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Clutch Chatter -- October 2000

RE News
by Mark J. Badgley

This month provides this region with a great opportunity to have a little fun and to help a good cause besides. Somewhere in this issue of Clutch Chatter, you will find an advertisement for the Easley Winery Vintage Grand Prix benefiting the American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis.

Our region has once again volunteered to provide workers for this event. The good news is that you do not have to be a licensed worker. It is really a chance to come out and to see some great cars, try some things that you may not have ever done before, and to support the American Red Cross. I would encourage every Road Racer, Autocrosser and Rally Competitor to support us in our efforts to be part of this community.

The planning has begun for yet another year. Over the last month, the region board has lost 4 members. These are all positions that will be open next year, as we try to continue to try to address some fairly difficult issues in this region. I would encourage some new members to become part of the 2001 region board. These positions are critical if we are going to continue to grow over the next 12 months.

The Road Racing Scheduling process begins with the CenDiv Roundtable on November 4th and 5th. As we head to this meeting, I have great reservations given the realities of the last season. Our events have suffered from having few workers, few competitors, and currently we have only one race chairperson identified. I feel that we are in a crisis situation with regards to our Road Racing Program. One of our long time racers pointed out to me that, "maybe we are not the Road Racing Region that we once thought that we were!"

I am not sure this is true, but I am sure that this situation must be rectified before the planning can begin for next season. If we do not have our Road Race Chairpersons in place for next year by January, we will simply be forced to cancel the early events at IRP.

Currently, the Indy Grand Prix is not in jeopardy as we have the officials in place for this event. The Drivers’ School and Double Regional, however, may simply just not happen. I know…I have said it before, but with every year the lack of support from within the road racing community for our events has increased. Please come out and be part of our success in the coming season.

Finally, I am committed in helping to develop some new members over the next 12 months and to try to continue to develop this region. This region and club have been a great part of my life, and that I want to share it with all of you. With your support, we will continue to grow and offer first class events for our members for years to come.

See you all somewhere.


Friday, October 13 - 6:30-9:00 - Hayride at 8:00

Eagle Creek Park – Shelter A


  • Great Chili – hot & mild (bring your favorite antacid)
  • Hot Dogs Burned Over an Open Fire
  • Blazing Marshmallows & Gooey S’mores
  • An Hour Long Hayride Under the Stars (with our special new "itch-free" straw)
  • A Chance to Tell Your Best Racing Lies
  • The Region will provide drinks, utensils, hot dogs, & buns.
    Bring a pot of your best chili or a pitch-in dish and join us for a pleasant fall evening.

For more info call 852-8062.

Board Highlights
by Darlene Badgley

These are highlights of the recent Indy Region Board of Directors meeting. If you have questions about the region’s affairs, please attend the next meeting or contact any officer or board member.

Treasurer’s Report: Region is currently only slightly ahead of the year end budgets.

Clutch Chatter: A number of people are not receiving Clutch Chatter due to a database "mix up." Peter Hylton is in the process of updating the database.

Membership: 609 members. SCCA brochures will be placed at several AutoZone stores in the Indianapolis area. Indy Region is receiving membership inquires from the website.

Activities: October hayride, bonfire, chili cookoff, and family pitch-in will take place on Friday, October 13 from 6:30-9:00 at Eagle Creek Park. Plans are in progress for the December 9, 2000 Indy Region Banquet at the Brickyard Crossing Resort.

Road Rally: Instead of waiting until 2002 for a Divisional Rally, Chuck would like to start planning now for a 2001 Divisional Rally. Discussed the need for new timers and a printer to be used at the divisional level.

Solo: 68 competitors at the August 20 event. Australian Pursuit is September 17 at the Speedrome. October 15 date has been moved to October 1, 2000 and will be held at the Delco lot in Anderson. New timer system is in great need for next year’s program as well as a Solo Chairperson. Dave Hart presented a budget cost for the new timer.

Racing: Indy Region will supply workers for the The Easley Winery Vintage Grand Prix to benefit the American Red Cross held at IRP. Workers will be invited to Friday and Saturday night parties and the chance to drive around the road course.

Planning Committee: The committee would like to see the Indy Region website updated. The remaining items from the committee were tabled to next month in order to give the board members time to review the proposal from Yngvar.

Old Business: None

New Business: 2000 Regional Achievement Award Form was discussed and will be sent to the National Office.

