SCCA Club Race Series     

What is SCCA Club Racing?
A link to the SCCA page which describes what it is all about.

Rule Book and How To Get Started

If you are interested in starting a Club Race program for the Indianapolis Region SCCA, please contact the Regional Executive.

For information on Club Racing, contact Dan Hodge at:

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Rules Online at!
Ready to Race?  Need to verify rules?  Need to homologate a chassis? 
The Cars and Rules area of the Club Racing Section is your starting point to getting strapped into your race seat, and is also a good place to check back frequently for updates and revisions. 

Series rules and rules for series classes are available on the GLDiv Web site

Car Inspection

Getting your car inspected so you can go racing!
Jay Quinn (317-294-5526)


Club Racing Program Multi-Event Waiver Form

F & C Information

F & C Mini Manual



Race Chair

Position Open!



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