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Clutch Chatter -- November 2000

Aaron Ellis Claims F500 National Championship

Despite winter weather conditions, the SCCA National Championship Runoffs generated tremendous excitement for Indy Region. Formula 500 looked to be an Indy Region show from the start. Fred Edwards Jr. was on the pole with Aaron Ellis along side. Tom Edwards was a little further back in the pack, but was expected to join the battle at the front. Unfortunately the first turn get a little wild and five cars, including Fred, ended up crashing. Aaron got through turn one unscathed, and proceeded to dominate the race, leading all but a couple of laps on his way to a gold medal. Tom did manage to uphold the Edwards family honor, getting himself into contention for the lead, and ultimately ending up fifth.

Formula Vee also had an Indy Region trio. Greg Buttrey qualified third with Chris and Brian Jennerjahn a bit further back in the pack. Greg dominated the early part of the race, leading laps 4-13. Then he began alternating the lead with the eventual winner. Greg had a shot on the last lap, but had to settle for the silver medal. Chris came home 14th, with Brian right behind in 15th.

Ralph Porter didn’t qualify too well in Showroom Stock C, starting 19th. But he had a really good race, moving up to ninth. Sheldon Wilde started 18th in GT3 and moved up to 15th. John Larue was after another Formula Ford national title, and did manage to lead a lap, but in the end he came home fourth.

The Officers and Directors of Indianapolis Region SCCA
Invite you to join them for the
2000 Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting

On Saturday Night, December 9
At the Brickyard Crossing Resort, 4400 W. 16th Street, Indianapolis, IN

Cocktails--6:00 PM
Buffet Dinner--6:30 PM
Meeting and Awards--8:00 PM

No invitations will be mailed – please use this form to register.

Annual Meeting & Banquet Reservation Form

Please reserve ______ seats for the 2000 Indianapolis Region SCCA Annual Meeting and Banquet, December 9, 2000.

Names: ________________________________

Number of Adult meals @ $25.00--_______

Number of Child (12 & under) meals @ $12.00--_______

Total Enclosed--_______

Please return by December 5 to:
Darlene Badgley, 1090 Hornaday Road, Brownsburg, IN 46112-1972. Call 317-852-8062 for information or questions.


Nov 14--Board Meeting at Union Jack’s in Speedway, 6:00 PM
Nov 19--Road Rally Points Event
Dec 9--Awards Banquet, Brickyard Crossing

Board Highlights
By Darlene Badgley

These are highlights of the recent Indy Region Board of Directors meeting. If you have questions about the region’s affairs, please attend the next meeting or contact any officer or board member.

Treasurer’s Report: Cathy presented report and discussed outstanding bills from IRP and the BFG event.

Clutch Chatter: Cindy Hylton would like to give up her role as Clutch Chatter editor to any member who is interested. The updated regional racing points will be posted in Clutch Chatter. Deadline is October 20, 2000.

Membership: David has not received the monthly report from the National office, so he assumes we are close to 609 members. David has delivered more SCCA Membership brochures to AutoZone. Import AutoParts has brochures, too. Regional Membership dues will increase in 2001. (Details on page 7.)

Activities: October hayride, bonfire, chili cook-off, and family pitch-in will take place on Friday, October 13 from 6:30-9:00 at Eagle Creek Park. Plans are in progress for the December 9, 2000 Indy Region Banquet at the Brickyard Crossing Resort.

Road Rally: Chuck would like to start planning now for a 2001 Divisional Rally. He is gathering information about getting a 2001 listing for a divisional. As of now June of 2001 looks like a good month to put on the event. The October 29 rally is ready and the November rally has been pre-checked. Chuck and Terrence Garrett will get together to discuss budget and timers for the divisional.

Solo: September event went well with 37 entries. The October 1 event at Delco Plant in Anderson had 68 participants. Competitors enjoyed the site and course. Dave Hart is meeting with Steve Linn and Chris McGuire to discuss next year’s solo program. A discussion about placing bid for next year’s BFG Solo was discussed.