The next board meeting will be October 10, 2000, 6:00 PM, at Union Jack’s in Speedway.


Oct 1 - Solo II Points Event
Oct 10 - Board Meeting, 6 pm, Union Jack’s
Oct 13 - Hayride & Chili Cookoff (see page 1)
Oct 20-22 - Vintage Grand Prix at IRP (see page 4)
Oct 29 - Road Rally Points Event (see page 7)
Nov 19 - Road Rally Points Event
Dec 9 - Awards Banquet, Brickyard Crossing

Solo Report
by Dave & Cathy Hart

By the time you read this, the 2000 Indy Region Solo II season will be over. Thanks again to everyone who helped out with the program this year. We look forward to helping next year’s Solo Chairperson(s) have another successful season.

The results from the September 17 Australian Pursuit are listed elsewhere in this issue. Congratulations to Steve Linn, Clemens Burger, Alan Ausbrooks, and Larry Metz for their respective group wins. Larry Metz was up to the challenge again as he drove to become the overall champion of the event.

Congratulations to all of the Indy Region members and other area solo competitors who went to the Solo II Nationals in Topeka. Special recognition goes to Clemens Burger, Bob Monday, and Rick Swarts who brought home trophies. Other competitors were Cindy Fineberg, Jeff Alexander, Andy Bratt, Don Kline, Richard Atkins, Warren LeVeque, Lee Miller, Brent Cary, and Steve Geiger.

The results from the October 1 event, as well as the final points standings, will be included in next month’s issue.

Dave & Cathy Hart (317) 849-2495,,

Indianapolis Region SCCA Solo II - Points Event #7
Indianapolis Speedrome - September 17, 2000

Place # Class Name Vehicle
1 6 AS Steve Knitter Porsche 911 Cabriolet - Silver
1 42 BS Jay Hofacker Mazda Miata - Blue
2 82 BS John Steger Mazda Miata - Red
1 68 CS Clemens Burger Toyota MR2 - Aquamarine
2 15 CS S. Brinkerhoff Toyota MR2 - Black
2 10 CS D. Daubenspeck Mazda RX-7 - Red
3 21 CS Jason Russell  
1 9 DS Gustavo Hammerly Honda CRX SI - Black
2 95 DS Brett Striegel Plymouth Neon ACR - Red
1 85 DSL Cindy Fineberg Dodge Neon ACR - Black
1 23 ES Patrick Tipton VW Golf GTI - White
2 4 ES Guy Dingman Nissan 240SX - White
3 9 ES Dave Johnson Pontiac Fiero SE - Red
4 121 ES Brendon Hines Mazda MX6 - Blue
4 21 ES Anthony Martino Mazda
1 13 FS David Johnson Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - White
1 46 GS Rob Stokes BMW 323ci - Gray
2 68 GS Matt Chitwood BMW 325is - Black
1 96 HS Kevin Resseguie Chevrolet Cavalier - Red
2 20 HS Dave Debolt Chevrolet Citation - White/Grn
2 77 HS James Owens VW Jetta TDI - Green
1 25 ASP Ted Drummond  
1 255 ESP Paul Lazaro Mitsubishi Eclipse GST - Red
2 9 ESP Scott Burton Pontiac Trans Am - Green
1 6 CP Paul Fox Chevrolet Corvair - White
2 37 CP Mark Gillespie Yenko/Stinger - White/Blue
1 99 AM Wm Lee Hidy Tobias Sprint Car - Blk/Yell
1 7 DM Phil Wehman Caterham Seven Super 7 - Red
1 66 FM Larry Metz Zink C4 Solo Vee - Red
1 6 STS Steve Linn Nissan Sentra SE-R - Red
2 22 STS Chris McGuire VW Rabbit GTI - Red
1 51 STR Alan Ausbrooks Subaru Impreza RS - Blue
2 99 STR David Monday Neon
1 10 NSS Tiffany Howey Chevrolet Corvette - Blue
1 12 SESP Corey White Ford Mustang LX 5.0 - Black
1 21 SESP Sam White Ford Mustang LX 5.0 - Black
1 25 SHS Dennis Dunkman Honda Civic EX - Green

Corrected STS results from the August 20 event are below:

