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AIM signs on as Solo Sponsor for 2001

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Activity Meeting at PRP Speed Shops on February 24th

Rally School on February 11th & Winter Morganland Rally on February 25th

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Points Rules for 2001




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5023 TC Steele Lane, Carmel, IN  46033

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1090 Hornaday Rd., Brownsburg, IN  46112

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Steve Linn

7534 Augusta Court, Indianapolis, IN  46268

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Chris McGuire

11090 Lake Run Drive, Fishers, IN 46038

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7811 Ashton Place, Fishers, IN  46038

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TREASURER – Cathy Hart

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Chuck Hanson

PO Box 1447, Indianapolis, IN  46206-1447





222 Yorkshire Blvd. W., Cumberland, IN  46229

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Jan Castelluccio

9115 Trinity Place, Indianapolis, IN  46229

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INDY REGION VOICE MAIL:................. 317-329-8888


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SOLO INFO SITES:.....................





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Clutch Chatter  Contents

RE News........................................................................ 1

December Board.......................................................... 1

January Board............................................................... 1

Director’s Desk............................................................. 2

Annual Awards.............................................................. 3

Rally Report................................................................... 4

Rally Schedule............................................................... 4

February Activity: It’s Dyno Time!................................ 5

Solo Report.................................................................... 6

Solo Schedule............................................................... 6

Membership Report...................................................... 7

Solo is: Vestigia............................................................ 8

Spare Parts................................................................... 9

Classifieds..................................................................... 9

2001 Indy Region Points Rules................................. 10

2001 CenDiv Racing Schedule................................. 13


RE News                                                                                         by Mark Badgley

As I promised in December, we indeed do have a new Clutch Chatter Editor. Matt Curry has volunteered to take over the Award Winning newsletter of the Indianapolis Region.  Please join with me in support of Matt and his efforts in the coming year.

The board is definitely taking on a new look in the year 2001. Dave Hart has taken on the role of Assistant Regional Executive; Matt Curry has also taken on the role of Secretary. Steve Linn has taken on the role of Solo Chairman with Chris McGuire in the support role, but we do have some returning members. Cathy Hart is remaining as the Treasurer, Dave DeBolt is still the Membership Chairman, Chuck Hanson is continuing his role as Rally Chairman and finally Darlene Badgley is going to continue in her role as the Activity Chairperson.

Now that we have chosen our leaders, what can we expect in the year 2001? The goals for the next year are as follows:

·         Continue to define the future of the region through long term planning.

·         Continue a strong Rally Program through the development of the local program and to become more involved in the National Series.

·         Continue to develop the local Solo Program, become a player in the Division and to update the timing equipment.

·         Investigate the possibility of a Speed Freakz Program.

·         Revise the structure and focus of the Road Racing program through the new Road Racing Planning Committee. This committee will define the structure of the program as well as help to develop some new workers.

·         Get a handle on our overhead expenses and to budget accordingly.

·         Finally, to have every program continue to be first class in its ability to provide a place for our members to enjoy their membership.

This may sound easy, right! I really believe that we have made the commitment to these goals, and I look forward to being able to tell you in one year that we have accomplished our goals.

See you all somewhere

December ‘00 Board Meeting Highlights                                          by Matt Curry

This is a summary of the Indy Region Board of Directors meeting held on December 21, 2000.  If you have any questions about the region’s affairs, please attend the next meeting or contact any officer or board member.

Treasurer’s Report.  Cathy Hart provided final report for 2000; accepted and seconded.  Discussed cost of accountant services, history.

Clutch Chatter.  Matt Curry appointed as editor. Discussed plans; will do combined Jan/Feb issue.

Activities Report.  Darlene Badgley led discussion regarding 2000 awards banquet and planning for 2001 banquet; will be working on ’01 budget and location.  Planning stages for activities in early ’01 (mentioned: Thunder in the Dome, Ice game, Panther Racing).

Rally Report.  Chuck Hanson reported that the committee for the November Divisional rally is up and running; event details were outlined.  The ’01 schedule was presented.  Rally rules changes were approved.

Solo Report.  Steve Linn and Chris McGuire reported that they’re working on the ’01 schedule and budget for January board.  Changes and some objectives for Solo program were outlined.  Working on series sponsors.  Discussed Cendiv series schedule.

Race Committee Report.  Dave Hart reported that the Race Committee will meet early January.  Discussed options for using transponders.  Attempt to present budget at January board meeting.

Region Website.  Dave Hart will pick this up with help from Jason Baugh. Baugh reported that an Indy Region e-mail group has been created. 

Board appointed three at-large members for 2001: Steve Linn, Chris McGuire and Chuck Hanson.

Next board meeting was scheduled for January 18 at 6 pm at Union Jack Pub, Indianapolis.

January ‘01 Board Meeting Highlights                                              by Matt Curry

This is a summary of the Indy Region Board of Directors meeting held on January 18, 2001.  If you have any questions about the region’s affairs, please attend the next meeting or contact any officer or board member.

Budget proposals were submitted for Membership, Activities, Rally, and Solo.  Board will consider for approval next month when all budgets are available.

Treasurer’s Report.  Cathy Hart provided Cash Flow report thru 1/17/01.

Clutch Chatter. Continue to research some options.  Plan to submit budget proposal next month.

Membership.  Dave DeBolt reported membership at 582. Board voted not to fund booth at World of Wheels.  Speed Freakz info presented; board approved pursuing an annual award.  Looking into a by-request, electronic membership directory.

Activities Report.  Darlene Badgley led discussion of budget and planning for 2001 banquet; reservation set with Brickyard Crossing on 12/1/01. Jason Baugh presented plans for shop tour at PRP Speed Shops on 2/24.

Rally Report.  Chuck Hanson reported plans to attract marque clubs (e.g., MG, Triumph, Porsche) via new classes for historics; awards rules were approved.  Holiday Inn Cloverdale is set for Divisional Rally HQ.  Chuck is targeting 15 entries per event for ’01 (up from 13.2).  A discount will be offered to rally school participants for the subsequent rally event. 

Solo Report.  Steve Linn and Chris McGuire presented their schedule and rules for ‘01.  Discussed new site prospects.  AIM came on board as series sponsor with other possibilities. 

Race Committee Report.  Dave Hart reviewed plans related to budget, including entry fees and expense control; plan to submit budget proposal next month.  Awards/points rules were approved.  Transponders will not be used this year.

Other Awards.  Dave DeBolt will serve as pointskeeper for the Involved Member awards; the timeframe for scoring points was extended to 1/1 to 11/15.  Competitor of the year was discussed but no changes were made; a pointskeeper will be appointed later.

Next board meeting was scheduled for February 15 at 6 pm at Union Jack Pub, Indianapolis.

From the Director’s Desk                                                                  by SCCA Area 4 Director Pete Hylton

December 11, 2000 - I just returned from the December BoD meeting.  In this case I’m not sure whether that stands for Board of Directors or Blizzard of Distress.  However, while waiting for the coldest, snowiest snap in years to crash down upon Denver, we actually got some serious business done. 

Promoting SCCA.  First off I want to say that I am becoming more and more impressed with the approach our new CEO, Steve Johnson is taking to his new job.  I have said throughout my tenure on the BoD that we have never shown the ability to promote ourselves properly.  In the time that he has been here, Steve has signed a deal with Fram to be the official filter of SCCA and should be announcing similar arrangements in the fuel, muffler, and brake arena.  Now I know some of you are going to throw up your arms in protest of the fact that we are “selling” the SCCA.  Well, frankly we need this kind of exposure. It also does not mean that we are requiring competitors to use a spec filter, fuel, or anything else.  Think about the Olympics that we just finished watching on TV.  Didn’t you notice how many “official products” there were.  This is an example of a symbiotic relationship where the two organizations promote each other to mutual benefit.  It is something we can benefit from immensely.

Possible Sale of SCCA Enterprises.  During the years I have been on the BoD I have seen an interesting turn of opinions by the membership on the subject of SCCA Enterprises.  During my previous term in the early 1990’s, I was besieged with letters from members who believed that we should never have gotten into the racecar business.  The BoD was urged at that time to sell Enterprises (although being $1.4 Million in debt at the time made that virtually impossible) or simply lock the doors and turn the class loose to manage itself.  Now that Enterprises is turning a modest profit and slowly paying back the debt, it is a viable candidate for a possible divestiture.  Selling Enterprises would bring a large piece of the lost money back into the club.  I believe a sale would bring more money to the club than continued operation could ever bring.  Remember, this is a very volatile market to be in, and a razor thin profit can turn to a significant loss in a heartbeat, prompted by any number of changes that could occur in the economy.  Therefore I supported the position that we should consider selling Enterprises under a contractual and licensing agreement that protected our members and continued to give us control over the rules.  When it came to a vote at this meeting, I voted to place Enterprises up for sale.  However, the majority of the BoD voted to keep Enterprises.  Therefore it will not be sold.

…while waiting for the coldest, snowiest snap in years to crash down upon Denver, we actually got some serious business done…

Convention 2001.  The National Staff rolled out their plans for the SCCA Convention February 1-4, 2001.  It appears to be the busiest, most informative, and most entertaining convention in a number of years.  I urge all of you to consider attending this event.  And I strongly urge all regions to send at least one representative …..more if possible, because there will be a lot going on.  Check SportsCar or the RE  Newsletter for the list of seminars and events.

Solo II Rules.  Two major bits of news regarding the Solo rules.  First off, the STS class, which has been optional  this past year, will be a National class next season.  This class offers an entry opportunity into our sport for the gaggles of tricked-up subcompacts that we see buzzing around the street all the time nowadays.  On a second note, the major overhaul of the stock category which had been talked about has been put on hold.  Only a handful of car reclassifications will take place instead.

Club Racing.  By now hopefully everyone has heard that the Runoffs are moving two weeks earlier next year.  This was done primarily due to rescheduling of the US Grand Prix.  However, after the weather of last year’s event, two weeks earlier doesn’t sound like a bad idea.  The Club Racing Department has formulated plans of how they will deal with the move without changing the end of the regular National Racing season.  It will be a challenge, but they are preparing for it.  The event did gain increased exposure this year, not the least of which was being listed in American Way magazine as one of their six worldwide special events for October.  After numerous requests, the Club Racing rulebooks will come this year with a read-only CD-ROM containing everything the printed book does.

Class Participation.  The BoD also reviewed the class participation numbers in National Racing.  H Production fell below the 3.5 car per race average in 2000 and therefore is on probation in 2001.  However, with a number of newly introduced limited-prep cars which the Comp Board has classified, there was a feeling that HP should be given a longer chance.  Toward that end the BoD opted to grant HP two years to achieve the required 3.5 average rather than the normal one year.  I was torn on this issue between following the rules as they have been published for several years, or going the extra mile to try to help the class grow. In the end, I suspect the morally correct decision was made.


7217 Creekwood Court, Pittsboro, IN 46167-9798

Phone:  317-892-6572


Fax:  317-892-4206

Web Site:





2001 Awards Banquet                                                                                                                                 

December 9, 2000 - Indianapolis Region SCCA hosted its Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet at Brickyard Crossing Resort.

The elections held no surprises as only one name was on the ballot for five of the six elected positions.  Officers returning are Mark Badgley, Regional Executive; Cathy Hart, Treasurer; Darlene Badgley, Activities Chairman; and Dave DeBolt, Membership Chairman.  Dave Hart steps into the Assistant RE position.  Matt Curry won the write-in ballot for Secretary.

Worker of the Year                     Darlene Badgley

Member of the Year                       Chuck Hanson

Rookie of the Year                                 Dave Hart

Competitor of the Year                          Dave Hart

Hergenroether Award                           Aaron Ellis

Among the non-elected posts, the most prominent change is that Cindy Hylton turned over her long-held position as Clutch Chatter editor.  The region thanked her for many years dedicated to producing a top rate newsletter.  Cindy will use some of that freed-up time to continue to support her daughter Aeron’s budding karting career.  Matt Curry takes over as editor of Clutch Chatter.

Outgoing officers were thanked for the time they invested in 2000.  Bob Burns, Secretary and an Indy Region icon, relocated and will be sorely missed. 

Rally Chairman Chuck Hanson presented ten regional class awards (see below).  Chuck also presented the award for Best New Rally to Rallymaster Dan Cook for Power to the People - Right On!.  Chuck took home the coveted John McGee Award for member of the year largely due to his outstanding efforts with the Rally program as the chairman for 2000.

Solo Chairman Dave Hart handed out hardware to 22 deserving Solo II recipients (see below).  Dave also took the occasion to pass along the Solo program torch to Steve Linn and Chris McGuire who will co-chair for 2001.

The Appreciation Award went to Dave Garner and Hoosier Tire Midwest.  Representative of their Indy Region involvement was the donation of one of the coveted door prizes – a set of Hoosier racing tires.

Involved Member Awards went to Cathy Hart, Mark Badgley, Jay Quinn, Jeannie Spellman, Dave DeBolt, Ken Osiecki, Dave Hart, Cindy Hylton, Darlene Badgley, and Deb Osiecki.

RE Mark Badgley took great pleasure in presenting the Worker of the Year award to his wife Darlene Badgley.  Without doubt Darlene was the most surprised award recipient of the evening.

Membership Chairman Dave DeBolt presented pins to members celebrating 45, 40, 35, 30, 25 and 20 year anniversaries with SCCA.  Several of the award recipients took the opportunity to reflect on their many fond years and varied involvement with the club.  (See membership report for list of award recipients).

Terrence Garrett presented a slew of racing trophies and a stirring tribute to Indy Region racing legend Bruce May who passed away last year.

Regional Racing awards went to Alan Knell, overall champ, Dave Hart, second, Renee Edwards, third, Bill Campbell, fourth, and Rick Katko, fifth.

Cendiv Series racing awards went to 13 Indy Region races in both National and Regional competition, including first place hardware for Thomas Edwards, John Larue, Alan Knell, Bill Campbell and Rick Katko.

Dave Hart scored a rare double by capturing Competitor of the Year and Rookie of the Year.  Dave launched a successful A Sedan campaign this year while in the meantime running and competing in the Solo program.  His success in AS locked up the Rookie award, and combined well with his competitive Solo outings to clinch the Competitor award by a wide margin.  Some remarked that Dave’s first priority for ’01 is finding a place for all of the hardware he lugged home.

Alan Knell enjoyed the honor of presenting the top racing designation, the Hergenroether Award, to his friend and 2000 F500 National Champion Aaron Ellis.  Those in attendance learned that Aaron must do most of his talking on the track via the loud pedal.  Aaron described some of the difficult challenges overcome to win at the Runoffs.  Fellow F500 competitor Tom Edwards applauded Aaron’s big win.

Indy Region Rally Award Winners

Class A

First Place

Jim Bredle

Class B

First Place

Frank & Candice Pope

Class C

First Place

E Benton Tackitt III

Class C

First Place

E Benton Tackitt IV

Class C

Second Place

Dave & Roberta DeBolt

Class C

Third Place

Dan & Ann Cook

Class N

First Place

John Ausbrooks


CENDIV Divisional Road Racing Award Winners



First Place

Thomas Edwards



Third Place

Aaron Ellis



First Place

John Larue



Second Place

Greg Buttrey



Second Place

Robert Syrico



Second Place

Dave Hart



First Place

Allen Knell



Fourth Place

Renee Edwards



Third Place

Ralph Johnson



First Place

Bill Campbell



Second Place

Jim Reisert



First Place

Rick Katko



Second Place

Dave Thomas

Indy Region Solo Award Winners

B Stock

First Place

Jay Hofacker

C Stock

First Place

Clemens Burger

C Stock

Second Place

Jeff Alexander

D Stock

First Place

Gustavo Hammerly

E Stock

First Place

Andrew Tipton

F Stock

First Place

David Johnson

G Stock

First Place

Harold Hammerly

H Stock

First Place

James Owens

A Street Prepared

First Place

Jack Tovey

D Street Prepared

First Place

Andrew Bratt

E Street Prepared

First Place

Paul Lazaro

A Prepared

First Place

Lee Miller

C Prepared

First Place

Paul Fox

D Prepared

First Place

Richard Atkins

D Modified

First Place

Phil Wehman

Street Touring S

First Place

Steve Linn

Street Touring S

Second Place

Chris McGuire

Street Touring R

First Place

Alan Ausbrooks

Senior Kart

First Place

Dave Hart


First Place

Tiffany Howey

Street Tire

First Place

Dennis Dunkman

Street Tire

Second Place

Corey White

Rally Report                                                                                                                                by Chuck Hanson

The year 2000 was one of significant progress for the Indianapolis Region Rally program.  We increased the number of events to eight and reached a peak participation of 27 teams for the Wasatch Lake event in July.  We had three new event chairs for the season.  Dan Cook, Jim Bredle, and myself ventured out of region to try our hands at some Divisional and National level events.  We didn’t embarrass the region.

Plans for the year 2001 are even more ambitious.  We are planning to run a ten event series for the region, although we still need confirmations of event chairs for two of the events.  In addition we have sought and received a listing to host a Divisional event in November.  Frank Pope, Ken Osiecki, Steve Phillips, and Vic Brunamonti are developing the course and Candi Pope has volunteered to serve as registrar.  We will be needing a minimum of eight control crews for this event.  We would like to have two to four people per crew.  For the record, you will have the opportunity to run the Divisional.  We are going to run three local pre-checks in Sept., Oct., and Nov. so that you discover that Divisionals are a step up in duration, but not in difficulty.

As we have done for the last two seasons, we are going to start the season with a Rally School.  We are going to focus on what we call “seat of the pants” navigation (no calculations whatever), and simple Class C navigation.  Jim Bredle has developed a relatively simple tour event that we will present two weeks after the school where you will have an opportunity to try out your new skills.

In another outreach to the automotive community, we are going to initiate a historic class where you can run your 25 years old or older cars.  We will be taking extra effort to make sure that the roads are appropriate.  Many of the participants of the Marque Clubs around central Indiana actually developed their interest in sports cars by driving rallies.  We want them back, so if any of you have contacts, pass the word.


February 11, 2001


2302 S. Shelby Street (west side of street, 1-1/2 blocks south of Raymond Street and just west of I-65) Please park on the west or south side of the building.


PRE-REGISTRATION:    Pre-registering for this event would be appreciated in order that I may plan for the refreshments more effectively.  Call Chuck Hanson at 317-780-9007 and leave a message.  You may register the day of the event from Noon to 1:00 PM.


SCHEDULE:            Registration: 12:00 - 1:00 PM

                        Class:               1:00 PM

                        Break:              2:15 PM

                        Class:               2:45 PM

                        Review:            4:00 PM


COST:           $10 per team, member or non-member to cover drinks and munchies.  Special deal for beginners.  Regular rally entries are $15 members and $20 non-members.  Register for either the February 25 or March 24 rally at the school and get a $5 discount for the combined school/rally.


NOTE:           Attendees are requested to bring their own folding chairs.


Smoking is prohibited!



Sunday, February 11, Noon

Rally School

Chuck Hanson

2302 S Shelby St., Indy

Sunday, February 25, Noon

Winter Morganland Rally (Tour)

Jim Bredle

2302 S Shelby St., Indy

Saturday, March 24

Tackitt’s Red Herring

Ben Tackitt III & IV


April 28/29

A Little History of Shelby County



Saturday, May 12

Tour Rally



Saturday, June 16

Tour to Metamora


Sam’s, E. Washington St, Indy

July 21/22

Monte Carlo Tour

J. Cates & C. George


August 25/26

Tour Rally



September 15/16

Pre-Check I



October 13/14

Pre-Check II

Steve Phillips


November 3/ 4

Pre-Check III



Saturday, November 24

La Rallye Variform Divisional Tour




Phillips and Gilbert Third in Cendiv Rally for 2000

Indy Region’s Steve Phillips, Paul Gilbert and “the trusty SAAB” enjoyed a busy and good year in the 2000 Cendiv Rally championship.  In this their third year competing in divisional events, they entered seven of the nine Cendiv rallies, running in the Limited class.  They had a good year with two wins, two second place finishes, some thirds and no DNFs.  As the final points tallies were added up, they were only six points out of first place  (50-44) in third behind the tandem of Jim Fekete and Jim Shaffer from Detroit Region.

Phillips reported “The trusty SAAB ran 1,826 rally miles with about 4,200 transit miles (some on a trailer) to and from events.  Lots of great events and good people all around, and many of these teams will be coming to Indiana next November for our divisional rally.”

Three other Indy Region rallyists scored points in Y2K Cendiv rally events.  Chuck Hanson, Jim Bredle and Dan Cook all scored points during the year in the Stock class.



February 25, 2001


2302 S. Shelby Street (west side of street, 1-1/2 blocks south of Raymond Street and just west of I-65) Please park on the west or south side of the building.


SCHEDULE:            Registration:                  12:00 - 1:00 PM

                        Drivers Meeting:           12:45PM

                        First Car Starts:            1:01 PM

                        First Car Finishes:         4:15 PM

                        Awards:                       5:00 PM


COST:           $15 members               $20 non-members


For further information, call (317) 780 - 9007 and leave a message (I travel a lot).



IT'S DYNO TIME!                                                           Activity Day at PRP Speed Shops

Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 24th.  PRP Speed Shops in Bainbridge, Indiana has graciously opened their doors to host Indy Region's first membership activity day of the 2001 season. This event is open to all current SCCA members and their guests.


Who:       Indy Region SCCA members & guests

What:      Indy Region Activity Day

When:     Saturday, February 24th,

                 Noon - ??

Where:    PRP Speed Shops,

                 310 W. Hwy. 36, Bainbridge, IN, 765.522.5318,

PRP is a full-service raceshop located approximately 30 miles west of Indianapolis (I-465) on US 36.  They sell many types of performance racecar products and offer complete engine building and machine shop services.  PRP also handles complete chassis set-up and has three dynos (chassis, engine and motorcycle).


The day's activities include a tour of the facility and full access to the chassis dyno, motorcycle dyno and scales for chassis weight and set-up.  It's free to attend and only $20 per dyno run!  This includes a free, complete weigh-in on the scales.  Additionally, the chassis set-up scales are available separately for $20, if you want to spend time balancing your racecar.  You will get a printout from everything.


Festivities begin at noon and will go until everyone gets at least one run on the chassis dyno.  More runs will be available, depending on availability and time.  The only restrictions on the dyno are: no karts or 4 wheel drive vehicles.


You can either drive directly to the shop, or travel with the caravan that will meet in the northeast corner of the Meijer parking lot in Avon, located at the corner of US Hwy. 36 and Raceway Road.  We will depart from Meijer at 11:45 AM sharp.


Please RSVP Jason Baugh (317.858.6344, or, so we know how many to expect.

Solo Report                                                                                                              by Steve Linn & Chris McGuire

We start off the new year with great news – we are excited and pleased to announce that Advanced Import Motorsports has joined us as a sponsor for the Indianapolis Region Solo II program.  You’ll be hearing more about their involvement in the near future but for now check out their website at or see their advertisement in this issue of Clutch Chatter.

Those familiar with Indy Region Solo II will probably recognize Steve Linn’s STS Nissan Sentra SE-R.  Steve and fellow STS competitor Chris McGuire take over as Solo Chairman for 2001.

The second order of business for the 2001 season is introductions - Steve Linn and Chris McGuire are your new Co-Chairman for the Solo II program.  Dave and Kathy Hart will still be around to guide us (we know where they live) but they’re going to concentrate on road racing their AS Camaro.  Our main goal for this year is simply to try and maintain the program at the high level that Kathy and Dave have achieved.


The 2001 Indy Region Solo II rules are included in this issue of Clutch Chatter (essentially unchanged from 2000).  One major change to the classes is the elimination of the Street Tire class that we ran as an experiment last year.  We are planning to continue with both a Novice program and Kart classes, with the Karts again being offered on an event-by-event basis determined by the evaluation of site safety issues and participation.

We have completed our schedule for 2001 as well.  In an attempt to avoid major holidays such as Mother’s Day or the Indy 500, and conflicts with CENDIV and National events, we’ve decided to try something new this year – Saturday events.  We welcome any feedback concerning our plans to run a couple of Saturday events this year.

Other items of note for the upcoming season:

Helmets rated M85/S85 are no longer eligible as the SCCA has now adopted the new 2000 standard.  Only helmets rated M90/S90, M95/S95, or M00/S00 are approved for Solo II competition.

We would like to add at least one new event site this season to reduce our reliance on the two that we currently use.  As always, please be on the lookout for any possible locations that would meet our needs.  If you have any ideas please contact Steve or Chris via phone or e-mail (try out the new e-groups!).

We again are going to have “specialty chiefs” for all the important disciplines.  This means that we are looking for volunteers to be chiefs over Course Design & Setup, Grid, Workers, Tech Inspection, Toilets (who says this isn’t glamorous!), etc.  If you would like to volunteer for any of these areas (as some of you already have), again please contact us.

We currently do not have any means of transporting the Solo trailer.  Chris’ Rabbit did not come with a towing package so we need volunteers (Class2 hitch required) that would be willing to tow the trailer to and from events (one, two or even the whole season).  This will definitely qualify your points for the season!

Again, feel free to contact us about sites, specialty chiefs, sites, or anything else (no politics or religion, please).  Hope to see everyone at the Test & Tune!                                 Steve 317-297-4814                     

Chris McGuire 317-577-2518

2001 Indianapolis Region Solo II Schedule




April 7 (Saturday)


16th St.  (Test & Tune)

April 29 (Sunday)


16th St. Speedway

May 19 (Sat)


Anderson GM Plant 3

June 5 (Tue)


Speedrome Australian Pursuit

June 24 (Sun)


16th St. Speedway

July 15 (Sun)


Anderson GM Plant 3

July 29 (Sun)


16th St. Speedway

Aug 9 (Sun)


Anderson GM Plant 3

Sept 23 (Sun)




Other Solo Events

May 5-6


Grissom AFB, Peru, IN

June 2-3


Grissom AFB, Peru, IN

June 16-17


Rantoul, IL

Jun 30-Jul 1

National Tour

Grissom AFB, Peru, IN

Jul 8



Jul 21-22


Milwaukee, WI

Aug 11-12

Divisional Championship

Grissom AFB, Peru, IN

Aug 18-19


Grissom AFB, Peru, IN

Aug 25-26


Oscodo, MI

Sep 2


Perrysburg, OH

Oct 20-21


Lexington, KY

Membership Report                                                                                                                   by Dave DeBolt

New members for October and November are:

Allen Glendenning

1709 N. Lindsay St.

Kokomo, IN 46901



Vanina Ickx

5106 West 79th. St.

Indianapolis, IN 46268


Steven D. Edenfield

504 E. Marshall

Tolono, IL. 61880


Richard Myers

8902 Lincoln Creek Circle

Indianapolis, IN 46234



Wade Parish

P.O. Box 391

Greenfield, IN 46140




New member for the months of October and November via transfers are:

from Ft Wayne Region:

Michael Crawford

311 Pokagon Drive

Carmel, IN 46032

from Ohio Valley Region:

James J. Stepan

3080 Maqua Court

Carmel, IN 46033

Congratulations and welcome!  If you see or meet these people at one of our events, please stop and welcome them to our club.

For those of you wanting to or needing to contact the SCCA national office in Denver, you now may use a toll free phone number to do so. The number is: 1-800-770-2055

Also, the Indianapolis Region is in the initial planning stages of formulating a program to support the National "Speed Freakz" program. Any input from current "Speed Freakz" members or any member(s) on how this program should be set up or what its content should include would be greatly appreciated. Let me hear from you.