Racing: Indy Region will supply workers for The Easley Winery Vintage Grand Prix to benefit the American Red Cross held at IRP on October 21 and 22. Indy Region plans to establish a worker hospitality section at IRP during SCCA events. Next year’s race dates were discussed and will be definite by the middle of November.

Planning Committee: Yngvar will present planning committee findings during November’s board meeting.

Old Business: None

New Business: Central Division Roundtable is November 3-5, 2000. Indianapolis Region will pay registration fees for Roundtable to members that attend meetings. Election ballots will be in November issue of Clutch Chatter.

The next board meeting will be November 14, 2000, 6:00 PM, at Union Jack’s in Speedway.

RE News
by Mark J. Badgley

The year is over and it is time to take stock in the first year of the "New Millennium". So how did it go?

The world did not end officially, but for the Indianapolis Region it got rocked a little as we lost two of our long time members.

The Solo Program continued to grow at the local level and we participated at the Divisional Level by putting on a fairly successful CenDiv Event at Converse.

The Road Rally program has continued to bring in new members and is looking towards putting on a Divisional Event in the year 2001.

The Road Racing program had its ups and downs with regards to participation, but the racing was great and this program continues to be the foundation of this region.

With regards to Road Racing Program, I mentioned last month that unless we get some involvement from the racers with regards to the events at IRP, they would simply not happen. The number of phone calls and e-mails that I have received has amounted to "0". I still find this to be a very difficult situation. We need help here!

In addition, the number of people nominated for your Board of Directors was exactly "0" as of the date of the October Board Meeting. There are people on the ballot this month, but almost all are names that you will recognize. Please think about what you can do for your region in the coming season.

See you all somewhere.

By Chuck Hanson

With the Runoffs for the racers and the US Road Rally Challenge for us, and the Vintage Grand Prix for everybody, our October event is being held after this goes to press. We have two very excellent events to end the year. First is the October Tour which is about half of a Divisional level event. I had a blast pre-checking it and am looking forward to operating controls. Second is our only course rally of the season (see below). Dan has come up with a delightful concept that is simple enough that novices will be able to make all of the checkpoints. I think that you will find it both challenging and fun.

Ken Osieki and Frank Pope have both expressed a desire to do a Divisional event in 2001. So I took the proposal to the Board this month and got permission to request a calendar listing. I made the proposal to the Divisional Rally Steward during the USRRC and was greeted with open arms. In fact, the word spread like wildfire that we were asking and four teams approached me during the event parties to ask if it was true, and to state that they would be here, just tell them the date. This is a major undertaking, and will require support from a lot of people. Divisional and National events require 24 controls, so the absolute minimum number of checkpoint crews is six (at typically three people per crew) and the desire will be eight crews. We are discussing pre-checking the event as two separate regional events so that you can enjoy it before working it for the out of region people.

I mentioned the USRRC. This is a three-event extravaganza to kind of crown champions, although the real national champions are crowned by accumulated points over the course of the entire season. There is a Tour event, a Course event, and what they call an Equalizer event. By the latter, they mean an event in which the amount of calculators, odometers, and computers becomes essentially irrelevant. This year’s equalizer was a Monte Carlo run under tour rules. I thought that it was worth the trip to discover and intend to use the concept in the regional program next year. Oh yes, I had a pretty good run finishing 3rd of 7 in Stock Class (our regional Class B) with a 2nd, a 5th, and a 3rd in the three events. The event will be sponsored by the St. Louis Region next year. I would encourage you to think about running. You will compete against the best in the nation (this year had entrants from 22 states).

See you at a rally!


Nov 19--Power to the People – Right On!--Dan Cook & Chuck Hanson


Columbus & Indy Region Rally Points Event #8

Sunday, November 19

Directions: Start at the A. G. Edwards (old Eleck-Tek) at the northwest corner of I69 and 96th Street. Ends at the Pizza Hut in Pendleton. Use I69 to return home.

