Dragcross Series     

What is Dragcross?
Take two parts autocross and one part drag racing, mix thoroughly and you get DRAGCROSS. Drivers face off, side-by-side at a "Christmas Tree" start, before launching themselves down a straightaway and into separate autocross courses.

DRAGCROSS offers more seat time than a traditional autocross giving a minimum of 8 runs in an event. Drivers qualify by making 4 passes, 2 on each course and the best time from each course are added and that becomes the drivers qualifying time. Drivers are then grouped into either 8 or 16 car eliminators based on their qualifying times. In eliminations, Drivers face off with one another by taking a lap on each course per round pairing with their times being added. The competitor with the lower combined time wins the round. Each eliminator will produce a winner. First round losers go to a last chance eliminator where they can compete to get to the Top Eliminator Round. The eliminator winners then square off with each other to be crowned Top Eliminator of the event! The Top Eliminator rounds are run with a handicap to equalize the competition.

Maximum seat time plus maximum competition equals massive fun!

Rules, Info and Car Classifications etc.
Dragcross Rules

As Dragcross is run off our autocross / solo rules, please visit that section for additional information, rules, guides, and car classifications.

Dragcross Chair

Stefanie Brake

Online Registration to Dragcross Events

All Solo events are available online for registration! Just visit the following link to MotorsportReg and create an account!

Event Photos

Event Photos