1 40.088 37 STS Greg Murphy Honda Civic EX - Purple
2 40.328 6 STS Steve Linn Nissan Sentra SER - Red
3 41.944 22 STS Chris McGuire VW Rabbit GTI - Red
4 42.218 01 STS Jon Kerns VW GT-VR6 - Red
5 42.754 12 STS Martin Ausbrooks Honda Accord - Maroon
6 44.474 66 STS John Ausbrooks Honda Accord - Red
7 45.012 23 STS James Lin Acura Integra GS - White
8 47.163 77 STS Zach Bryant Mercury Cougar - White


Date(s) - Points Event - Event/Site
Oct 1 - -8 - Former Delco Remy Plant 3, Anderson, IN

with Aeron Hylton

The rally team of Steve Phillips and Paul Gilbert hit the road again in their trusty SAAB for the 52nd running of the POR. After 2 days, 550 miles, and 56 controls, they managed a 3rd in class, 12th OA against national level competition and had a great time doing it.



Drivers: For your regional points to be counted towards our regional yearend awards, I must have your regional race results no later than November 3, 2000. Thanks! Jan Castelluccio, 9115 Trinity Place, Indianapolis, IN 46229

Letter to the Editor

Just a note to let you know my racing activities came to an abrupt end at 4:30 am Labor Day morning when lightening destroyed my garage and shop. I lost my green GP Spitfire in addition to the tow truck, an XKE Jaguar Coupe, a 1965 Triumph Spitfire, two 650cc Triumph motorcycles, and all my tools and shop equipment. I started racing in the 1950’s driving an outlaw dirt modified on the midwest short dirt tracks. I joined SCCA in 1977 and bought the green GP Spitfire. The logbook now shows 121 races and I enjoyed every one of them – including the bad days. I especially enjoyed all the great people associated with SCCA Club Racing. Many thanks to all the workers and the Indy Region administrative people who work so hard every year. My trophy wall represents many fond memories of IRP, Road America, Daytona, Sebring, Mid-Ohio, etc. Best wishes for continued success of the SCCA and the Indy Region. --Hugh Kluesner

VSCDA Vintage Grand Prix

October 20-22, 2000


Thursday: - Registration - 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Friday: - Registration - 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
- F&C Meeting @ Start/Finish 7:20 am
- Track Manned & Ready - 7:45 am
- Practice - 8:00 am – 11:30 am
- Practice - 1:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Saturday: - Registration - 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
- F&C Meeting @ Start/Finish 7:20 am
- Track Manned & Ready - 7:45 am
- Practice - 8:00 am – noon
- Qualifying - 1:15 pm – 6:00 pm

Sunday: - Registration - 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
- F&C Meeting @ Start/Finish 9:50 am
- Track Manned & Ready - 10:15 am
- Races - 10:30 am – 6:00 pm

We need to staff Race Control, F&C, T&S, Pits, Grid, and Course. There will be parties both nights at the track plus free lunches for workers. Event shirts and other give-aways are promised. For more information contact Terrence Garrett at (317) 849-3543.

Solo Is: Deja vu All Over Again
by Warren LeVeque

Deja vu is the feeling that you have experienced this event before. The rest is possibly a Yogi Berra term. Or perhaps we should say "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

Being older allows, nay, forces the option of looking things over in a historical perspective. Yes, I’ve been there before. So has the SCCA, over and over again.

The first time that I attended a road race in the ‘60s, many of the "Production" cars were driven in, the headlights taped, the mufflers removed, and then raced. The tires even had "some" tread. Then major manufacturers got involved and the rules changed to allow competition adjustments. Alternate "production" camshafts and wheels were allowed. Enough adjustments were allowed that policing became difficult, then impossible. Finally the SCCA threw up their hands and said that virtually everything was free, including treadless tires. Now we have silhouette tube frame racers as stock as LeMans prototypes. The pro classes such as Trans-Am followed the same route. Production pony cars developed into silhouette racers.

There was a regional class to allow over prepared cars (such as engine swaps) to run--A/Sports Racing. I was in this class at the time and witnessed full blown Can-Am cars take over this class.

OK you ask where is the deja vu part? SCCA never (perhaps cannot) reduces a class’s preparation limits, they just make new classes. They started over with showroom stock classes (there are some very good stock cars) and almost ruined it with "trunk kits". If you go to a regional race today you will witness a new "Production" class. It’s called IT (Improved Touring) in many forms. It also has "some" tread required. At the top are the prepared pony cars and at the bottom are grocery getters. Basically, these are meant to be capable of being driven in, as in the opening paragraph, and raced. So, over the years we destroyed a grass roots class and replaced it with another. In fairness, there is a move to include current, modern, cars in the original production classes with less preparation. My fingers are crossed.