This is a relatively easy course rally covering Hamilton, Hancock, and Madison Counties and using all paved roads. Dan is our third Rookie Rallymaster of the season and he has put together a very worthy effort. The secret of the course following is in the event name; i.e. you will be put ON certain roads by name or number, and you will be expected to turn right on them when you encounter them. The course is nicely trapped so that if you fail to turn right on, you will still encounter the checkpoints, just at an erroneous time.

Registration:--12:00 – 12:45 PM
Driver's Meeting:--12:45 PM
First Car Out:--1:01 PM
First Car finishes:--4:30 PM (Approximate)

Contact: Charles Hanson (317) 780-9007 (Leave a name and phone number if you get voice mail. I travel a lot.)

Solo Report
By Dave & Cathy Hart

Another fun & successful Indy Region Solo II competition season is complete. Cathy and I would again like to thank all of you who contributed to its success and have given us your support the past few years. Please share your enthusiasm and support with next year’s Solo Chairperson(s) so we will all have another enjoyable season in 2001.

The results from the October 1st event at the former Delco parking lot in Anderson are listed elsewhere in this issue. 68 competitors, with their friends and families, were treated to another wonderful day weather-wise, making this a 100% good weather season.

The final point standings are also included in this issue. Be sure to contact Dave Hart by November 10th if you have any questions about the standings or believe there is an error. Award winners will be notified by November 17th. Congratulations to everyone on your efforts this year. We hope everyone will join us at the annual banquet on December 9 to celebrate the 2000 competition season and to congratulate the award winners in Indy Region.

See you at the banquet…

Dave & Cathy Hart (317) 849-2495

Indianapolis Region SCCA Solo II Points Event #8

General Motors - Anderson --October 1, 2000

Place Time Name Vehicle
AS 0.000    
1 46.443 Sal Barbera Honda S2000
BS 0.000    
1 48.239 Jay Hofacker Mazda Miata
2 48.251 John Steger Mazda Miata
BSL 0.000    
1 53.844 Jodi White Mazda Miata
CS 0.000    
1 44.784 Clemens Burger Toyota MR2
2 45.679 Todd Zuercher Pontiac Fiero GT
3 45.943 Jeff Alexander Toyota MR2
4 46.637 David Horst Toyota MR2
5 48.806 Stephen Brinkerhoff Toyota MR2
6 49.025 Darren Daubenspeck Mazda RX-7
