RE News by Mark Badgley

First and foremost, I want to congratulate Clutch Chatter and our outgoing editor Cindy Hylton for receiving a second place award at the National Convention. I am sure that Cindy was very proud to leave her position as editor in such good shape. The real pressure is now on Matt. (GRIN)

The planning has continued and the infrastructure for 2001 as well as the points rules are reviewed and in place. So what does this all mean to me you ask? Well, what I hope this means is that we are trying to plan early and execute perfectly. The last board meeting was fairly entertaining in terms of trying to make decisions that have a positive impact on this year. I am hopeful that we can have a great year that provides every member with a sense of pride. In terms of additional commitments, we do still plan on providing some support for other motorsports activities.

We have agreed to provide corner workers for a BMW school in November. This event will be utilized to pay for some of the overhead expenditures that we will encounter this year. Despite a continual financial downslide, we still need to update some of our equipment. This event, as well as the Vintage Grand Prix, will help a great deal in covering these expenses. I would encourage very member to come out and work these events. This sort of outside activity is a great way of trying other activities with little pressure.

I know that I keep writing about our financial problems, but it is important that everybody understand that they exist and that this board is committed to rectifying them. Sure, we are not for profit but a little surplus is required of we are going to survive.

I hope that the whole region is excited and ready for this year. Please come out and take part in the greatest member run motorsports organization in the world.

See you all somewhere

February Ď01 Board Meeting Highlights by Matt Curry

This is a summary of the Indy Region Board of Directors meeting held on February 15, 2001. If you have any questions about the regionís affairs, please attend the next meeting or contact any officer or board member.

In attendance: Dave Hart, Matt Curry, Cathy Hart, Darlene Badgley, Chuck Hanson, Steve Linn. Not in attendance: Mark Badgley, Chris McGuire.

Treasurerís Report. Cathy Hart provided up-to-date Cash Flow report.

Clutch Chatter. Reviewed budget proposal, plans and schedule. Non-members had been purged from the address database; Comp program chairs will provide addresses to D Hart for non-member mailings.

Membership Report. Reviewed budget proposal.

Activity Report. Shop tour at PRP set for 2/24. Reviewed budget. Discussed Thunder in the Dome. Discussed possibility of pinewood derby later in year. M Curry outlined idea for indoor karting event; will present later.

Rally Report. School on 2/11 drew 16 students. Winter event set for 2/25. Continue to fill rallymaster positions. Divisional course work progressing well.

Solo Report. Reviewed budget proposal. Discussed renting solo equipment to marque clubs. Schedule change for June pursuit event.

Race Committee Report. Identified race chair for May event and National. Cathy Hart running registration for all three events. Reviewed budget; discussed school and race entry fees. Proposal to accept fees as presented was accepted 5-1 (opposed: Hanson; abstained: DeBolt).

Budget. Approved all budgets unanimously. Approved immediate purchase of solo timer as per solo budget.

BMW School details outlined; this is approved and set to go in November.

New Business.

Board unanimously approved reimbursing registration fees for attendees at workerís seminar.

Next board meeting was set for March 15 at 6 pm at Union Jack Pub, Indianapolis.

2001 GCR and Specification Books and CD-ROM

Your Indy Region Competition Chairman will be ordering 2001 GCR and Specification Books for this coming racing season. Jan Castelluccio will be placing an order with the National Office on March 13, 2001. If you would like to order a book, please complete the form below and mail it to Jan before March 6, 2001. Jan will have them at the April Driver School/Regional or you can make arrangements to pick them up at another SCCA activity or event before then. Please Note: Jan says he's not going to be running a delivery service or mailing them out, but he'll make sure you can get your order picked up.

From the Directorís Desk by SCCA Area 4 Director Pete Hylton

2001 Convention. Those of you who know me, know that I am not a great optimist nor am I a natural born cheerleader. However, I have to say that I came away from the 2001 SCCA National Convention feeling really pumped up about our club and our future. By almost everyoneís assessment, this convention was the best in a long time. There were a number of interesting seminars, there was a lot of valuable training, and there were some really good presentations. Plus, there was a tremendous spirit and enthusiasm about our club. Everyone was excited about meeting our new President, Steve Johnson and the energy that he exhibits seems to infect the whole crowd. If you missed it, you missed a good one.

Staff Reorganization. For those of you who havenít heard, the leadership of our National Staff has been shuffled. All the same faces are there, but the roles have changed. In recognition of the increased responsibility and expertise that they have in their areas, Patc Henry, Tasha Goodale and Kurt Spitzner have been given the positions of Director of Club Racing Programs, Director of Solo/Road Rally Programs and Director of Performance Rally Programs, respectively. Howard Duncan will be using his strategic planning skills in the position of Director of Program Development, working with all three of the other Directors. With their increased responsibilities, they will now report directly to President Steve Johnson, as will Vice President Dennis Dean who will be in charge of overall business development. Dee Ann Knudsen continues as Vice President of Finance and Brenda Winters continues to oversee membership and licensing as Manager of Marketing Services. A new Sales and Marketing wing is being created to take advantage of Mr. Johnsonís skills in that area. Sue Roethel (Member Services), Doug Reed (Sponsor Marketing), and Nancy McMaster (Corporate Services) will be part of this organization.

Finances. When Treasurer Tom Campbell gave this yearís Financial Report, it looked a lot rosier than last year, thank goodness. A year ago the big concern was the $800,000 that had to be pulled from the club treasury to cover losses at SCCA Pro Racing. Thanks to the major overhaul that the Board of Directors instituted last spring in Pro, this year they are projected to turn a $150,000 profit. While it will take a long time to regenerate the lost cash, the path ahead of us is similar to the one which Enterprises faced after their restructuring during my previous term on the BoD, and it has been a success. Speaking of Enterprises, that operation is projected to end the year with a $300,000 profit. As for the club portion of SCCA, we had hoped for a break-even year, but circumstances have brought that down to a loss of around $100,000 based on our actual operations. This will be offset by the fact that we must book some of the surplus from the sale of our building in this year, so we will actually show a profit even though our operations lost $100,000.

Success Stories. Iíd like to touch on a couple of success stories. Obviously SCCA Enterprises continues to be a success story, consistently turning a profit now and paying down its debts. The reorganization of SCCA Pro Racing and the leasing agreement for Trans-Am with the Panoz-Sanchez Group is another. Performance Rally is another huge success story. Five years ago this program was on the verge of being eliminated due to financial and organizational problems, insurance issues, and lack of growth in both entries and sponsorship. Today the program is one of our shining stars. The organizational problems have been eliminated, the program has greater exposure than ever before, including a new TV package with multiple sponsors. Entries are up significantly and some events are being forced to institute entry limits. What a fantastic change this has been and what an exciting future there is for this program. Another success story I want to touch on is that of our friend Paul Pfanner. Paul began as an SCCA regional newsletter editor and grew his involvement in publishing into the Pfanner Communications business which has produced SportsCar magazine for us for a number of years. Paul grew the business more and launched Racer magazine and the associated businesses. The company, now called Racer Communications, has just announced that they have been acquired by Haymarket, the United Kingdomís largest independent publisher. Although they have a fully diverse portfolio, motor racing has always been the backbone of Haymarketís business, and Racer fits in well with this. Haymarket has acquired a 51% majority in Racer Communications and Paul Pfanner remains involved as the creative guidance in the organization. Congratulations Paul, working with you has been great for both organizations.

Insurance. Hereís a bit of advance warning for you. A year ago we changed the way Club Racing event premiums were calculated, by eliminating the "cap" that limited how much premium large events paid. This was countered by a reduction in the per car rate. We are seriously looking at doing this same thing in rally and solo next year. Also, although provisions for "piggybacking" of events (running two events concurrently at a reduced premium) are no longer in the insurance manual, you may still do this as before. However, we are looking seriously at eliminating this for 2002.

Rumors. Yes, there is some truth to the rumor that conversations have been had regarding moving the National Office to Kansas. The city of Topeka has made an approach to us and the possibility is being evaluated to determine if it is in the best interest of the club. We are a long way from anything final here, but there is substance to the rumor. Yes, there is a strong possibility that more emphasis will be put on the marketing of our club. Steve Johnson has already shown us how we can benefit from strategic partnerships with folks like Fram and Sunoco. This is an area in which the club can grow in terms of income, exposure, and new members. Yes, as part of this, we are going to work with the Regions to show them how to benefit from our national marketing partners or even how to market themselves. And yes, I have been heard on various occasions this winter to say that I may not run for re-election to the BoD. Job changes that occurred during 2000 along with SCCA Archives responsibilities and my daughterís new go-kart racing career have complicated life quite a bit, and I am considering what is best for the future. No decisions have been made, but if anyone in Area 4 wants to talk to me about the situation, please seek me out at an upcoming event.

7217 Creekwood Court, Pittsboro, IN 46167-9798

Phone: 317-892-6572


Fax: 317-892-4206

Web Site:

Dyno Day by Jason Baugh

Nearly two dozen Indy Region SCCA members and guests made the trip through the country Saturday, February 24th to PRP Speed Shops in Bainbridge for the Inaugural Dyno Day Activity.

14 car owners took advantage of a great deal. For a crisp $20 bill, they got three consecutive runs on the DynoJet. Normal dyno time at PRP costs $75 for the same service and $125 per hour if you want to tweak, adjust and modify your car between runs. That's still a good price, compared to other shops with dynos, around town.

John Jennings, Darryl Didier and Tim Jennings, from Jennings Motorsports, brought one of their Formula Mazda racers out for display in the PRP showroom. Tim, the 2000 CENDIV Formula Mazda National Champion, will make his Star Formula Mazda-North American Championship debut March 4th at Texas Motor Speedway. Watch for the race on Speedvision in the coming weeks.

The activity day began in the PRP showroom with introductions and followed with a shop tour by owners Rodney Fenwick and John Bachman. Once inside the machine shop, engine builder Kyle Clearwaters took over with machine-work explanations and answered engine-building questions. He was also available all afternoon, answering questions from those with an interest.

The group proceeded to the "Set-up" room, where the scales are located, then moved on to the dyno. Fenwick gave his explanation of how the dyno works and explained the benefits of using a chassis dyno to get the most out of your vehicle, backing his statements with examples.

Drivers had the option of operating their own car on the dyno or having one of the PRP staff members run it. Due to the sensitivity of the dyno's execution, most opted to let PRP handle the duties.

As car owners signed up to run, a handful of spectators looked on as Guy Dingman's white '96 Nissan was strapped down by Fenwick's son's, Glenn and Phillip. Before his run, Guy estimated 120hp, but was surprised when his bone-stock 240 turned in a 130hp result on his second run.

Second up was the first of three in the Mazda rotary brigade. Advanced Import Motorsports' own Paul D'Angelo wouldn't elaborate on his car's modifications, but his "Not Stock", black '91 RX-7 posted 156.3hp, well above the standard factory output.

The only tragedy of the day happened next, as the highly modified, ground-effect shod, gold '88 RX-7 of Carlos Santos was on its third run and suddenly overheated. The result was a collapsed upper hose, starved water pump and blown motor, with only 3,000 miles. Shane Benson and John Repollet, from AIM, were on hand with their initial diagnosis of a failed apex seal. An obviously unhappy Carlos said, "I've spent so much money on this car lately. It's my only transportation. I guess you could say Carlos is carless." The Jennings Motorsports crew had room in their trailer, so they graciously hauled the wounded warrior back to AIM, on Gasoline Alley. Sorry CarlosÖ

Darren Daubenspeck's RX-7 autocrosser was next. His red '84 GS1/2L, a GS model with a limited slip differential, put out 87.1hp. Not bad for a stock 12A motor.

Ken Davis followed, putting the oldest car at the event, his red/white '57 Chevy Cruiser, on the line. The new Kinetic Engineering small block motor cranked out 245.3hp on the third run.

The black '86 Fiero of Marc Kerr was next, turning out 102.2hp at 4300rpm with his bone-stock CS autocrosser.

Rick Katko was the Big Dog of the day with his '97 Camaro SS pumping out 271.7hp. It's basically stock, with a ported MAF and Hipertec fuel curve programming. By the way, Rick takes credit for building the motor and choosing the cam for Davis' '57 Chevy.

Jason Strain put his red ITA Honda CRX racer up next, producing 80hp at 82.5mph.

Solo Co-Chairman, Steve Linn, stated that he'd be happy with something in the 120's before his run. He was satisfied to turn 124.1hp with his '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R.

Jim Allen, AKA "Jetta Jim", posted 219hp with his green '95 Volkswagen "Super modified track car." VW offers factory specs of 172hp at the crank.

Autocross regular, Paul Fox, put his familiar white C Prepared '66 Corvair on the line with 132.7hp and 154lb/ft of torque. The backfire, coming down from one of his runs, blew an amazing flame from the exhaust that melted one of the retaining straps.

Jay Hofacker was hoping for 100hp from his stock '97 Mazda Miata. He was surprised to reach 107.3hp at 6,000rpm and 103lb/ft of torque from his autocross car. Jay recently added a roll bar and hopes to make it to a few track events this year.

The bright red, 2WD Mitsubishi Eclipse of Paul Lazaro was next, cranking out 211.4hp and 233lb/ft of torque. His E Street Prepared Turbo has an updated intake, cat-back exhaust and suspension enhancements.

The final run of the day was posted by Jeff Alexander with his white '91 Toyota MR2. Jeff's C Stock autocrosser turned 125lb/ft of torque with 109.5hp. Jeff believes a tune-up will help him get a little more next time.

Once completed with their dyno runs, printouts in hand, most put their vehicle on the digital scales. Corner weights, percentages and totals were available.

Additional spectators on hand were Matt Curry, Seth Mansue, Steve Phillips, Dave Jarvis and Jerrod Baugh. Some didn't seem to mind the loud exhaust notes and exhaust filled room, while others scattered toward the door, gasping for fresh air after the most potent of runs.

For many, putting their beast on a dyno was a virgin experience. This was evident by the intense look on many of the car owners' faces, as their vehicle was strapped tightly to the floor, pressed hard against the drums of the DynoJet and put through the paces.

Shop owners Steve Fenwick and John Bachman were satisfied hosts. "I think we had a good turn-out on a short notice," said Fenwick. "I hope everyone had fun. I'd like to do it again, maybe in May, if there's an interest."

Indy Region member Bachman agreed, "I hope people learned what a useful tool the DynoJet is. We appreciated the opportunity to host the event for the region."

2001 Solo II PAX Index Numbers

SS .830

ASP .852

AP .874

AM 1.000

AS .817

BSP .847

BP .872

BM .955

BS .813

CSP .844

CP .856

CM .924

CS .804

DSP .819

DP .853

DM .900

DS .796

ESP .822

EP .873

EM .907

ES .786

FSP .815

FP .865

FM .904

FS .807


STS .782

F125 .946

GS .789


STR .809


HS .781


SM .842


Membership Report by Dave DeBolt

Our new member for the month of December is:

Kyle Krisiloff

8431 Georgetown Rd. Suite 440

Indianapolis, IN 46268



Welcome to the Indianapolis Region of the Sports Car Club of America. If you have any questions concerning your membership, please call.

For those of you wanting to or needing to contact the SCCA national office in Denver, you now may use a toll free phone number to do so. The number is: 1-800-770-2055.


Solo Report by Steve Linn & Chris McGuire

News from Cone-y Island

Anyone else getting cabin fever? Rejoice because the first event of the Indy Region Solo2 season is just a month away! The April 7 (Saturday!) Indy Test & Tune should prove to be a great opportunity for lots of seat time and a chance to catch up with all your fellow competitors. Who installed new trick shocks over the winter? Whoís changing classes? Who stuffed his car into a snowbank on almost bald summer tires? A revised format for the Test & Tune should allow for upwards of 8 or more runs on a simple, quick course. It will consist of multiple sessions of run groups. Each run group will consist of a small number of cars to allow multiple runs (probably 4) in a short amount of time. This will allow feedback on small changes in set-ups between your runs within the group. The time between sessions will allow for more extensive changes to car set-ups before your next run group. We are also going to call upon all you veteran cone-heads to help provide our novice (and even those not-so-novice) competitors that may want to learn some new tricks with some in-car instruction. Anyone wishing to be a "mentor" please let us know. Itís also not to early to start qualifying those season-end points, so anyone that would like to assist in the set-up and running of this event should also contact us. We hope to see everyone there.

We still need some more people to help with our Specialty Chief program. Itís a good way to help out the program and also qualify your season-end points. Anyone that is interested please give us a call. A big concern we also still have is that we are still looking for assistance with transportation of the Solo trailer. Whether it is for multiple events or just one, let us know if you can help out (Class 2 hitch required).

We already have our first schedule change of the year! The Australian Pursuit scheduled for Tuesday night, June 5th, at the Speedrome is being tentatively moved to Saturday afternoon, June 9th, at the Anderson GM Plant. The date of Event #7 was also incorrect in the last Clutch Chatter. The date is September 9th, not August 9th. We are also working on acquiring a new local site so there may be some more site changes in the near future. Dates should remain the same and we will keep everyone informed via Clutch Chatter, the web site, and via the Yahoo e-groups web page (what, you havenít signed up yet?).

We will also be purchasing a supply of 2001 Solo2 rule books in the near future. This years edition includes a read-only CD so they have raised the price to $15/each. If you would like to "reserve" one, let us know asap. They will be available at the April 6th Test & Tune.

As always, feel free to contact us about sites, specialty chiefs, or anything.

Hope to see everyone at the Test & Tune!

Steve 317-297-4814

Chris 317-577-2518


Surfing the web? We recommend you check out:

2001 Indianapolis Region Solo II Schedule




April 7 (Saturday)


16th St. (Test & Tune)

April 29 (Sunday)


16th St. Speedway

May 19 (Sat)


Anderson GM Plant 3

June 9 (Sat)


Anderson Australian Pursuit

June 24 (Sun)


16th St. Speedway

July 15 (Sun)


Anderson GM Plant 3

July 29 (Sun)


16th St. Speedway

Sep 9 (Sun)


Anderson GM Plant 3

Sept 23 (Sun)




Other Solo Events

May 5-6


Grissom AFB, Peru, IN

June 2-3


Grissom AFB, Peru, IN

June 16-17


Rantoul, IL

Jun 30-Jul 1

National Tour

Grissom AFB, Peru, IN

Jul 8



Jul 21-22


Milwaukee, WI

Aug 11-12

Divisional Championship

Grissom AFB, Peru, IN

Aug 18-19


Grissom AFB, Peru, IN

Aug 25-26


Oscodo, MI

Sep 2


Perrysburg, OH

Oct 20-21


Lexington, KY

Solo Is: Senior Citizen Discounts by Warren LeVeque

Vintage: a model of an earlier time improved by aging

Venerable: worthy of respect by reason of age, dignity, character or position.

Senior: person of greater rank or length of service

Senility: old age, infirmity of mind and body

Dotage: feebleness or childish of old age, excessive fondness

Master: very skilled or able in some work

Veteran: old and experienced

Coot: a foolish person

Geezer: an eccentric old man

Old person: someone 15 years older than me

I was in a restaurant recently and was given a "senior discount" without having asked for it. I have five little people calling me "grandpa". My Mother just passed away leaving me the "oldest" in any family grouping. Young pregnant women offer me their seats. My friends are all looking older. Is everyone getting taller?

I looked up some race results on the internet and found a picture of my car and a statement "Mr. LeVeque getting ready to run". Mr. LeVeque???

I just participated in a Yenko Stinger (racing Corvair) reunion issue of our National Magazine "CORSA Communique". I did this by submitting 25 and 30 year old pictures of myself and others who were racing in the "production" (before GT classes) car heyday. It is quite shocking to see yourself in a young photo in a magazine. I knew that those other fellows were getting older but you deny it yourself. Yes, there ARE mirrors in my house. My race car has changed from a state of the art production racer into a "vintage" eligible racer without me doing a thing to it.

This has me thinking about the age of some of us in the Solo II community. The sport has gotten old enough to acquire some rather Vintage members. I often hear terms of respect uttered by younger people at persons of "ahem" my age. I will have to take "Geezer" as a term of respect, but I like vintage and venerable better. The USA is not one of the countries to respect itís elders. Things may be getting better with the "retro" and "nostalgia" movements.

How do you know if you are "Vintage"? Itís not always just age. It can also be an attitude.

Besides the obvious gray hair or lack of it (thus the popularity of caps) and everyone wearing sun glasses there are ways to recognize the senior members:





If you recognize yourself or us from any of the above you may be vintage regardless of your age.

In deference to our great age, experience, accumulated wisdom, and declining ability, perhaps we should be given a "Senior Discount" without asking for it. This discount could just be in the form of a courtesy, i.e.: "let me help you push that", ĎIíll save a spot in line for you", "let me run after that cone", "do you need something to drink?", "let me change those tires for you.", and especially, "Tell me more about the good old days Mr._________".

Iíd really rather have 2 seconds deducted from my time. Surely these old weak eyes, slow reflexes, arthritic joints, and vintage car is worth as much as raggedy street tires.

If you canít find a way to give us our "senior discount" in the rules, you youngsters (under 40) can just mentally allot us the 2 sec. by saying " I should have beaten you by two seconds because of my youth, so you really won!"