I just learned recently of a new IT class: ITE for over prepared cars including engine swaps--Is anyone else experiencing Deja vu (A/SR)?

Since road racing cars are allowed to come over to Solo II, we must pay attention to road racing history and new developments. Before, and including 1973 and the introduction of official Solo II rules, road racing rules were used in their entirety in autocrossing. Obviously this didn’t work well considering the speed and course size differential.

There were a lot of local non-SCCA clubs who had the classing pretty much worked out. Most of them were using 20 ft. wide courses. There were no good tires, so that was a non-issue. Slicks went into Modified class. There were also no good stock cars; Pintos, Falcons, Valiants, etc. So if you wanted your car to handle at all, you had to modify it some. Wider wheels, anti-roll bars, shocks, lowering, headers, spoilers, airdams, etc. were accepted as "stock". Engine hop ups were not accepted. People could have zoomy cars, load up the picnic basket, arrive - not change tires - and drive home. Recruiting was easy, just bring out whatever you are driving and run with a competitive chance.

The official SCCA rules finally overtook local rules for standardization’s sake and cars had to be totally stock. Except strangely for front anti-roll bars, adjustable shocks, and DOT tires with real race rubber and shadow tread. The tires allowed the stock cars to be lowered, regeared, and prone to tipping over.

The carry over rules for road race speed cars for some reason had 8 ft. gates and 25 ft. slaloms. This grew some every few years as reason took over. Can you imagine our current CP cars on 8 ft. courses?

The DOT rubber was so sticky and wore so fast that tire trailers and tire changing became necessary. It was hard to recruit new people who had to have $1500 worth of tires and equipment and also could not do anything neat, cool or cosmetic to their cars. Street Prepared was developed for those who wanted to modify their street driven cars some. Since only external engine mods were permitted the competition bar was raised to include very expensive aftermarket electronic injection systems. While these are very interesting cars they are hardly entry level any more and are rarely street driven.

The race car classes are mainly a carry over so that ex-production cars and Trans-Am and GT cars may run. It wasn’t written as such but was expected to be for Club Racers. Now this class is being entered by full bore tube frame silhouette cars. The progression from replica, pro, road racing into Solo II isn’t a natural state. We are forced to accept the high speed track, pro, changes, into our slow speed grass roots sport. The same thing is happening to our prepared solo classes as happened to the production road racing classes going in GT classes. More deja vu? The formula cars have progressed over fairly nicely however.

D and E Modified (remember A/SR?) were for over prepared production cars. Now we have lift off replica carbon fiber bodies over full formula car chassis (remember Can-Am?) A move was instigated a few years back to allow a place for heavier E/Ms to run, but didn’t make it. If you examine the new A Prepared closely enough, you will see that a place has been made for the overprepared production cars that were intended for the original E/M.

Lest you think that this article is only complaining, something very good has happened at the grass roots level. I’m feeling deja vu again. The most popular new car class that recruits the best is Street Touring S. These cars must be street legal, on hard tires, but can have many modifications that don’t effect performance directly. THIS IS EXACTLY THE WAY THAT AUTOCROSS STARTED. Just as in the beginning these cars come in caravans of 10 or more cars and can comprise 20% of the local entry. No trailers, no tire changing. They open their hoods but gather around the backs of the cars to discuss their stereo systems. There are also Street Touring classes for race tires and for turbos and engine swaps (here we go again!!!). While I’m generally against more classes I believe that STS should stay even if we have to reduce the number of Street Prepared and Prepared classes. I have run in all of the class categories. I choose to run in prepared and modified and make no excuses. I’m talking about the future of the sport, not me.

Thirty five years later we have also progressed back to the 15 ft wide courses and 45 ft gates. They generally average 20 ft. and 60 ft. so that drivers can choose their lines even if they choose wrong. Whether I drive my large car or my small one I know that there is one 8 ft. wide correct line, but I should get to choose.

Maybe it isn’t deja vu after all. It’s actually happening

by Chuck Hanson

First of all, I owe an apology to Turner Woodard who sponsored our July rally to Wasatch Lake and to Vic Brunamonti who chaired the event for forgetting that the August Clutch Chatter went to press before the event. The result was that I forgot to publish the results of our most successful event of the year. We had twenty-seven entries of whom thirteen were novices. Everybody made it through the course. I got stuck in the library at Wasatch Lake doing the scoring, so I did not get to see much. However, what I did see reminded me of the really nice resorts up in Wisconsin and Minnesota where you can relax or be as active as you want. Come out to IRP on the weekend of Oct. 20 - 22 and see Turner practice his other hobby, which is Vintage Racing.

So, in September the Weather God’s finally bit the rally program. We must have been jinxed by the Solo Chairman who published in the September Clutch Chatter comments about how lucky the Solo program had been with the weather all season. We should probably thank the Huntington Bank which did not know that we took advantage of their drive through lanes to run a mostly dry registration and drivers meeting. In any case, the event started in fairly heavy rain, but it dried up before the middle of the event. Frank and Candi found a bunch of twisty roads and some really exotic intersections. Frank, or course, snuck in a couple of "new" timing wrinkles to keep everybody on their toes.


Oct 29 - October Tour - Ken & Deb Osiecki
Nov 19 - Dan Cook & Chuck Hanson


Team Pos.-Class Total Points
Jim Bredle & Jackie Bredle 1-A,T 520
Carolyn George & James Cates 1-B,T 628
E. Benton Tackitt, III & IV 1-C,T 740
Roberta & Dave DeBolt 2-C,T 777
Dan & Ann Cook 3-C 795
Bob Farr & L. Lentz 4-C 886
Vicki Pope & Dave Smith 1-N,T 1553

Special thanks from the Rallymaster

I have been at this for 30 years and I can honestly say that I rarely have had the support of a Rally Chairman for any of the events that I have mastered that comes close to Chuck's help for this one. I don' think we realize just how lucky the Region is for Chuck’s effort. --Frank Pope

Rally to Wasatch Lake Results

O.A Class Driver & Naviagator Points
1 1-A Jim & Jackie Bredle 35-T
2 1-B Candice & Frank Pope 75-T
3 2-A Steve Phillips & Paul Gilbert 88
4 1-C Benton III & Benton IV Tackitt 133-T
5 2-C Dave & Roberta DeBolt 167-T
6 3-C Bob & Pam Farr 176-T
7 4-C Richard & Janet Atkins 272
8 1-N Susan Fleener & Harold Apple 282-T
9 5-C Michael & Jenny McGraw 300
10 2-N Jack & Carla Morris 324-T
11 3-N Molly Butters & Nicole Bosier 345-T
12 2-B King Doxsee & Don Reynolds 364-T
13 6-C Jo Seymour & SC Fletcher 419
14 4-N Taylor Woodard & Nan Ruby 488-T
15 3-B Mary Anne Butters & Steve Behr 507
16 4-B Carolyn George & James Cates 564
17 5-N Floyd & Lana Ireland 652
18 6-N Jim & Cheryl Schneider 660
19 7-N Tess & Jennifer Ireland 697
20 7-C Turner Woodard & Tom Cancilla 784
21 8-C David & Jeff Alexander 859
22 8-N Terrance & Joanna Ireland 905
23 9-N Carlos E. & Carlos R. Santos 959
24 10-N Tim Young & Dina Hinshaw 1046
25 11-N Jonathon & Ginger Santos 1053
26 12-N David & Terri Stacy 1058
27 13-N Mike & Penny Andrews 1183

Columbus & Indy Region Rally Points Event #7

Sunday, October 29

Directions: Take I-65 North from Indy to highway 39 (mile marker 138). Take 39 all the way through Lebanon to the north side of town. The start is at the Wal-Mart on the north side of Lebanon. The end is at Arni’s of Lebanon.

This is a moderately brisk tour rally covering Boone, Clinton, Carroll, and Tippecanoe Counties. Ken tells me that the scenic and twisty roads along the various streams are mostly gravel, with the result that the 100 miles of course is approximately 50% gravel. I cannot give you more detail because I will not see the course until Sunday while most of you are watching the Grand Prix. Dan Cook can testify that running Divisional Rallies which frequently have a lot of gravel is a real hoot. We need workers, so those of you who need to qualify your year end points and do not want to run on gravel have a good excuse to work this event.

