Indy BoD Meeting

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Flagging and Communication Training

Noon Dusterberg's on W 25th St Speedway, IN

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Indy Dragcross

Event 1

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7:30am Grissom

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Indy Solo

Dust off the Cobwebbs
Fun Event 1

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7:30am Grissom

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Indy Rally

Rally School

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Flagging and Communication Training Sunday April 12th
Flagging and Communication Training Sunday April 12th from Noon to 4:00pm at the Dave Dusterberg's on W 25th St in Speedway.  Register by email at or on the Indy Flagging and Comm Facebook Page no later than Thursday April 9th.

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Area 4 Director's Newsletter - March

Team SCCA,

Hello again.

The snow has melted, the salt is washing off the roads and it is time to take the trickling charger off the Sportscar. It is time to drive!

Attached are some of the highlights you might want to know about what is going on around Great Lakes Division (GLD). Some of you will see this again in a different format in a few days from the National Office.

As always, if you need any help with things SCCA, please let me know.


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Area 4 Director's Newsletter - November
Dear SCCA Friends,

Please find attached, another installment of the "SCCA news you can use", the Area 4 Director’s Newsletter.

There was a lot more to tell you, but I try to limit the Newsletter to two pages. For example:

  • Tomorrow (Saturday November 8) is our GLD Scheduling Meeting at my office in Dayton. The Agenda also includes the GLD Divisional Championships and other Divisional topics. Our Director is providing lunch.
  • SCCA Membership continues to climb. We were at 44,840 at the end of September, highest since 2009.
  • The TNIA schedule (read the attachment!) is well established for 2015. I can tell you where and when if you want to know.
  • The National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park is up and running. Things look very, very good.
  • More news saved for December.

Most of you receiving this email will also get a similar email from the National Office – same news in a slightly different format. I’d rather hit you twice than not at all. J

Best Regards,


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The Indianapolis Region of the SCCA conducts Club Races, Road Rallies, Rally Cross and Solo Competition in the Central Indiana area throughout the year. We have many opportunities for anyone with an interest in cars, motor sports, and competition. Ours is a member-oriented organization and our programs cater to all facets of motor sports enthusiasts.

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Take a look at the Fast Tracks and also SCCA Inside Line from SCCA. Keep up on rule changes and see what is happening on a national level.

If you are interested in:
Amateur Road Racing Dan Hodge
Working a race as a volunteer Dan Hodge
Get your car inspected so you can go racing Jay Quinn (317-294-5526)
Solo - Autocross Stefanie Stribling
Road Rally Chuck Hanson (317-780-9007)
Rally Cross ZB Lorenc
Activities Daniel Vang
Membership Jason Proksch
Divisional and National Contacts
Area 4 Director (GLDiv) Steve Harris
Great Lakes Executive Steward Jim Green
Great Lakes Divisional Solo Steward Scott Hearne
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Great Lakes Rallycross Steward ZB Lorenc
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