7 49.068 Chuck McMillan Mazda RX-7
8 DNF Steve White Toyota MR2
DS 0.000    
1 46.785 Gustavo Hammerly Honda CRX SI
2 47.456 Dan Sellers Dodge Neon
3 52.676 Josh Stover Plymouth Neon
DSL 0.000    
1 47.784 Cindy Fineberg Dodge Neon ACR
ES 0.000    
1 49.187 Brendon Hines Mazda MX6
2 49.693 Andrew Tipton VW GTI
3 50.104 Anthony Martino Mazda
4 50.180 Jim Ashton Saturn
5 51.711 Tom Ashton Saturn
6 54.483 Dave Johnson Pontiac Fiero SE
FS 0.000    
1 44.653 Brian Cigal Nissan 300ZX
2 47.168 David Johnson Chevrolet Camaro Z28
3 47.818 Dave Hart Pontiac Formula
4 48.866 Dave Tozer Nissan 300ZX
GS 0.000    
1 46.318 Harold Hammerly Acura Integra-GSR
2 47.784 Doug Copfer Accura Integra
3 50.766 Neal Paschnel Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder
HS 0.000    
1 47.158 Bruce Woolard Honda Civic CX
2 47.824 Jeff Busby Honda Civic
3 47.988 Dave Alexander Toyota MR4
4 48.079 Matt Burkhardt Honda Civic
5 48.236 James Owens VW Jetta TDI
6 51.337 Frank Pope Ford Focus
7 53.395 Dave Debolt Chevrolet Citation
ASP 0.000    
1 45.149 Jonathon Mahan Dodge Viper
2 45.483 Ted Drummond  
CSP 0.000    
1 45.283 Kevin Miller Acura Integra
2 48.336 Jason Ford Pontiac Fiero GT
DSP 0.000    
1 42.844 Andrew Bratt Toyota Supra
ESP 0.000    
1 45.353 Paul Lazaro Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
2 48.711 Steve Povalac Pontiac Firebird GTA
AP 0.000    
1 44.823 Lee Miller Pontiac Fiero
2 45.820 Michael LeVeque Pontiac Fiero
CP 0.000    
1 41.506 Grayden Obenour Ford Mustang
2 43.325 Brad Ryan Ford Mustang
3 43.942 Scott Lewis Chevrolet Camaro
4 44.113 Paul Fox Chevrolet Corvair
5 46.790 Kathy Lewis Chevrolet Camaro
DP 0.000    
1 42.969 Richard Atkins Fiat X-1/9
DM 0.000    
1 43.238 Phil Wehman Caterham Super Seven
EM 0.000    
1 43.034 Warren LeVeque Chevrolet Corvair
STS 0.000    
1 44.908 Steve Linn Nissan Sentra SE-R
2 45.688 Greg Murphy Honda Civic EX
3 47.585 Chris McGuire VW Rabbit GTI
4 49.189 Andy King Honda Civic EX
5 50.173 Chris Steger Honda Civic EX
6 50.999 Brian Kinzie Honda Civic
7 51.512 Brad Gerber Honda Civic
8 52.624 Peter Bun Toyota Celica GT
STR 0.000    
1 45.520 Alan Ausbrooks Subaru Impreza RS
2 45.772 Kris Gordon Honda Civic
SM 0.000    
1 44.751 Todd Longenbaugh Toyota Celica Turbo
S___ 0.000    
1 HS 37.246 Dennis Dunkman Honda Civic EX
2 ESP 40.236 Corey White Ford Mustang LX 5.0
3 ESP 40.716 Patrick Tipton Ford Mustang
4 ESP 41.266 Sam White Ford Mustang LX 5.0