Registration: - 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM
Driver's Meeting: - 11:45 AM
First Car Out: - 12:01 PM
First Car finishes: - 4:10 PM (Approximate)

Contact: Charles Hanson (317) 780-9007 (Leave a name and phone number if you get voice mail. I travel a lot.)

by Dave De Bolt

Well, it's been awhile since I have written an article or have been able to write an article for "Clutch Chatter." I am still fighting our (my) computer problems at home, so I am writing this at work. (After hours, of course!) Although hearing from me is way overdue, not only in plan but in actuality, I hope I can make up for some of the time that has passed. My apologies to everyone. As a way to start this column, I would like to introduce those individuals and families who have become new members of the S.C.C.A. and joined the Indianapolis Region family during the month of July.

Welcome to:

Tiffany E. Strebin Patrick Moriett
410 Country Ln. 8450 Moller Rd.
Kokomo, IN 46902-5119 Indianapolis, IN 46268
765-453-6992 317-873-0526 (H)
Arturo Antonio Ferrari Nicola Scotto
8450 Moller Rd. 8450 Moller Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46268 Indianapolis, IN 46268
317-873-0526 (H) 317-873-0526 (H)
Aldo Andretti Shawn Albright
Carolyn S. Andretti Toby Albright
7674 Shelia Drive 10201 Central Ave.
Brownsburg, IN 46112 Indianapolis, IN 46280
317-852-8147 (H) 317-818-9718
William L. Robinson Ken W. Smith
397 N. Union 5015 Watersite Cir.
Russiaville, IN 46979 Indianapolis, IN 46254
765-883-7855 317-872-3421
Brett Striegel Lou Byer
1048 S. Whitcomb Ave. 58 N. Pasadena St.
Indianapolis, IN 46241 Indianapolis, IN 46219
317-487-6403 317-353-6660
Paul D'Angelo Larry Halcomb
742 Delray Dr. 3101 Midvale Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46241-1785 Indianapolis, IN 46222
317-487-6121 317-387-1918
P. Jay Hofacker Paul R. Cox
5149 York Bend Ct. 1675 W. Curry Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46254 Greenwood, IN 46143-9519
317-258-5294 317-882-5630

Congratulations and again, welcome! If you meet or see these people at one of our events, please stop and welcome them to our club. If you have any questions concerning your membership, please call. Let me hear from you.


Free: One 1970 Fiat 850 and one 1971 Fiat 850. Both in rough condition. One 1980 (?) VW Rabbit front clip with carburated motor and a fuel injected motor. Call Scott at 765-482-4602, Lebanon, IN (10/00)

For Sale: 1995 Dodge Neon ACR road race prepared. New "trunk kit" springs & Koni’s. New wheel bearings. Drove to 1999 Rookie of the Year position. $5000. Call 765-477-0295 or email (10/00)

CEN-DIV ROUNDTABLE – November 4-5, 2000

213 West Washington Street (Corner of Washington & Main)

SCCA Room rate: $79.00 per night up to 4 per room. Call Holiday Inn directly to make reservations (219 - 232-3941) - a block of 75 rooms will be held until October 23 at the above rate. Request the SCCA rate when making your reservations. The hotel is fully booked this weekend, so get your reservation in early.

Registration Fee for the Seminar: $45.00, spouses $40.00. Late Registration add $10.00 per person if postmarked after October 22. The Seminar registration fee includes all meetings both days, two continental breakfasts, lunch and BFG banquet. Tickets for the various meals will be in your registration packet. Lunch only fee is $15.00. For those attending only the Saturday evening BFG Awards Banquet, the fee is $25.00.

New for 2000, the CenDiv Roundtable is set to include the 2000 BF Goodrich Solo II Series awards banquet. This banquet is open to all attendees of the roundtable. The four tracks on the Roundtable meeting agenda will include Drivers, Race Operations, Region Management and Solo/Rally.

Registration will open on Friday, November 3 at 6:00– 9:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn.

Please print all information on your registration form and mail with fees to:
Liz Eslaire, 5712 Homewood Drive, Fort Wayne IN 46825-4306

For more info call Liz - 219 - 483-7266 between 5:00 - 9:00 P.M.

Make checks payable to: Central Division Calendar Committee


Mail to: Central Division Calendar Committee, c/o Liz Eslaire, 5712 Homewood Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46825-4306

Attendee Name: Attendee Fee @ $45.00:
Spouse Attendee Name: Spouse Fee @ $40.00:
Address: Late Fee per person @ $10.00:
City, State, Zip: Lunch Only Fee @ $15.00:
Telephone: BFG Solo Awards Banquet Only @ $25.00:
Region of Record:  
Email address: TOTAL ENCLOSED:
Licensed Specialty/Area of Interest /Regional Position: