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What is Rally Cross
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Imagine a scaled down version of a stage rally laid out on a grass/dirt covered plot of land where the course is laid out by traffic cones instead of trees or rocks. The entry fees and equipment requirements are considerably less than those necessary to enter any other forms of performance rally, so in most locations one need only arrive at event registration with a sound, hardtop vehicle and the entry fee. Indy Region has helmets to loan and will assist the first time competitor with entering the appropriate class, making their way through technical inspection and finding their way around the course. Best of all, it's great fun!

If you are interested in starting a Rallycross program for the Indianapolis Region SCCA, please contact the Regional Executive.

For information on Rallycross, contact Zbigniew R. Lorenc at: zb.rally@yahoo.com

Event Photos

Event Photos

Rules 2013 Rally Cross rules are now online!
We recommend and encourage participants to download a rulebook. It is required for Divisional and National level events, and will help you to clarify any questions. Available online or at any Indy SCCA event! Online rules and classifications are NOT always 100% correct. Inquire with the Rally Cross Chairman at any event for exact details.

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