2015 Scheduling Meeting

6:30pm The Dusterberg's
5418 W. 25th St. Speedway Indiana

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Indy BoD Meeting 6:30pm

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Annual Awards Banquet


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Indy BoD Meeting 6:30pm

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2015 Scheduling meeting!
The 2015 Indy SCCA Scheduling Meeting will be held on December 5th at the Dusterberg's. The address is 5418 W. 25th St. Speedway Indiana, 46224. The meeting begins at 6:30pm. Please RSVP Dave Dusterberg at or 317-512-3208 by December 4th.

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Annual Awards Banquet - January 17 - Squealers BBQ - Moorsville IN
Forgive the very informal announcement, we are trying to move this weekend, but wanted to get this out:

The annual awards banquet will be at Squealers BBQ in Mooresville, IN on January, 17 from 6pm-10pm. Cost will be $25 per person. Please RSVP via EMAIL to Stay tuned for info about potential guest speakers! Payment will be taken at the door, but I need to have an accurate headcount, so please RSVP!

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Area 4 Director's Newsletter - November
Dear SCCA Friends,

Please find attached, another installment of the "SCCA news you can use", the Area 4 Director’s Newsletter.

There was a lot more to tell you, but I try to limit the Newsletter to two pages. For example:

  • Tomorrow (Saturday November 8) is our GLD Scheduling Meeting at my office in Dayton. The Agenda also includes the GLD Divisional Championships and other Divisional topics. Our Director is providing lunch.
  • SCCA Membership continues to climb. We were at 44,840 at the end of September, highest since 2009.
  • The TNIA schedule (read the attachment!) is well established for 2015. I can tell you where and when if you want to know.
  • The National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park is up and running. Things look very, very good.
  • More news saved for December.

Most of you receiving this email will also get a similar email from the National Office – same news in a slightly different format. I’d rather hit you twice than not at all. J

Best Regards,


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Area 4 Director's Newsletter - May - July
Hello SCCA Area 4,

Summer is marching on. It has been a bizarre year for me, with real-life family issues diverting my SCCA time. These things have a way of working themselves out, and not always for the better. It reminds us that the time we spend in the club is precious and the friends we meet are even more so.

And so, it was great to see so many of you again at GingerMan this month. What a wonderful event, sponsored by Detroit Region and South Bend Region. First Class all the way! Thanks – we needed that!

This month, you get two Newsletters. I sent the May letter only via SCCA channels and some of you on this list missed it. So, you get two for the price of…none. Oh, you might also see this in slightly altered format through the Topeka connection.

As always, let me know how I can help you.


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DragCross Information - an FYI
Until the new DragCross section is complete on this site, please look for scheduling, information, and results in the Solo Section. Sorry for any confusion for doing that, but I have no other place to put it currently until that section is done and made live.

So until that time:

For results, click here, or you can find a link directly to the results off the Results tab as well as via the Solo Page.

For the Schedule, click here or you can find a link off the Schedule tab or again via the Solo Page as it is inside that schedule.

Any questions? Feel free and ask!
jww -

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Area 4 Director's Newsletter - March
Hello Great Lakes Division Members and Friends,

Please find attached another Area 4 Director’s Newsletter. I am expanding the distribution of the Newsletter by sending it to all GLD members with an active email address too. So, some of you will be getting this for the first time, while others may receive 3 copies (sorry about that).

I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of the cold and snow and am looking forward to getting our race season going. My goal is to attend more Solo and RallyX events this year. So, if you see me at your event, please say "hello" and let me know how we can make our club better. All ideas are considered!

Yours for the Sport,
Steve Harris

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