable for beginners, with a test & tune session.

The school will include the new Kart program, which also includes the Junior Driver Program. The Junior program allows for competitors as young as 8 years old to autocross karts in a tightly regulated environment (rules elsewhere in this issue). We encourage anyone interested in exposing their future driver to our sport (or vehicle control in general) to get involved with this program. Please contact Dave Hart if you have questions.

We will also be introducing the new regional level Novice class and Street Tire class. The rules for these classes (see below) were developed using the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid), and recommendations during the year for improvements will be graciously accepted.

Novice: Indianapolis Region class. This class is intended for competitors with limited autocross experience. Competitors that have placed first more than twice, in any prior season, in any class, are not eligible for this class. Competitors that have competed in more than 50% of the events in either of the prior two seasons, are not eligible for this class. Any vehicle prepared to a non-kart class, as designated in the SCCA National Solo 2000 Rules for Solo II, will be eligible. Scoring will be based on the 2000 PAX index system. Entrants in this class must prefix the normal class designation with "N" (B Stock would be NBS).

Street Tire: Indianapolis Region class. This class is offered as an alternative to the regular classes where "street tires" may not be as competitive. Any vehicle prepared to a Stock or Street Prepared category class, as designated in the SCCA National Solo 2000 Rules for Solo II, will be eligible. The only tires permitted are "street tires", as defined in said rules in Appendix K, Section V, Paragraph A.23.E (minimum tread wear rating of 140, with specific tire models excluded). Scoring will be based on the 2000 PAX index system. Entrants in this class must prefix the normal class designation with "S" (B Stock would be SBS).

We now have the 2000 Solo Rulebooks. They will be available for purchase at the April 2 event at $10 for members and $15 for non-members.

The schedule is provided below. Some of the sites are still tentative, but put the dates on your calendar! See the ads elsewhere in this issue for details on upcoming events.

Thanks again to everyone who has volunteered to help run the Solo program this year. We will be contacting you early this month to discuss some of the details.

We are still looking for additional volunteers to help staff the Converse BFGoodrich Cendiv Solo II Championship Series event. Please e-mail or call Dave at (317) 849-2495 with your particular interest and/or questions.

Please note the change in the BFG Solo II website,

Late breaking news: There will be a BFG Solo II Workshop on Saturday, March 4 in conjunction with the Stewards/Workers seminar in South Bend. Please see or contact Dave at (317) 849-2495 for details. It should be very informative, and now includes a tour of the Tire Rack facility.


Date(s) Points Event Event/Site
Apr 2 NO Informal School / Test&Tune / Fort Benjamin Harrison
Apr 16 1 Fort Benjamin Harrison
May 14 2 TBA
Jun 6 3 Australian Pursuit / Speedrome
Jun 18 4 TBA
Jul 22-23 5 BFG #4 / Converse, IN
Aug 20 6 TBA
Sep 17 7 Australian Pursuit / Speedrome
Oct 15 8 TBA

Karts at SCCA Solo II Events and The SCCA Solo II Junior Driver Program
Indianapolis Region SCCA Rules and Guidelines for Solo II Karts
by Dave Hart, Solo Chairman

Part 1 - Rules and Guidelines


The intent of including Karts and the Junior Driver Program in Indianapolis Region SCCA Solo II events is to promote family involvement in SCCA activities. Participant safety will be the primary consideration for the conduct of the events, followed closely by the enjoyment of the participants. Constructive participant input is appreciated, and will be given due consideration, with the emphasis on safety, participant enjoyment, and competitive fairness, in that order. The rules and proposed class structure are inherently imperfect and attempts may be made during the season to improve them.


  • The current SCCA Solo Rulebook (with updates) will be used for mandatory requirements.
  • The current WKA Technical Manual will be used for general safety, kart, and engine specifications (SCCA supercedes WKA).
  • The proposed class structure listed below will be used for Indianapolis Region Solo II events. The spirit and intent of the class structure is to consolidate a myriad of possible classes into a few classes. The Solo Chairman will resolve any "classing" questions.
  • A disclaimer will be used on event advertisements that indicates the possibility that any event may exclude karts, or a specific group of karts, for safety reasons. "It is the judgment of the Solo Safety Steward whether the course design, surface, solid objects, and type of karts running present an unsafe mix" (2000 Rulebook 2.1.D). The disclaimer will recommend contacting the Solo Chairman prior to the event to determine the likelihood of limitation or exclusion occurring. Last place points will be awarded to all cancelled registered entrants based on the number of entered karts (no trophy).
  • Junior Driver competitors that begin the Indianapolis Region Solo II Points Series in a particular class, may elect to remain in that class for the remainder of the points series.
  • Rain tires must be used if weather conditions make the racing surface unsafe for slick tires, as determined by the Solo Safety Steward. Rain tires must be factory manufactured with molded grooves. In case of extreme weather conditions, the kart portion of the event may be delayed or cancelled for safety reasons. If karts are cancelled due to rain, last place points will be awarded to all cancelled registered entrants based on the number of entered karts (no trophy).
  • Any kart racing slick may be used, provided it is undamaged and no cord is showing, unless rain tires are mandated.
  • Karts will run in an exclusive run group in events such as the "Australian Pursuit". Karts will not run in the "Overall" competition.
  • There will be no provision for separate, parallel "Ladies" kart classes. Ladies in the F125 class will use the national minimum weight.

General Information:

  • The WKA has a complex class structure for national level karting competition. Typically, central Indiana kart organizing bodies have a specific class structure for their events. These class structures are loosely similar, but specifically different, between both these organizing bodies and the WKA. The most common thread among the organizing bodies is a WKA basis for general safety, kart, and engine specifications.
  • Although it is the responsibility of the competitor to possess the kart rules to which the kart is prepared, both the SCCA Solo II Rulebook and the WKA Technical Manual will normally be at the events.


  • Competitors that also plan to race at central Indiana kart events should get the class structure from the appropriate organizing body.


Indianapolis Region Solo II Points Event #1

SUNDAY, April 16
Rain or Shine

Fort Benjamin Harrison
Northwest of Benjamin Harrison YMCA
5736 Lee Road, Indianapolis
2.5 miles East of I465E on 56th Street
Watch for Orange Cones and SCCA Banners

Karts Welcome!
(Contact Dave Hart for Rules)
It is the judgment of the Solo Safety Steward whether the course design, surface, solid objects, and type of karts running present an unsafe mix (2000 Rulebook 2.1.D). Please contact the Solo Chairman prior to the event to determine the likelihood of limitation or exclusion occurring.

Registration & Tech: 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Driver's Meeting: 10:45 AM
Event Start: 11:00 AM

$15.00 Members
$18.00 Non-Members

Contact: Dave or Cathy Hart at (317) 849-2495 E-Mail:


Indianapolis Region Solo II

SUNDAY April 2, 2000
Rain or Shine
(It’s still March – dress appropriately)

This event will begin with an informal school geared toward those interested in learning what Solo II Autocrossing is all about. First-Timers, Beginners, Novices, (and of course, all others) are welcome.

The new Kart, Novice, and Street Tire classes will debut here, along with the new Junior Driver Program.

Following the school will be a Test & Tune session to allow school participants to practice what they have just learned. The Test & Tune session is also open to experienced autocrossers interested in clearing the winter cobwebs from their vehicles (or minds), and anyone else with the desire to have a good time.

Fort Benjamin Harrison
North of Benjamin Harrison YMCA
5736 Lee Road, Indianapolis
2.5 miles East of I465E on 56th Street
Watch for Orange Cones and SCCA Banners

Karts Welcome!
(Contact Dave Hart for Rules)
It is the judgment of the Solo Safety Steward whether the course design, surface, solid objects, and type of karts running present an unsafe mix (2000 Rulebook 2.1.D). Please contact the Solo Chairman prior to the event to determine the likelihood of limitation or exclusion occurring.

School Registration: 7:15 AM - 7:45 AM
School Session: 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM
Registration & Tech: 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Driver's Meeting: 10:45 AM
Test & Tune Start: 11:00 AM

$12.00 Members
$15.00 Non-Members

RSVP is appreciated, but not required to attend. Contact: Dave or Cathy Hart at (317) 849-2495, E-Mail:

by Chuck Hanson

Rally School is history for this year, but you can get the Tutorial for Novices by attending the April event which is a joint event with Columbus Region. Columbus Region is also joining us for the July event which is being sponsored by long term member Turner Woodard with an end of event party at his Wasatch Lake Resort. Plan to bring the kids to this one. Columbus members Vic & Pat Brunomonti are the event chairmen.

Frank Pope made a particularly valuable recommendation at the school which I am passing on through this column. His suggestion is that you should have a copy of DeLorme’s Indiana Atlas & Gazatteer with GPS Grids ($16.95 in the maps section at Border’s). With this you should always be able to figure out where you are. I particularly want to thank Frank, Ken Osieki, Jim Bredle and Julie Hanson for assisting me with writing the tutorial as well as teaching the school.

Costs of insurance and trophies has made it necessary to increase entry fees. The Board has approved a recommendation that this be accomplished by raising the fee for nonmembers while leaving the member fee unchanged. There are eight events this year which means that if a nonmember runs six or more it is advantageous to become a member of SCCA.


Date Title Type Rallymaster
Apr. 2 Daffodils & Dogwoods Tour Kurt & Dustin Weisner
May 21   Tour Julie Partridge/Deanie Joseph
June 25   Map Dave & Roberta DeBolt
July 30 Wasatch Rally   Vic & Pat Brunamonti
Aug. 19   Twilight Bob Burns
Sept. 10   Tour/Course Frank & Candice Pope
Oct. 22   Tour Ken Osieki
Nov. 19   Course Dan Cook

Indy Region Rally Points Event #1


APRIL 2, 2000

The start and finish of the event is at West Hill Plaza on State Road 46 (about a half mile west of Interstate 65 on the west side of Columbus, IN. There is a traffic light at the top of the hill. Turn right to enter the shopping center on the north side of SR46 and look for the check point sign.


Registration: 11:30 - 12:30 PM
Drivers Meeting: 12:30 PM promptly
First car receives route instructions: 1:00 PM
First car starts course: 1:01 PM
First car completes course: Approximately 4 PM

Members of SCCA: $10

Nonmembers: $20

Concept of the rally: This is a Time-Speed-Distance touring rally. Enjoy an easy drive through Bartholomew and Brown counties during their spring glory. All roads used on this rally are public roads, all are paved.

For further information: Charles Hanson (317) 780 - 9007 (Leave a name and phone number if you get voice mail. I travel a lot.)

From the Director’s Desk

News from SCCA Area 4 Director Pete Hylton

NOTE: The St. Louis Double Driver School scheduled for March has been CANCELED due to continued track construction.

2000 GCR and Specification Books

Your Indy Region Competition Chairman will be ordering 2000 GCR and Specification Books for this coming racing season. Jan Castelluccio will be placing an order with the National Office on March 13, 2000. If you would like to order a book, please complete the form below and mail it to Jan before March 6, 2000. Jan will have them at the April Driver School/Regional and/or you can make arrangements to pick them up at another SCCA activity or event. Please Note: Jan says he’s not going to be running a delivery service or mailing them out, but he’ll make sure you can get your order picked up.

with Aeron Hylton

Ken Stiver was on the road to the Daytona 24 Hours in February. Ken managed to pull together the necessary sponsorship at the last minute and climbed into a Spice-Chevy belonging to RaceStar Motorsports. Making it possible were Mike George & Associates of Brownsburg, Benchmark Surveying & Engineering of Brownsburg, Bonnell Grain Handling of Winamac and Pharo’s Truck Stop of Shippensburg, PA. These companies were rewarded with a fifth place finish in the Sports Racer class in the world famous event. Ken continues to work on a sponsorship package for an IRL effort with the ultimate goal of an Indy 500 drive.

The Phillips and Gilbert rally team took a third in class in the annual Ohio Winter Rally which was an appropriate run in the snow this year.


FOR SALE: 1973 Triumph GT6, British Racing Green. Runs good and looks good $1800.00. 1971 Porsche 911 Targa. Complete, but doesn’t run. $1500.00. Call John Holman at (812) 333-1623. (3/00)

WANTED: Westside racing supply outlet needs additional person of many talents. If you think somewhere the phone’s ringing off the hook when there’s still packages to pack and the UPS guy’s due any minute sounds like a fun place to work, we want to hear from you! Fax your resume to (317) 271-7951. Wit and originality score additional points. (2/00)

FOR SALE: ITS Mazda MX6 racers available – 1999 Motorola Cup Touring Class winning cars, Most fully developed Mazda MX-6s in country with over 13 Professional Victories, 1995 ITE & 1997 SSA NEOHIO Regional Championships. Very Reliable (finished 27 out of 28 races in 1999), Nelson Ledges time of 1:17:00. Excellent starter car ready to win in ITS. $7,500 each or better if buy both. Many spares and wheels also for sale to last whole season. Please contact Will Nonnamaker (330) 497-4484, ext. 23, North Canton, OH. (2/00)

You Might be a Racer IF…
by Ricke Katko

  1. You have had a longer lasting and more satisfying relationship with the UPS Guy than any of your former wives.
  2. You have ever paid your Mastercard bill with an advance from your Visa card.
  3. You think the phrase "good head" is synonymous with Brodix.
  4. You think spending quality time with your significant other is having her help you bleed the clutch and brakes.
  5. You have ever used kitchen appliances like the oven, dishwasher, or freezer for other than their intended purpose.
  6. You think a "family reunion" is the SCCA Runoffs at Mid-Ohio.
  7. Your order of household expenses in descending order starts like this: Mortgage, Racing Slicks, Food,.......
  8. When you call Summit to order parts, they address you as "Mr."
  9. You receive a Christmas card from Hoosier Tire.
  10. You own more than two torque wrenches and one of them is in in-lbs.
  11. The last book you read was in paperback and published by H.P. Books.
  12. You've always associated the phrase "being blown" with super-charging or turbo-charging.
  13. Your garage has a security system but your house doesn't.
  14. You own a set of mil-spec safety wire pliers and know how to use them.
  15. Your hearing is degraded to the point that you can't discern that your wife is speaking but you can tell that the lash on the #6 intake valve is too loose.
  16. The vehicle you enjoy driving the most spends 97% of its life on jack stands.
  17. People tell you your car is on fire and you reply: "It always does that."
  18. The horsepower rating of the motor on your air compressor is greater than the horsepower rating of your lawn mower.
  19. When your wife rides with you in your passenger car, you think of her as screaming ballast (the worst kind).
  20. You have a turkey baster in your toolbox but have never basted a turkey.
  21. You own Tupperware but do not store food in it.
  22. You know how to degrease a cat or dog.
  23. The neighbors all know you but you have never met any of them.
  24. You think Tim Allen’s T.V. show is a documentary series.
  25. All your friends wives or girlfriends see you as a threat to their happiness.
  26. You think Fine Cuisine is a double bratwurst at Road America or a McTrueman breakfast sandwich at Mid-Ohio.
  27. Your top ten greatest movies of all time list includes: Two Lane Blacktop, Winning, Le Mans, and Grand Prix.
  28. You subscribe to at least three of the following publications: Autoweek, Car and Driver, Circle Track, Road and Track, and National Speed Sport News.
  29. Your favorite authors are Carol Smith and Paul Van Valkenburg.
  30. You have 347 satellite TV channels but only watch one, Speedvision.
  31. The only cologne you have ever worn comes in 1 quart plastic bottles with an SAE viscosity rating.
  32. At work, people seek your automotive advice despite the fact that there is a piston on your desk with a large hole in it.