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Indy BoD Meeting

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2018 IndySCCA iRacing League
We will be hosting an official IndySCCA iRacing league this year! The league will consist of 5 races, the first one a fun event, the following 4 will be for points. What do my points win me? How about some free events!?

1st place- Free Season of Indy Region SCCA solo points events OR 1 Track Event plus a physical trophy

2nd place- 50% discount towards Track event OR 3 free Indy Region Solo entries + physical trophy

3rd place- 25% discount towards Track event OR 1 free Indy Region Solo entries + physical trophy

4th and 5th – physical trophy only

SCCA membership is required to participate, must be a Central or Great Lakes Division member by the last event to qualify to year end awards. Must compete in at least 3 points events to qualify for an award, and maximum of 3 events will be awarded. In event that an award member is not eligible, the next eligible competitor will be awarded that position.

All events will run the Global Mazda MX-5. Sessions will start at 8pm EST. First 30 minutes will be practice, followed by 10 minute qualification session, leading into a 20 minute race.

Fun Event – Nov. 21 @ Jefferson Circuit
Points #1 – Dec. 5 @ Summit Point
Points #2 – Jan . 2 @ Phoenix Road Course
Points #3 – Feb. 6 @ Jefferson Circuit Reverse
Points #4 – Mar. 6 @ Lime Rock

Points will be awarded similar to our solo points structure:
1st – 12pts
2nd – 9 pts
3rd – 7 pts
4th – 6pts
5th – 5pts
6th – 4 pts
7th – 3pts
8th – 2pts
9th and below – 1pt

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2018 Involved member award applications are due soon!
Indianapolis SCCA members, now is a great time to start tallying up events attended or volunteered for on the spreadsheet. This award presents or updates a jacket to any member submitting the below sheet and meeting the minimum points requirement in the rules linked below.

Involved Member Points Form - Involved Member Rules

Any questions or confusion, please email Matt Adams at

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Attention Members: Solo Points Event 2 info!!
Sunday, June 10, 2018 we unfortunately had to cancel the Solo Points Event #2 after only a few runs.  The weather brought with it lightning and the radar and weather reports didn't have it ending any time soon and we are required to wait a certain amount of time after each strike before beginning running again. This means there will now be 7 total points events for the season instead of 8. You will still have two drop events and you will only need to compete in a single class in 4 events to qualify for a year end trophy. The Region will be crediting competitors that were at the event towards a future event. If you have an MSR account the credit will be seen there. If you don't have an MSR account there will be a master list of any others that are needing a credit and you will receive your credit at the next event you attend. Just let registration know and they will check the list. I will hopefully have the credits put in MSR this week, but it may be after the Champ Tour this weekend, please bear with me.  Thank you all for your support and patience!

Stefanie Brake - Solo Chair

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The Indianapolis Region of the SCCA conducts Club Races, Road Rallies, Rally Cross and Solo Competition in the Central Indiana area throughout the year. We have many opportunities for anyone with an interest in cars, motor sports, and competition. Ours is a member-oriented organization and our programs cater to all facets of motor sports enthusiasts.

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Take a look at the Fast Tracks and also SCCA Inside Line from SCCA. Keep up on rule changes and see what is happening on a national level.

If you are interested in:
Amateur Road Racing Dan Hodge
Working a race as a volunteer Dan Hodge
Get your car inspected so you can go racing Jay Quinn (317-294-5526)
Solo - Autocross Stefanie Brake
Road Rally Wendy Harrison
Rally Cross ZB Lorenc
Time Trials Michael Young
Activities Daniel Vang
Membership Matt Adams
Divisional and National Contacts
Area 4 Director (GLDiv) Marcus Meridith
GLDiv Executive Steward Dan Hodge
GLDiv Solo Development Coordinator Ray Jason
GLDiv Solo Safety Steward Kent Weaver
GLDiv Rallycross Steward ZB Lorenc
GLDiv Road Rally Steward Mike Bennett (248) 880-7800
GLDiv Time Trials Administrator

Corrine "CJ" Carter

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