I mentioned in my last article that we were going to honor some of our region members for their years of membership with the S.C.C.A. at our annual meeting and awards banquet. We did, indeed, honor 14 Indianapolis Region members who had attained milestone anniversary dates of 20, 25, 30, 40, and 45 years membership with the club in the past twelve months at our banquet on December 9th. Following is a list of the members who were so honored:


45 YEARS:  

Gerry Mason              Marco Island, Florida     December, 2000

Carl Merkel               Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio              April, 2000


40 YEARS:       

D. R. Dunford            West Lafayette, Indiana           April, 2000


30 YEARS:  

Joe Claudy               New Whiteland, Indiana           May, 2000

John Osborn                 Lafayette, Indiana               June, 2000



Doug Hill                     Indianapolis, Indiana     December, 1999

Peter Hylton                  Pittsboro, Indiana           January, 2000

Richard Lankford         Indianapolis, Indiana             June, 2000

Timothy Selby              Jonesboro, Indiana           August, 2000


20 YEARS:       

John Best                     Anderson, Indiana               April, 2000

William Field               San Antonio, Texas         January, 2000

Cindy Hylton                 Pittsboro, Indiana       December, 1999

Horst Muehlbronner         Indnpls, Indiana            October, 2000

Jack Tovey                  Greenwood, Indiana        February, 2000


We also had a number of members who reached lengths of membership of 15, 10, and 5 years during the past twelve months. They are:



Dale R, Andrew           Indianapolis, Indiana             June, 2000

John W. Bender            Blmngton, Indiana         February, 2000

Rob Bohn                    Noblesville, Indiana              April, 2000

Fred E. Edwards, Jr.      Sturgis, Michigan               April, 2000

Jackie Garrett             Indianapolis, Indiana             April, 2000

Julie Anne Hanson       Belleville, Michigan            March, 2000

S. Alan Knell                Champaign, Illinois        February, 2000

David M. Loar                Zionsville, Indiana      September, 2000

Paul Bryan Schafer         Fishers, Indiana             August, 2000

John Scherer               Indianapolis, Indiana           March, 2000

Ronald A. Weir            Roachdale, Indiana            March, 2000

Turner J.R. Woodard       Indnpls, Indiana           February, 2000



Susan Collins Adams       Holt, Michigan                  April, 2000

Kerry Alexander          Indianapolis, Indiana             Sept, 2000

Scotty Campbell           Anderson, Indiana               June, 2000

Danielle Ham              Indianapolis, Indiana     December, 2000

David R. Ham              Indianapolis, Indiana     December, 2000

Dena L. Henricks           Highland, Illinois                 May, 2000

Lucas Emerson Henricks  Highland, Illinois              May, 2000

Donald E. Hinkle         Indianapolis, Indiana          August, 2000

Christian Hogue            Greenfield, Indiana                Nov, 2000

Theresa Hogue             Greenfield, Indiana       November, 2000

Christopher M. Jackson  Highland, Illinois                 May, 2000

Charles E. Kapper       Indianapolis, Indiana              Dec, 2000

John R. Kissling          Indianapolis, Indiana       February, 2000

Thomas M. Miller          Blmngton, Indiana             March, 2000

David L. Sedam Jr.      Indianapolis, Indiana              May, 2000

Janet K. Whikehart           Findlay, Ohio                  June, 2000



Steve Alexander          Indianapolis, Indiana               Nov, 2000

Jason E. Baugh           Brownsburg, Indiana              July, 2000

Mike Colliver               Indianapolis, Indiana        October, 2000

John G. Connell          Bloomington, Indiana              July, 2000

Jose Alberto Dominguez  Danville, Indiana               June, 2000

Ritch Hanna                Indianapolis, Indiana          August, 2000

Robert A. Hinton          Indianapolis, Indiana              Feb, 2000

William Holland              Carmel, Indiana            January, 2000

Ralph Johnson             Noblesville, Indiana               July, 2000

Charles D. "Pete" McNamara  Greenwood, Indiana    Aug, 2000

Roger Mull                 W. Lafayette, Indiana             July, 2000

Nancy Pfeffer                   Avon, Indiana                   July, 2000

Robert E. Pfeffer               Avon, Indiana                   July, 2000

Barbara Schopp              Carmel, Indiana            January, 2000

James G. Schopp           Carmel, Indiana            January, 2000

James Michael Schopp   Carmel, Indiana            January, 2000

Kathryn Schopp              Carmel, Indiana            January, 2000

Randall Schwoerer       Indianapolis, Indiana             April, 2000

Jo Maureen Seymour   Indianapolis, Indiana              Aug, 2000

Robert P. Seymour      Indianapolis, Indiana          August, 2000

J. M. Willoughby         Indianapolis, Indiana              Feb, 2000

Linda Wink                   Evansville, Indiana          January, 2000

Scott Wink                   Evansville, Indiana          January, 2000

Solo is: Vestigia                                                                                                                  by Warren LeVeque

     Vestiges are traces of some past thing that is not needed or used today but is still evident. Examples with people are appendixes, tail bones, excessive or facial hair, canine teeth, etc. which evolution hasn’t totally eliminated.

   In automobiles, in this “retro age” vestiges are many. Let’s think back to a “standard” car in the thirties. I’ll chose a typical family sedan like a 1932 Model A Ford two door sedan. This is what car magazines today would call a two box sedan; a front box for the engine and a larger rear box for the passengers. Trunks were added later in automobile design (literally hung onto the back) until three box designs evolved.

   This typical form follows function (and carriages) design was most common. It had “clam shell” completely external fenders. It had running boards to assist entry into the necessarily high ground clearance car. It had an externally mounted spare tire for greater interior room. It had beam front and rear axles with leaf springs for ruggedness and simplicity. This car was available with either an inline or V8 engine. Since aerodynamics was of little concern at 30 mph, an efficient vertical grill and radiator and vertical flat windshield were used and the rear passengers sat above the rear axle for space efficiency.

   As paved roads came into being, the cars could be less like trucks. Decreased ground clearance allowed the disappearance of running boards. Designers did this slowly by recessing the running boards into the body. This was evident in the 40s by vestigial lumps where the running boards would have been. The body was widened to make use of this space. The robust fenders became somewhat integrated into the body work and started to look like torpedoes (a W.W.II influence).

   Fastback designs also appeared. Some cars (Studebaker) designed the entire car in the “torpedo” manner. Studebaker pulled the cooling air from under the bumper and totally eliminated the “radiator” look. Studebaker later became influenced by Mercedes and reinstated a vertical dummy vestigial grill radiator on their cars. The largest and boldest modern design step was undertaken in 1949 by Kaiser and Ford with totally “envelope” bodies. These cars were totally slab sided 3 box cars with no vestigial fenders or running boards.

   As roads evolved into interstate highways, the cars evolved also. Seventy mph speeds caused interest in aerodynamics. Higher speeds also caused interest in cornering ability and handling. Better handling required lower cars with better centers of gravity. This was accomplished by lengthening the wheelbase so that the passenger compartment could be lowered between the axles (Hudson step down design); with no more setting over the rear axles. The ride comfort also greatly increased. Developments like good riding and handling front and rear independent suspensions were possible since ruggedness and ground clearance were not as necessary.  The lower cars achieved more interior room by removing the transmission tunnel by utilizing either front wheel drive (Toronado) or rear mounted engines (Corvair and Tucker). The economic boom years produced finned behemoths with huge gas guzzling engines and 2 1/2 ton cars and large station wagons but with futuristic design. This era also had the Muscle cars with purposefully macho styling (functional intake scoops and air exit louvers and power bulges)

    The gas crisis years caused more development of efficient high mileage, light,  aerodynamic cars. The efficiency in packaging produced compact station wagons and hatch backs. The mini vans of Volkswagen, Corvair, and Chrysler were the epitome of efficiency in packaging and aerodynamics. The minivans became smooth rain drop or egg shaped one box designs.

    World War II also spawned interest in off road utility vehicles. Jeep introduced the CJ 7 as  a virtual clone of the war jeep. This car is still available today as the Renegade. This Jeep with the optional hardtop is also (other than the 4 wheel drive, which isn’t mandatory) a clone of a 1932 Model A two door sedan. In other words: 100% vestigial. It has: clam shell fenders, beam axles, leaf springs, running boards, external spare, vertical radiator grill, vertical flat windshield, and seating over the rear axle.

   Jeep introduced the first 4 wheel drive station wagons for more comfort -- Wagoneer. This and the International Travelall were arguably the first Sports Utility Vehicles.

   The Blizzards of 1978 and 1982, the Gulf War, Humvees, Arnold Swartzeneger, and who knows what else, brought about swarms of 4 wheel drive macho station wagons -- SUVs for persons who wouldn’t be caught dead in an efficient minivan.

    These “modern” SUV and Pickup truck vehicles had high centers of gravity, high ground clearance, running boards, external spare tires, flat grills and relatively flat windshields, transmission humps, beam axles, and for some reason vestigial fenders. The rear passengers again sit over the rear axles. They also have the gas mileage of the previous behemoths of the 50’s and 60’s.  As you would expect by the high center of gravity and the ability to get into more precarious positions, these vehicles are often seen on their tops in accidents.

   Sporty cars have developed air scoops, louvers, and power bulges -- often not even in the same end of the car as the power location.

   The latest craze car is the Plymouth PT Cruiser -- which I like by the way. The Cruiser in a reincarnation of a 40’s panel truck with vestigial grill, vestigial running boards , vestigial torpedo fenders, vestigial bumpers, and seating over the rear axle. This is a Mini van for macho men. Did I mention that I like it?

   Vestigial facial hair seem to be making a comeback also. 

Spare Parts                                                                                                                                                           

Editor’s Note – If just a couple of more people told me I was crazy for volunteering to take on Clutch Chatter, I probably would be writing this from a padded room.  Actually now that this first issue is almost together and I still feel a bit fired up, I think it will work out.  Certainly Cindy Hylton and her staff of ghost writers deserves many thanks for doing this for about 10 years!

For those of you who don’t know me, just a quick recap:  grew up in Tipton as a racing nutcase; joined SCCA as a kid but they wouldn’t let me do anything; jobs with lots of travel, married, 2 girls; started Solo in early 90’s (what took so long?) - got into that 100%; active with Mississippi Region as an officer and newsletter editor; figured out a way to go racing, ended up with an ITS Mazda RX-7 (now on my third) - build ‘em, drive ‘em, break ‘em & pay for ‘em; moved back to central Hoosierland in ’96; and now this.

I always welcome your input and suggestions.  Tell me what you’re doing, who you are, and what you want to hear about.  Photos & results are a plus, too.


Indy Region member Hugh Kluesner of Bedford, suffered a garage fire that resulted in serious damage to his green #2 G Prod Spitfire, Jaguar, Chevy dually tow vehicle, and the once wonderful garage itself.  The before and after photos are enough to bring tears to the eyes of any racer or car buff.  Hugh plans to rebuild both cars.  The GP racer will be restored to its racing appearance – but modified for street use (lights, etc.)  Hugh wrote “I have the racer, one Jag, two other Spitfires and two motorcycles to restore.  I figure that’s good for about 10 years of my retirement time.  Starting next spring I am rebuilding the garage and shop.”  Obviously Hugh stands behind the logo proudly displayed across the back of his car, SPITFIRES FOREVER!

2000 Mid-Ohio Regional Championship Results.  Indy region drivers starting at least four and finishing at least three races of the six race series were eligible for trophies:

Rick Katko             GT1        1st Place (T)

Robert Pfeffer          ITE        2nd Place (T)

John Reigert         F Vee            5th Place

Stu Coomer           SRF             5th Place

Don Munday          SRF           13th Place

Darold Rude           SRF           16th Place


Several regions in CenDiv will be rolling out the use of transponders in the 2001 Road Racing Season.  Details on which regions, events, and classes will be published as soon as they are finalized. 

Why transponders?  Utilize technology that will enhance our ability to produce accurate results and information more quickly.

Why now? To phase in the use of this technology in a manner that will not create unnecessary confusion and will allow the regions to provide the appropriate support and information to our drivers.

Transponders will be available in both a rechargeable battery version and a direct powered alternative, via sale and rental - (sale and direct powered are the preferred option).  Stay tuned for additional info.


It’s a bit too soon to tell how the forthcoming new Nissan Z car will fare in SCCA Solo and Club Racing venues.  Until 2003 we’ll just have to acknowledge its heritage and fast looks!


Jason Baugh has set up an e-mail group for Indy Region.  See page 2 for details.  Jason’s involved in things where media and racing converge including working ALMS race coverage, starting and running his own ITS effort in Mazda RX-7 #99.


Bob Burns recently relocated to Kentucky and reports things are going okay.  “I'm settling into my job and my new surroundings. Coming from the flatlands of Central Indiana, the hardest thing for me to get used to is the terrain. It's not flat!”  As expected, Bob’s also getting involved with Central Kentucky region.  Expect to see Bob stewarding this year at IRP and Mid-Ohio races.  Or you may hear from him as an alternate on the Club Racing Court of Appeals!


Classifieds are offered as a free service to Indy Region members.  Please submit to Matt Curry (contact info on page 2).


Racing Tire Services:    Looking for people interested in the open wheel racing field who can travel.  Tire mounting/warehouse duties.  No experience necessary; we will train.  Year round employment.  Immediate openings.  Full benefits.  Call 317-890-4500.  (12/00)


1988 Mazda RX-7.  California car with blown engine.  No rust.  Good condition.  $500 or best offer.  Call Jerry Thompson at (317)466-1696.


1971 Datsun 240Z SCCA/ISCCA race car.  Engine blue printed @ 40 over, many extras, ready to race.  Asking $6500.00 OBO.  Call (765) 522-5275 after 5:00pm ask for Denny.  I have 5 sheets of history and modifications completed on the car.


ITA Chevrolet Monza, V6 engine blown up.  Sell as a roller with spares.  Spares include most parts to build an engine.  Car was raced in CenDiv for 5 years.  Never Bent.  Install an engine and head for the track!  $2200.00.  Call David Barnard 765-675-3806 or EMail:


2001 Indy Region Points Rules                                                                                                                  




Purpose:  To recognize the maximum number of Indianapolis Region of Record members by presenting year-end racing awards.

The awards and their criteria are as follows:

1.   The Hergenroether Award is the premier road racing award in Indianapolis Region.  It shall be presented to the outstanding competition driver on the basis of attitude, sportsmanship, and competitiveness as selected by previous recipients of this award.

2.   The Rookie of the Year Award will be presented to the competitor accumulating the highest total points, awarded per GCR, for the best six finishes in regional and/or national events counting for Indianapolis Region points as defined in Rules 3 and 4 below.  The competitor must:

a.   have never previously held an SCCA racing license and

b.   begin the season on a Novice Permit and meet National license requirements during the season.

3.   Regional trophies shall be awarded for the 1st through 5th places on the following basis:

a.   Points will be accumulated per GCR for the best six regional event finishes of which no more than two may be outside of Central Division.

b.   Only events including all Central Division regional classes will be scored.

c.   Rules 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 will apply.

4.   National trophies shall be awarded for the 1st through 5th places on the following bases:

a.   Points will be accumulated per GCR for the best six national finishes in a single class, of which no more than two may be outside of Central Division.

b.   Rules 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 will apply.

5.   A driver will be eligible for only one National and only one Regional racing award, but may receive one at each level.

6.   All activities covered under a unique sanction number shall be considered to be a single event.

7.   If during the conduct of a single event multiple opportunities exist for a class to race, only one race will be permitted to count for points.  If the format consists of preliminary races (e.g., qualifying race) followed by a feature race, only the feature race shall be counted.  If the format consists of a special race for some classes (e.g., handicap, enduro) in addition to a normal race equal in length to that provided for all other classes, the race of normal length shall be counted.  In the case that a class receives only one opportunity to race during an event, that race shall be counted, even if it is not of the same length as the races afforded to other classes.

8.   The points standings will be published at mid-season and at the end of the year in Clutch Chatter.

9.   It shall be the responsibility of each driver to supply the pointskeeper with results throughout the season.


1.   Class championship year-end awards will be presented as follows:

a.   Within each class defined in the current National Solo II Rules, as well as any defined regional level classes as published in the SCCA SportsCar magazine or Indianapolis Region Clutch Chatter.  Indianapolis Region regional level class rules and/or event supplemental regulations may be used to further clarify scoring issues.

b.   Class championship points will be awarded based on official results as follows:

              FINISHING POSITION              POINTS

                                       1                                            10

                                       2                                              9

                                       3                                              8

                                       4                                              7

                                       5                                              6

                                       6                                              5

                                       7                                              4

                                       8                                              3

                                       9                                              2

                          10 through last                                 1

c.   Class championship trophies shall be awarded to eligible Indianapolis Region members using the following formula:

      Total number of SCCA member entries in the class for the season divided by the number of points events.  Non-points events using normal classes will be included for the total number of entries.  This result (rounded up) is the average size of the class, and the number of awards will be determined using the following distribution:

             AVERAGE ENTRANTS            AWARDS

                          1 to 3                               1

                          4 to 6                               2

                          7 to 9                               3

                        10 to 12                             4

                      13 or more                            5

2.   Year-end qualifications:

a.   Must be an Indianapolis Region member.  Anyone who joins after September 1 2001 will receive points only for events run after joining.  Anyone who joins before September 1 2001 will receive points for events run as a non-member.

b.   The member must compete in one given class in 50% of the region's Solo II points events.  (Round up for odd number of events.)

c.   The member's best finishes in 70% of the region's Solo II points events will be counted.  (Round up for odd number of events.)

d.   Ties for year-end points will be broken on the basis of quality of finishes, i.e. number of first, seconds, etc.

e.   Members must qualify their points by working at least one event as, or under the supervision of, a specialty chief.

3.   It will be the responsibility of the Solo II Chairman and / or his designated representative to publish in Clutch Chatter points standings toward year-end points totals twice a year.  The first time will be after the third points event and the second after the last points event of the season, but before the November Activities Meeting.

4.   Year-end awards will not be awarded unless the region conducts a minimum of 3 points events.



I.           General:

A.        All Indianapolis Region road rallies will be year‑end counting championship point rallies  unless otherwise noted. "Non‑point" rallies such as fun rallies will be clearly advertised as such.

B.        Year‑end championship awards will not be awarded unless the region conducts a minimum of three points events.

II.          Classes of Competition:  Classes of competition on points rallies will be determined by the rallymaster and/or the rally chairman. The classes will be drawn from one of the following two groups:

A.        Group I classes are to be used for TSD (Time, Speed, Distance) rallies.

1.         Class “A”: Unlimited equipment.  Comparable Divisional and National classes are “Equipped” and “Limited.”

2.         Class “B”: Any timekeeping device, stock odometer in stock location, any computer/calculating equipment that does not have automatic input of mileage, tables, or slide rules.  Comparable to Divisional and National class “Stock.”

3.         Class “C”: Any timekeeping device, stock odometer in stock location.  No calculating equipment beyond paper and pencil.

4.         Class “N”: (Novice) Same as Class “C,” except that neither the driver or navigator may have had a first place finish in class on any SCCA competition rally, nor have been awarded a year-end rally trophy by any SCCA Region.

5.         Historic Class “A”: Vehicles must be 25 years or older and use equipment from the period; i.e. Halda Speedpilot, Halda Twinmaster, and Curta calculators.

6.         Historic Class “B”: Vehicles must be 25 years or older and use equipment from the period; i.e. stock odometers, Steven’s Calculators or other slide rule type devices, tables, or paper and pencil.

B.        Group II classes are to be used for non‑TSD rallies‑ rallies sometimes know as gimmick rallies.  Examples of this type of rally would be a map rally or a Monte‑Carlo rally.

1.         Class “E”: (Experienced) Combination of Classes “A,” “B,” and “C” or anybody who is not a novice.

2.         Class “N”: Same as Group I - Class “N”

III.        Member's Qualified Points:  A determination of a member's qualified points for a year‑end championship award will be accomplished or affected by the following:

A.        A member's best finishes in 75% of the region's declared points events or best 6 finishes, whichever is less, will be counted toward a year‑end championship award. Note!‑ A 75% multiplication factor resulting in a .5 event will be rounded up. Example: 6 events x 75% = 4.5 = 5 events to be counted toward an award.  Otherwise, events will round to nearest whole number.  The above will be done on a basis of:

1.         For rallies with more than one class other than Novice, points will be awarded for class position per the points schedule.

2.         For rallies with one class other than Novice, points will be awarded per the points schedule, with the points to be counted in the class giving the competitor the greatest advantage.

3.         Points schedule:


                      1                                  12

                      2                                  9

                      3                                  7

                      4                                  6

                      5                                  5

                      6                                  4

                      7                                  3

                      8                                  2

             9 through last                         1

B.        Points will be counted only for Indianapolis Region members.

1.         Anyone who joins on or before September 1st. in a given year will receive points for those events run as a non‑member.

2.         Anyone who joins after September 1st. in a given year will receive points only for  events run after joining the Indianapolis Region.

C.        The member must compete in one given class in a minimum of four (4) or 50% of the region's rally points events, whichever is less.  (Round up for odd number of events).

D.        Both the driver and the navigator will receive the same number of points.

E.        Members must qualify their points by working one Indianapolis Region S.C.C.A event.

1.         Members staging (writing) a rally or pre‑checking a rally will automatically fulfill this requirement.

2.         The rally chairman will be responsible for keeping a record of those people who have fulfilled the work requirement towards year‑end point eligibility.

3.         It will be the responsibility of the rally competitor to:

a.         Seek work agreeable to the rally chairman.

b.         Have the work certificate issued to each rally competitor at the beginning of the season by the rally chairman certified by the event chairman.

c.         Return the work certificate to the rally chairman by the 15th. of November of the current year for recording.

F.         Members staging or writing a rally; i.e., being a rallymaster, will earn 12 points in the class in which they compete in during the majority of the season.

IV.       Publication of Points:

A.        The rally chairman will be responsible for tabulating and publishing the points.

B.        At a minimum, the current points standings will be printed in the regional publication before the next to last scheduled points event.

V.        Year‑end Awards:  Year‑end awards will be determined per the following format:

A.        Year‑end awards will be awarded to competitors earning the highest points totals by class.

B.        Competitors eligible to receive awards in more than one class will receive them only in the class giving them the highest year‑end finishing position.  If the competitor's season ending point totals are the same in two classes, they will receive an award in the higher ranked class.  Classes will be ranked in order as follows:  A > B > C

C.        Anyone who qualifies as a novice at the beginning of the season will count all points gained that year toward the novice class standings.

D.        Ties for year‑end awards will be broken on the basis of quality of finishes; i.e., number of  firsts, seconds, etc.

E.        The number of awards presented in each class will be per the following awards schedule:



1 to 2


3 to 6


7 to 10


11 to 14


15 or more





Purpose:  To encourage participation in all Indianapolis Region points events and to recognize the best performance by an Indy Region of Record member within the Indy Region racing, rally, and solo programs by presenting a year-end trophy.  The individual scoring points in at least two categories and earning the greatest number of points throughout the season by these rules will be named Indianapolis Region Competitor of the Year.

1.   Points will be awarded for class finish (or over-all finish in events with only one class) in racing, rally, and solo events which count for Indianapolis Region Championship points.

2.   Points will be allocated to competitors finishing ahead of at least one other starter as follows:

                    FINISHING POSITION              POINTS

                                   1                                  9

                                   2                                  6

                                   3                                  4

                                   4                                  3

                                   5                                  2

                                   6                                  1

3.   The competitors nine best finishes will be counted with no more than four events from any one category of competition.

4.       The points standings will be published at mid-season and at the end of the year in Clutch Chatter.




Awards will be presented based on accumulated points earned during the period of January 1 through November 15.  Awards will be presented at the annual banquet to the ten region members who have accumulated the most points during the most recent earning period.  The awards will be embroidered lightweight jackets.  A member will be awarded a jacket only once in five years.  A repeat placement will be recognized by the presentation of a patch to place on the jacket already awarded.

Points can be earned by participating in any activity or event sponsored by Indy Region or by the IRO.  Points may be earned only while an Indy Region member.  The awards are available to dual members, as well as to Indy Region of Record members.

To earn points, all involved Indy Region members must fill out the form below for any events where you participate.  Then mail this card to Dave DeBolt at 222 Yorkshire Blvd. W., Cumberland IN 46229.  You may copy this form if you need more space.  You must return this to Dave by November 16, 2001.  A person's eligibility will be verified by the Membership Chairman.

The schedule of points available is:

1 pt.       Entry in a competition event; attendance at activities meetings, crew at a competition event.

2 pts.     Race worker (one day); Rally worker; Solo event specialty chief; non-entrant Solo worker; worker at Fire School, Banquet or other special events.

5 pts.     Rally event chairman; Solo event chairman; Race chief of specialty; Chief Steward; Chairman SOM; Assistant Race Chairman; Chief or Chair of special events; two days as an F & C Corner Captain.

10 pts.   Race Chairman

If any position is shared, the points available for the position will be shared proportionally between the workers filling that position.  (i.e., if two people share the responsibility of chairing an event, each will get half the points designated for a chairman of that type of event.)

There will be no combination of points for a single event.  (i.e., you may not earn competitor as well as worker points at one single event.)

Final determination of worker points will be totaled by the awards chairman based on the submission of the registration cards.



NAME: _______________________














































2001 CenDiv Racing Schedule                                                   Final as of 1/12/01













Mar 3-4



Mar 31-Apr 1






Apr 7-8






Apr 14-15 (Easter)






Apr 21-22






Apr 27-28-29






May 5-6






May 12-13


MIL @ RA (D)(C)




May 19-20






May 26-27
(Memorial Day)


WMR @ GRA (D)(C)




Jun 2-3






Jun 9-10






Jun 16-17


NEO @ NL (D)(C)




Jun 22-23-24






Jun 30-Jul 1


CINCY @ M-O (D)(C)
BVR @ BHF (D)(C)




Jul 6-7-8






Jul 14-15


SBR @ GM (D)(C)




Jul 21-22


DET @ GRA (D)(C)




Jul 28-29


FTW @ M-O (D)(C)
MIL @ RA (R)(IT)




Aug 4-5


LOL @ BIR (D)(C)(T)




Aug 11-12






Aug 18-19






Aug 25-26


CHI @ RA (D)(C)




Sept 1-2
(Labor Day)






Sept 8-9


OVR @ M-O (D)(C)




Sept 15-16






Sept 22-23




M-O (17-23)



Sept 29-30


LOL @ BIR (D)(C)




Oct 6-7


WOR @ M-O (C)




Oct 13-14


CHI @ BHF (D)(C)




Oct 20-21






Oct 27-28






Nov 3-4



Nov 10-11


(D) Double

BHF-Blackhawk Farms

M-O-Mid Ohio


(R) Restricted

BIR-Brainerd Int'l Raceway

NL-Nelson Ledges


(T) Tenative


RA-Road America


(C) Regional Champ Series


WAT-Waterford Hills



IRP-Indianapolis Raceway Park




Come join us for



      February 11


  Winter Morganland Rally - February 25


                               see inside for details


Indianapolis Region SCCA                                                                                                                                             

Clutch Chatter Newsletter                                                                                                        FIRST CLASS MAIL

c/o Matt Curry                                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE PAID

5023 TC Steele Lane                              FIRST CLASS MAIL                                 INDIANAPOLIS, IN

Carmel IN 46033                                                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 3702