Indianapolis Region SCCA Solo II--Final Points Standings

Corrections must be given to Dave Hart by November 10th

Total Points Best 6 Points Name Vehicle
39 39 Kevin Klink Pontiac Formula WS6
26 26 Clark Howey Chevrolet Corvette
20 20 Scott Holley BMW M Coupe
10 10 John Braunsdort Maserati Merak
10 10 Erin Holley BMW M Coupe
39 39 Steve Knitter Porsche 911 Cabriolet
29 29 Todd Houtz Porsche 944 Turbo
17 17 Sal Barbera Honda S2000
17 17 Christopher Welsh BMW M3
14 14 Scott Callahan Porsche Boxter
69 60 Jay Hofacker Mazda Miata
18 18 John Steger Mazda Miata
10 10 Bruce Faucett Mazda Miata
20 20 Jodi White Mazda Miata
10 10 Catherine Faucett Mazda Miata
69 60 Clemens Burger Toyota MR2
59 52 Jeff Alexander Toyota MR2
45 45 Darren Daubenspeck Mazda RX-7
35 35 Sean Murphy Pontiac Fiero
21 21 Stephen Brinkerhoff Toyota MR2
17 17 Jason Russell  
15 15 Michael Feder Mazda Miata
9 9 Todd Zuercher Pontiac Fiero GT
8 8 Marc Kerr Pontiac Fiero
7 7 David Horst Toyota MR2
4 4 Chuck McMillan Mazda RX-7
3 3 Steve White Toyota MR2
57 57 Gustavo Hammerly Honda CRX SI
30 30 Brian Gard Plymouth Neon ACR
27 27 Brett Striegel Plymouth Neon ACR
25 25 Dan Sellers Dodge Neon
10 10 Bob Monday Plymouth Neon ACR
8 8 Josh Stover Plymouth Neon
7 7 Brett Wilson Nissan 300ZX
60 60 Cindy Fineberg Dodge Neon ACR
19 19 Valerie Gard Plymouth Neon ACR
46 46 Patrick Tipton VW Golf GTI
33 33 Andrew Tipton VW GTI
25 25 Brendon Hines Mazda MX6
20 20 Dave Johnson Pontiac Fiero SE
19 19 Guy Dingman Nissan 240SX
17 17 Les Ramirez Honda Civic
15 15 Anthony Martino Mazda
10 10 Alberto Pizzato Nissan 240SX
9 9 Brian Kinzie Honda Civic
9 9 Ed Wolf Toyota Celica GT
7 7 Jim Ashton Saturn
6 6 Tom Ashton Saturn
6 6 David Burkhead Mitsubishi Eclipse
67 58 David Johnson Chevrolet Camaro Z28
10 10 Brian Cigal Nissan 300ZX
10 10 Glenn Brown Nissan 300ZX
10 10 Andy Harmon Chevrolet Camaro Z28
9 9 Darren Daubenspeck Ford Mustang GT
9 9 Andrew Bratt Dodge Truck
9 9 Slava V.domanels Toyota Supra
8 8 Dave Hart Pontiac Formula
8 8 Steve Povalac Pontiac Firebird GTA
7 7 Dave Tozer Nissan 300ZX
40 40 Harold Hammerly Acura Integra-GSR
36 36 Alan Ausbrooks Subaru Impreza RS
25 25 John Kudlaty Eagle Talon
23 23 Doug Copfer Accura Integra
16 16 Matt Chitwood BMW 325is
15 15 Rob Stokes BMW 323ci
10 10 Gustavo Hammerly Acura Integra-GSR
9 9 Lyle Freeman Acura Integra
8 8 Neal Paschnel Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder
8 8 Kevin Resseguie Acura Integra
8 8 Bob Marklee  
8 8 Jason Strain Honda Prelude
4 4 Ross Chitwood BMW 325is
3 3 Carlos Santos VW Passat
44 44 James Owens VW Jetta TDI
38 38 Dave Alexander Toyota MR4
31 31 Dave Debolt Chevrolet Citation
10 10 Bruce Woolard Honda Civic CX
10 10 Kevin Resseguie Chevrolet Cavalier
10 10 Linda Lentz Nissan Maxima
9 9 Jeff Busby Honda Civic
9 9 Josh Locklear Toyota Camry
8 8 Sean Underhill Saturn SC1
7 7 Matt Burkhardt Honda Civic
5 5 Frank Pope Ford Focus
50 50 Jack Tovey Chevrolet Corvette
28 28 Ted Drummond  
10 10 Jonathon Mahan Dodge Viper
9 9 David Hawkins Mazda RX-7 Turbo