Mr. "Gramps" LeVeque is a long-time, senior contributor to Clutch Chatter and a venerable Solo II competitor in his vintage Corvair.

Rally Report by Chuck Hanson

The rally school and first event are already history. I apologize for the late notice about the school by e-mail. I discovered a new wrinkle in Microsoft Outlook that had me sending to an abbreviated list while letting me think it was going to everybody. By the time I figured this out you only received two days notice. Additionally, the Star did not put our event into Letís Go, so non-members never got notified. In spite of the difficulties we still had 16 students. My gratitude to Dan Cook, Bob Farr, Pam Farr, and Ben Tackitt III for their service as instructors, and a special thank you to Kurt Weisner who brought his Ford Anglia historic rally car and collection of antique Class A navigation computers to exhibit, including a 50 year old Kerfott that I had never seen before. Truly fun for us old timers.

Jim Bredle put together a neat little winter tour rally through some rarely used parts of Morgan County, and a few frequently used parts as well. There were a few special methods used at check points that were designed to prevent unsafe conditions if we had substantial snow in the week immediately prior to the event. In addition, he used a locally new format for the instructions that was borrowed from the National series. The rally gave students an opportunity to apply the lessons of the school without having to worry about lots of traps of either a course following or timing nature. Results are listed below.

Next month the Tackittís are going to present still another different form of rally instruction format called a herringbone. Because of the format this will be classified as a Course rally. However, the timing will be very simple because there will be minimal speed changes. Better to keep both sets of eyes on the road so that you follow the course. Almost all paved roads with a very short and slow gravel connection at one point.

We have filled the May 12 slot with a non-TSD event by Julie Partridge. This still leaves the August slot uncommitted. Remember, the rallymaster gets 12 points in his usual competition class for putting on an event. This is equivalent to winning an event. It also fulfills the work requirement to qualify your points for year end trophies. Any takers?

Finally, congratulations to Steve Phillips and Paul Gilbert who made the trek to Cleveland for the Ohio Winter Rally where they took first place in the Limited Class. That is an encouraging start to the season. This team is part of our Divisional Rally Committee and are writing the October rally for the region.


Saturday, March 24

Tackittís Red Herring

Ben Tackitt III & IV

Herringbone Course rally

April 28/29

A Little History of Shelby County



Saturday, May 12

Tour Rally



Saturday, June 16

Tour to Metamora


Samís, E. Washington St, Indy

July 21/22

Monte Carlo Tour

J. Cates & C. George


August 25/26

Tour Rally



September 15/16

Pre-Check I



October 13/14

Pre-Check II

Steve Phillips


November 3/ 4

Pre-Check III



Saturday, November 24

La Rallye Variform Divisional Tour




Mar 10

Moonlight Monte



May 5

Wisconsin Glacier Trails



Jun 23

CAST in Stone



Sept 7-8




Oct 6

Johnny Appleseed



Nov 10

Thumbs Up XIII



Nov 24

La Rallye Variform



Phillips & Gilbert Win Deep Do Do

Feb 3 - Indy Regionís Steve Phillips and Paul Gilbert won the opener of the 2001 CENDIV Rally series, NE Ohio Regionís Deep Do Do. Starting at 5 PM finishing about 2 AM, with 17 scored controls over 210 miles. Some snow and lots of fun. They won the limited class for their efforts that included changing an alternator in a parts store parking lot.

Winter Morganland Rally

Jim Bredle directed a 13-car field down to his neck of the woods on a blustery Sunday. In his first event as rallymaster, Jim applied his knowledge of the roads through and over Morgan County to put together a scenic route that found many twisty bits and hills. The weather cooperated quite nicely for February, with mild temps, a stiff breeze, and the hard rain the night before was the closest thing to precipitation.


Team (Driver & Navigator)


Class Place

Leg 1C

Leg 1

Leg 2

Leg 3

Leg 4C

Leg 4

Leg 5

Total Points

Deborah & Ken Osiecki











Carolyn George & Jim Cates











Kurt & Alex Weisner











Candice & Frank Pope











Roberta & Dave DeBolt











Fred Steinhoff & Nick Roller











Dan & Ann Cook











Bob & Pam Farr











Michael & Benton Tackitt III











Austin Grady & Will Wright











Jo & Bob Seymour











Lani & Zorba Rose











Tim & Bill Morrison













Spare Parts

Editorís Note Ė Last month our address database was scrubbed and thus we mailed Clutch Chatter only to Indy Region members. This month weíve added back many of the non-members that compete in Indy Region events. Glad to have you back!

Annual Convention. Indy Region members were honored with two awards for journalistic endeavors. SportsCar presented Pete Hylton with the Vern Jaques Award for outstanding contributions to the magazine. In the newsletter competition, Cindy Hylton received second place for the third year running for Clutch Chatter. Congratulations to both for these well-deserved honors!

No Kitchen Pass. The following may sound familiar to some of you out there. Recent response to the question "Do you want to drive down to Meridian, Mississippi for the Solo II National Tour?" Answer:

I think it would be fun to go but:

  1. I leave for Daytona on the 14th and don't return until the 20th.
  2. This is the 5th Valentine's Day in a row I've missed.
  3. The (car) currently has many nagging ailments that would preclude a 1500 mile round trip weekend.
  4. My wife is (a few) months pregnant and would probably not be receptive to the following - "Honey, I know I just got back Tuesday but me and a couple of other guys are going to Mississippi this weekend, OK?"

Perhaps I should stay home.

Award Spotlight: Competitor of the Year. The Michael Buchanan Fairbanks Memorial Award is presented annually to the competitor who scores the most points in Indy Region rally, autocross and race events. Awarded 42 times to 29 different drivers. Co-winners three times. Eight multi-time winners, including six-time champ Mike Robbins, Pete Hylton (4), Cindy Hylton (3), defending titleist Dave Hart (3), first time & first repeat winner Bob Maggenheimer (2), Harvey Hess (2), Keith Hess (2), and current RE Mark Badgley (2).

Competitor of the Year winners:


Bob Magenheimer


Bob Magenheimer


Luke Stear


Chuck Rickert


Bob Clifford


Mike Norris & Phil Vickery


Mert Jaggar


A.J. Werner


Gerry Mason


Mike Robbins


Dave Causey


Harvey Hess


Jack Hurt & Mike Robbins


Harvey Hess


Mike Robbins


Mike Robbins


Mike Robbins


Mike Robbins


Will Zobbe


Vic Drummond


Keith Hess


Keith Hess


Jud Jaqua


Chuck Hanson


Pete Hylton


Cindy Hylton


Cindy Hylton


John Scherer


Glenn Davis Jr


Roger Bake


Frank Pope


Pete Hylton


Pete Hylton


Mark Badgley


Pete Hylton


Cindy Hylton


Mark Badgley


Sam Crites


Dave Hart


Dave Hart & Dave Daugherty


Matt Curry


Dave Hart

Correction: Steve Phillips & Paul Gilbert finished second, not third, in last yearís CENDIV Rally standings. Congrats and go Red SAAB 900!


Race schedule: St Louis Region dropped its Regional/Regional race on July 14-15. DC Region is looking for workers and racers for their 12 Hours at the Point enduro on June 1-2 at Summit Point. Visit or call 804-798-9777 for more info.


Classifieds are offered as a free service to Indy Region members. Please submit to Matt Curry (contact info on inside cover).

1981 Mazda RX7 Pro Rally car (or IT) Fully braced susp very strong, handles great, 12gal ATL fuel cell, 200hp 13B (disassembled), spare everything, ex-SW Div champ by Dave Thomas, several wins by me. $4000 obo,, (317)271-6029, ask for Brent. Indianapolis.

1991 FORD E250. white, tows perfectly, no rust, 77K, 5.8L, AT/OD, LSD, TW, CC, DUAL A/C, DUAL TANKS, Captain's chairs, worklights, Class 3, $4999 worth every penny., (317)271-6029, ask for Brent. Indianapolis.

1988 Mazda RX-7. California car with blown engine. No rust. Good condition. $500 or best offer. Call Jerry Thompson at (317)466-1696.

1971 Datsun 240Z SCCA/ISCCA race car. Engine blue printed @ 40 over, many extras, ready to race. Asking $6500 OBO. Call (765)522-5275 after 5:00pm ask for Denny. I have 5 sheets of history and modifications completed on the car.

ITA Chevrolet Monza, V6 engine blown up. Sell as a roller with spares. Spares include most parts to build an engine. Car was raced in CenDiv for 5 years. Never Bent. Install an engine and head for the track! $2200. Call David Barnard 765-675-3806 or EMail: