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Clutch Chatter -- December 2000

RE News
by Mark J. Badgley

The first item of business of the month is the 2000 Awards Banquet. It is scheduled for December 9, 2000 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This is really our time to celebrate the accomplishments of both our competitors and workers. In addition, the event promises to very exciting for a couple of other people. We are giving away a set of Hoosier Racing Tires, compliments of Dave Garner and Hoosier Tire Midwest. The other interesting prize is (3) runs on a chassis dyno.

On a business side the other interesting news of the month is that in the year 2001 we will have in place a Road Racing Competition Committee. This committee will be responsible for training and setting a level of expectation for the Road Racing program in general. Dave Hart has volunteered to chair this committee. I am sure that he will need very specific help. I have forwarded the names of the people that responded to my plea last month for help. I am sure that he will be contacting those individuals as well as looking for some additional help to ensure that the Road Racing program continues to get better.

We will also have in place a new Clutch Chatter editor in the near future. Hopefully, I will be able to announce next month who will be taking over the award winning Clutch Chatter as Editor for the year 2001. I certainly want to thank Cindy Hylton for all of her efforts as well as any ghost editors that may be out there reading this article. (Thanks, Peter)

With regards to next month, I am not sure if I will be re-elected as Regional Executive next year or not, but either way thanks to everybody that has made the last 10 years very satisfying.

See you all somewhere.

The Officers and Directors of Indianapolis Region SCCA
Invite you to join them for the 2000 Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting

On Saturday Night, December 9
At the
Brickyard Crossing Resort
4400 W. 16th Street
Indianapolis, IN

Cocktails 6:00 PM
Buffet Dinner 6:30 PM
Meeting and Awards 8:00 PM


Dec 9 -- Awards Banquet, Brickyard Crossing

Board Highlights
By Darlene Badgley

These are highlights of the recent Indy Region Board of Directors meeting. If you have questions about the region’s affairs, please attend the next meeting or contact any officer or board member.

Treasurer’s Report: Terrence and Cathy have reviewed road racing bills and are sure that the accounts are up to date.

Clutch Chatter: Cindy Hylton would like to give up her role as Clutch Chatter editor to any member who is interested.

Membership: Membership continues to fall. We are currently at 595 members.

Activities: Plans are in progress for the December 9, 2000, Indy Region Banquet at the Brickyard Crossing Resort.

Road Rally: Chuck is planning for a 2001 Divisional Rally. As of now, November 24, 2001 is open. The November rally is ready to go.

Solo: The region is considering a combined sanction BFG event with Fort Wayne region in 2001.

Racing: The Region approved the forming of a road racing competition committee. After much discussion the motion was approved. Dave Hart will be chairman of this committee.

The first meeting for the 2001 year will be held during the banquet on December 9, 2000.

Attention Drivers
News from the CenDiv Executive Steward

Several regions in CenDiv will be rolling out the use of Timing and Scoring transponders in the 2001 Road Racing Season. Details on which regions, events, and classes will be published as soon as they are finalized. In the meantime, please note the following information:

Why transponders?

Utilize technology that will enhance our ability to produce accurate results and information more quickly.

Why now?

To phase in the use of this technology in a manner that will not create unnecessary confusion and will allow the regions to provide the appropriate support and information to our drivers.

Transponder Information:

  • will be available in two versions
    1. Rechargeable - batteries will last for approximately 3 days if fully charged
    2. Direct Powered - easily connected into the battery of the car; uses a draw of approximately 24 milliamps
  • Will be offered via sale and rental - (sale and direct powered are the preferred option)

Stay tuned for additional information after the first of the year.

By Chuck Hanson

We did it. We completed the 2000 season with eight (8) events which was up two (2) from last season. Of the eight events, three (3) were by first time Rallymasters. All three were complimented highly. There were six (6) participants who ran all three of the new events, and they were asked to vote for the New Rally of the Year, and all three events received votes. You will have to come to the Banquet or wait until next months Clutch Chatter to find out which one won.

In addition, we had eighty-two (82) participants in the rally program this season, with a high of twenty-seven (27) cars at the July Wasatch Lake Rally which was sponsored and promoted by long time Region member Turner Woodard. The season average was thirteen (13) cars per event. Continuing with the statistics, this means that the average participant competed in 2.54 events. We were adversely affected by the weather at two (2) events; a heavy rain at the September event and very windy/cold at the November event.

Over the course of the season we asked a lot of people for their opinions about what we could do better to make rallys more appealing because we want to raise that 2.54 average. Among the things that we were told was to use less gravel, and to run some events on Saturday. We will work on the former, but many of the twistiest roads are gravel, so there is a conflict here. We will also work on the latter. I would like to propose running about half of the 2001 events on Saturday and half on Sunday in an effort to get a comparison of participant response.

The Region Board of Directors has voted to support the Rally Program in staging a Divisional Rally on Nov. 25, 2001. This is a major commitment for the Region because we are going to need a lot of workers on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I figure that we will need a minimum of twenty-six (26) and would like to have in excess of thirty (30). We are accepting reservations for these positions starting immediately.

A Divisional Rally is 200 - 250 miles, involves 24 plus timed controls, and runs all day. Bluntly, it is about the equivalent of three of our normal regional events. We assume that many of you would like to run the course as well as sit out on it working controls. Accordingly, we are contemplating a method of writing the event so that we can break it up into parts and run it as multiple regional events. This would provide two benefits; you get to run it, and we get the benefit of multiple sets of eyes finding potential problems.

The 2001 schedule is just starting to come into focus. I personally would love to be able to present ten (10) regional events next year, along with the Divisional. I will be satisfied if we can again present eight (8) events. We still need event chairman even to accomplish the latter.


Feb 11 Rally School Chuck Hanson
Feb 17 or 18 Winter Rally ????
Mar 17 Herringbone Rally Ben Tackitt, Rookie Chairman

Sunday - Oct. 29, 2000

Steve Phillips /Paul Gilbert 1-A 167
Carolyn George /Jim Cates 1-B 369
Dan Cook /Anne Cook 1-C 441
Ben Tackitt III /Ben Tackitt IV 2-C 688
Bob Bartley /Pat Bartley 1-N 788
Jo Seymour /Bob Seymour 3-C 843
Candice Pope / Frank Pope 2-B 970
John Curry /Alice Curry 2-N 998
Joshua Hayes /Megumi Otani 3-B 1257
Vicki Pope /Dave Smith 3-N 1334

Sunday - Nov. 19, 2000

Carolyn George & Jim Cates 1-B 386
Debra & Ken Osieki 1-A 658
Bob & Pam Farr 1-C 701
Richard & Janet Atkins 2-C 735
Candi & Frank Pope 2-B 804
Martin & John Ausbrooks 1-N 922
King Doxsee & Don Reynolds 3-B 975
Jo & AJ Seymour 3-C 1059
Ray Fini & Charlie Wormann 2-N 1126


Jim Bredle 61-Q
Ken Osieki 36-Q
Jackie Bredle 36-N
Deborah Osieki 24-Q
Steve Phillips 23-N
Paul Gilbert 21-N
Damon Beals 13-N
Kurt, Lisa, Dustin, & Alex Weisner 12-Q
Carolyn Phillips 2-N
Frank & Candice Pope 69-Q
Carolyn George 55-N
James Cates 55-N
King Doxsee 37-N
Don Reynolds 37-N
John Marshall 24-N
Roger Bland 24-N
Mike Andrews 10-N
Mary Anne Butters 7-N
Steve Behr 7-N
Joshua Hayes 7-N
Megumi Otani 7-N
Karl Knuth 5-N
Benton Tackitt III 51-Q
Benton Tackitt IV 51-Q
Bob Farr 49-N
Pam Farr 43-N
Dave & Roberta DeBolt 41-Q
Dan & Ann Cook 40-Q
Richard & Janet Atkins 34-N
Jo Seymour 23-Q
Julie Partridge 12-Q
Deanie Joseph 12-Q
Bob Seymour 12-Q
AJ Seymour 7-N
Linda Lentz 6-N
Dave & Jeff Alexander 5-N
Michael & Jenny McGraw 5-N
Turner Woodard 3-N
Tom Cancilla 3-N
John Ausbrooks 27-N
Terry & Jennifer Ireland 22-N
Alan Ausbrooks 19-N
Andrea Hutson 19-N
Paul Lazaro 19-N
Vicki Pope 19-N
Dave Smith 19-N
Jack & Carla Morris 18-N
Susan Ausbrooks 15-N
Steve Berenyi 12-N
Andrew Bratt & Terisa Lloyd 12-N
Susan Fleener 12-N
Harold Apple 12-N
Donna & Bob Dennison 12-N
Nicole Bosier 12-N
Bob & Pat Bartley 12-N
Martin Ausbrooks 12-N
Molly Butters 11-N
Yngvar Brynildssen 9-N
Karen Collins 9-N
David & Ellen Johnson 9-N
John & Alice Curry 9-N
Ray Fini 9-N
Charlie Wormann 9-N
Steve Fernald, Jr. 7-N
Clint & Rachel Sigler 6-N
Taylor Woodard 6-N
Nan Ruby 6-N
Arpad Pataki 5-N
Laszlo Tikk 5-N
Floyd & Lana Ireland 5-N
David Markland 5-N
Carolyn Goelz 4-N
KaAnne Morris 4-N
Jim & Cheryl Schneider 4-N
Ryanne Hofheinz 4-N
Tess & Jennifer Ireland 3-N
Carlos E. & Carlos R. Santos 1-N
Tim Young 1-N
Dina Hinshaw 1-N
Jonathon & Ginger Santos 1-N
David & Terri Stacy 1-N
Mike & Penny Andrews 1-N

Racing Points

AS OF 11-06-2000

Knell, S Alan 66
Hart, David B 63
Edwards, Renee 58
Campbell, William J 57
Thomas, Dave 52
Johnson, Ralph 37
Shire, Bruce E 36
Parker, Gary 29
Brynildssen, Yngvar 26
Lefebvre, Larry 26
Bleke, David 24
Porter, Ralph A 24
Duncan, Brian 23
Hanson, Julie Anne 22
Landon, Mike 20
Jennings, Lloyd 19
Leeke, Craig 19
Pfeffer, Robert 19
Maynard, Mark 18
Reineck, Paul 18
Hogue, Mark 16
Reisert, John Mark 16
Schuman, Brian 16
House, Larry 15
Hylton, Peter 14
Neylon, Michael 14
Commer, Stu 13
Hasselbrinck, Fred 12
Shadoan, Jay C. 12
Trammell, Rhonda 12
White, Warren D 12
Chitwood, Matt 11
Pfauser, Paul 11
Todd, Deane 11
Garrett, Terrence 9
Jeffers, Scott 9
Katko, Ricke 9
Leeper, Jonathan 9
Mc Namara, Pete 9
Van Vlymen, Steve 9
Hunt, Robert A. 7
Hylton, Cindy 6
Bearden, Michael 5
Castelluccio, Jan Clark 4
Dalton, Ray 4
Baugh, Jason 3
Garrett, Steve 3
Rude, Darold 2
Holeman, Paul 1

by Dave De Bolt

Our new members for the month of September are:
Catherine L. Beadle, 345 Abbedale Ct., Carmel, IN 46032, 317-571-8794
Michael S. Davis, Lynn L. Davis, 15117 Goodtime Ct., Carmel, IN 46032, 317-843-2888
Ande Possman, 2203 Winton Ave., Speedway, IN 46224, 317-244-7914
Randall S. Conn, 7939 Midlothian Way, Indianapolis, IN 46214, 317-486-0165
Darryl L. Haeg, 9068 W. 300 S, Russiaville, IN 46979, 765-883-8470
Robert A. Wagner, 5383 E. CR 750N, Pittsboro, IN 46167, 317-892-5209

Congratulations and welcome! If you see or meet these people at one of our events, please stop and welcome them to our club. If you have any questions concerning your membership, please call. Let me hear from you.

NOTE: Members, don’t forget to circle your calendar for the December 9th date and make reservations to attend our annual meeting and awards banquet to be held at the Brickyard Crossing Resort. In addition to our regular festivities, we will be honoring those members who reached milestone anniversary dates with the club in the year 2000 of 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years. Please attend and help us honor these individuals. See you!


Dave Hart 9, 9, 9, 6   9, 6, 6, 4 58
Alan Ausbrooks   9, 4 9, 9 31
Dave DeBolt   6, 6, 3, 3 6, 6 30
Yngvar Brynildssen 9, 4, 4 6   23


Racing Tire Services: Looking for people interested in the open wheel racing field who can travel. Tire mounting/warehouse duties. No experience necessary; we will train. Year round employment. Immediate openings. Full benefits. Call 317-890-4500. (12/00)