19 19 Shane Benson Mazda Miata
19 19 Sherri DeCoursey Mazda RX-7
16 16 Scott DeCoursey Mazda RX-7
14 14 James Allen  
10 10 Kevin Miller Acura Integra
10 10 Jason Strain Honda CRX
10 10 Shane Benson Mazda MX5
9 9 Jason Ford Pontiac Fiero GT
9 9 Paul D'Angelo Mazda RX-7
7 7 Nick Judy Mazda RX-7
50 50 Andrew Bratt Toyota Supra
19 19 Sean Harshey VW Scirocco
17 17 David Horst Toyota Supra
9 9 Jon Kerns VW GTI-VR6
8 8 Matt Sanders VW GTI VR6
7 7 Eric Snyder VW GTI-VR6
6 6 Ken Ka-Ki Chu VW GTI-VR6
5 5 Charlie Kuo VW GTI-VR6
80 60 Paul Lazaro Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
25 25 Douglas Schrum Mitsubishi Eclipse
17 17 Scott Burton Pontiac Trans Am
9 9 Steve Povalac Pontiac Firebird GTA
9 9 Robert Burton Pontiac Trans Am
9 9 Larry Hathcoat Ford Mustang Cobra
9 9 Ted Drummond Pontiac Firebird
9 9 Eric Pennington Chevrolet Camaro
7 7 Toby Cheng Chevy Camaro Z28
50 50 Lee Miller Pontiac Fiero
9 9 Michael LeVeque Pontiac Fiero
64 57 Paul Fox Chevrolet Corvair
29 29 Warren LeVeque Chevrolet Corvair
18 18 Mark Gillespie Yenko Stinger
10 10 Grayden Obenour Ford Mustang
9 9 Brad Ryan Ford Mustang
8 8 Scott Lewis Chevrolet Camaro
6 6 Kathy Lewis Chevrolet Camaro
50 50 Richard Atkins Fiat X-1/9
10 10 David Mason Honda Civic
9 9 Chris Foresman Honda CRX
20 20 Michael LeVeque Pontiac Fiero
10 10 Wm Lee Hidy Tobias Sprint Car
10 10 Bruce Faucett Griffith Super V
50 50 Phil Wehman Caterham Super Seven
9 9 Don Kline Toyota MR2
8 8 Tammy Kline Toyota MR2
30 30 Warren LeVeque Chevrolet Corvair
20 20 Larry Metz Zink C4 Solo Vee
77 59 Steve Linn Nissan Sentra SE-R
67 52 Chris McGuire VW Rabbit GTI
38 38 Greg Murphy Honda Civic EX
30 30 Martin Ausbrooks Honda Accord
24 24 Joe LeBlanc VW Corrado VR6
21 21 John Ausbrooks Honda Accord
17 17 Ian Linn Honda Accord
16 16 Jon Kerns VW GT-VR6
13 13 James Lin Acura Integra GS
7 7 Andy King Honda Civic EX
6 6 Chris Steger Honda Civic EX
6 6 Leonardo Bonvino Honda Civic
6 6 Joey Cruz Honda Civic
5 5 Brian Kinzie Honda Civic
5 5 Steve Gruber Acura Integra
4 4 Brad Gerber Honda Civic
3 3 Peter Bun Toyota Celica GT
3 3 Zach Bryant Mercury Cougar
40 40 Alan Ausbrooks Subaru Impreza RS
9 9 Kris Gordon Honda Civic
9 9 David Monday Neon
10 10 Todd Longenbaugh Toyota Celica Turbo
Novice Kart      
10 10 Austin Nichols Margay
10 10 Nathan Peters Kart WideTrack
Junior Kart      
17 17 Liz Nichols Emmick Express
10 10 Ben Forsythe Kart
Senior Kart      
55 55 Dave Hart Comet Mach 1
39 39 Nick Hart Comet Mach 1
23 23 Greg Nichols Emmick Express
10 10 Scott Burton Kart
9 9 Tim Monday B&S
8 8 Glenn Peters Comet Mach 1
7 7 Becka Nichols Emmick Express
34 34 Tiffany Howey Chevrolet Corvette
18 18 Loren Long BMW 328i
10 10 Eric Robe Honda Accord
9 9 Michael Feder Mazda Miata
7 7 Rick Schultz Mazda Miata
6 6 Marc Kerr Pontiac Fiero
Street Tire      
60 HS 60 Dennis Dunkman Honda Civic EX
62 ESP 55 Corey White Ford Mustang LX 5.0
68 ESP 54 Sam White Ford Mustang LX 5.0
18 DS 18 Steven Schnelker Dodge Neon
8 DSP 8 Sean Harshey VW Scirocco
8 ESP 8 Patrick Tipton Ford Mustang

Region Racing Points


Hart, David B 63
Edwards, Renee 58
Knell, S Alan 58
Campbell, William J 57
Shire, Bruce E 36
Johnson, Ralph 30
Parker, Gary 29
Thomas, Dave 27
Brynildssen, Yngvar 26
Lefebvre, Larry 26
Bleke, David 24
Hansen, Julie Anne 22
Duncan, Brian 21
Landon, Mike 20
Jennings, Lloyd 19
Leeke, Craig 19
Pfeffer, Robert 19
Maynard, Mark 18
Reineck, Paul 18
Hogue, Mark 16
Reisert, John Mark 16
Schuman, Brian 16
Hylton, Peter 14
Neylon, Michael 14
Commer, Stu 13
Hasselbrinck, Fred 12
Trammell, Rhonda 12
White, Warren D 12
Chitwood, Matt 11
Pfauser, Paul 11
Garrett, Terrence 9
Jeffers, Scott 9
Katko, Ricke 9
Leeper, Jonathan 9
Mc Namara, Pete 9
Hunt, Robert A. 7
House, Larry 6
Hylton, Cindy 6
Bearden, Michael 5
Dalton, Ray 4
Baugh, Jason 3
Garrett, Steve 3
Rude, Darold 2
Holeman, Paul 1

Drivers: For your regional points to be counted towards our regional yearend awards, I must have your regional race results no later than November 3, 2000. Thanks!

Jan Castelluccio, 9115 Trinity Place, Indianapolis, IN 46229


1 John LaRue, FF Citation 72
2 Tom Edwards, F500 KBS 64
3 Greg Buttrey, FV Mysterian 54
4 Ralph Porter, SSC Neon 48
5 Aaron Ellis, F500 Red Devil 41
6 Fred Edwards Jr., F500 KBS 36
7 Bob Sirico, T1 Corvette 34
8 Chris Jennerjahn, FV Mysterian 30
9 Bruce May, FF Swift 30
10 Sheldon Wilde, GT3 Mazda 28
11 Brian Jennerjahn, FV Citation 18
12 Bill Baten, T2 Camaro 14
13 Steve Alexander, T1 Corvette 12
14 Terrence Garrett, S2000 Swift 9
15 James Schopp, FV Lazer 7
16 Emmett Murphy, FM 6
17 Bill Campbell, FP Midget 5
18 Craig Campbell, S2000 Swift 3
19 Aaron Ellis, FC Van Dieman 3
20 Dave Hart, AS Camaro 2
21 Paul Holeman, SRF 2
22 Gary Parker, GT1 Camaro 2
23 Jerry Weida, FC Van Dieman 1

by Dave De Bolt

In addition to introducing our 15 newest members who joined during the month of August, I want to report on some news generated at the last BoD meeting held on the 10th of October that concerns our members in general.

While some of you may know, there are others within our Indianapolis Region who do not realize that the Indianapolis Region is somewhat unique with respect to most of the rest of the other 109 regions within the SCCA. We are one of the few regions within the SCCA that can call itself a full-service region. By that I mean that we conduct a rally program, a solo program, and a racing program locally. We also support these programs in various ways outside of the "regional" basis. We also have member meetings; a 12 issue a year publication, "Clutch Chatter"; and sometimes we participate in various Indianapolis area functions such as the Easley Winery/Red Cross VSCDA race that is being held currently at IRP.

Unfortunately, being a full-service region costs money. Because your current BoD is trying to balance our revenues and our costs, it was felt that an increase in membership dues was necessary to help defray some of the above associated expenses. By a vote of the majority of the BoD members, there will be a dues increase for the individual regional membership starting in January, 2001. The new dues amount will be $20.00 for an individual as compared to the old amount of $15.00. A spouse membership will remain at $10.00 and the family membership will stay at $25.00. This increase brings us more in align with the other medium-large and large regions within the SCCA. It will also help us to insure that you will continue to be a member of a full-service region that provides a level of benefits that you are presently accustomed to. If any of you have positive or negative comments on this please contact me.

Our new members for the month of August are:
Tommy J. Baker, P.O. Box 152, Centerville, IN 47330, 765-855-2572
Kathleen A. Hanna, 3460 Leatherbury Ln. #C, Indianapolis, IN 46222-2076, 317-925-5803
Stephen W. Brinkerhoff, Wanda Brinkerhoff, Zachary Brinkerhoff, Stephanie Brinkerhoff, 1330 Renee Dr., Plainfield, IN 46168, 317-839-4946
Mark D. Harlan, 5244 W. US HWY 36, Greencastle, IN 46135, 765-739-8888
Tina Lung, 211 N. Jefferson St., Sturgis, MI 49091, 616-467-7361
Daniel T. Rushing, 1118 D Windhaven Cir., Brownsburg, IN 46112, 317-413-7838
Jack E. Morris, Carla Morris, 5112 W. Pine Bluff Dr., New Palestine, IN 46163, 317-861-1088
Joseph J. Haynes, 1909 Britton Dr., Beech Grove, IN 46107, 317-784-7645
Deborah E. Osiecki, 6318 Nimitz Dr., Indianpolis, IN 46219, 317-375-9986
Earle Benton Tackitt IV, 5042 Camden, Indianapolis, IN 46227, 317-787-7042
Adam T. Wegel, 1901 S. Goyer Rd. #84, Kokomo, IN 46902, 765-868-8342

Congratulations and welcome! If you see or meet these people at one of our events, please stop and welcome them to our club. If you have any questions concerning your membership, please call. Let me hear from you.


Free: One 1970 Fiat 850 and one 1971 Fiat 850. Both in rough condition. One 1980 (?) VW Rabbit front clip with carburated motor and a fuel injected motor. Call Scott at 765-482-4602, Lebanon, IN (10/00)

For Sale: 1995 Dodge Neon ACR road race prepared. New "trunk kit" springs & Koni’s. New wheel bearings. Drove to 1999 Rookie of the Year position. $5000. Call 765-477-0295 or email (10/00)


Awards will be presented based on accumulated points earned during a 9-month period. This period will begin on February 1 and end on October 31. Awards will be presented at the annual banquet to the ten region members who have accumulated the most points during the most recent earning period. The awards will be embroidered lightweight jackets. A member will be awarded a jacket only once in five years. A repeat placement will be recognized by the presentation of a patch to place on the jacket already awarded.

Points can be earned by participating in any activity or event sponsored by Indy Region or by the IRO. Points may be earned only while an Indy Region member. The awards are available to dual members, as well as to Indy Region of Record members.

To earn points, all involved Indy Region members must fill out the form below for any events where you participate. Then, mail this card to Terrence Garrett at 9292 E. 131st Street, Fishers, IN 46038 or fax to 317-845-7381. You may copy this form if you need more space. You must return this to Terrence by November 10, 2000. A person's eligibility will be verified by the Membership Chairman.

The schedule of points available is:

1 pt.--Entry in a competition event; attendance at activities meetings, crew at a competition event.

2 pts.--Race worker (one day); Rally worker; Solo event specialty chief; non-entrant Solo worker; worker at Fire School, Banquet or other special events.

5 pts.--Rally event chairman; Solo event chairman; Race chief of specialty; Chief Steward; Chairman SOM; Assistant Race Chairman; Chief or Chair of special events; two days as an F & C Corner Captain.

10 pts.--Race Chairman

If any position is shared, the points available for the position will be shared proportionally between the workers filling that position. (i.e., if two people share the responsibility of chairing an event, each will get half the points designated for a chairman of that type of event.)

There will be no combination of points for a single event. (i.e., you may not earn competitor as well as worker points at one single event.)

Final determination of worker points will be totaled by the awards chairman based on the submission of the registration cards.

With Aeron Hylton

Daddy went to the Runoffs and wrote the report on the first page. But, I have something I want to tell everyone, too. As some of you know, I’ve been racing kid karts all year at Whiteland Raceway (and sometimes at Track Attack). Saturday, October 21, was the last kart race of the year. I’ve been doing better and better as the year went on, and at the last event, I won! I won my heat race and the feature race!! Everybody was really excited, and Uncle Bob was even there to watch part of it. Somebody in my family has won at least one race every year since 1980 when Daddy started racing. This year Mommy and Daddy never did win one, so I had to go out and keep up the family tradition! I can’t wait until 2001 so I can race again!


Regional Executive: Secretary:
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