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Amateur Road Racing Dan Hodge
Working a race as a volunteer Dan Hodge
Get your car inspected so you can go racing Jay Quinn (317-294-5526)
Solo - Autocross Stefanie Brake
Road Rally Chuck Hanson (317) 431-5228
Rally Cross ZB Lorenc
Time Trials Corrine CJ Harleman
Activities Daniel Vang
Membership Matt Adams
Divisional and National Contacts
Area 4 Director (GLDiv) Marcus Meridith
GLDiv Executive Steward Dan Hodge
GLDiv Solo Development Coordinator Ray Jason
GLDiv Solo Safety Steward Mark Sommer
GLDiv Rallycross Steward ZB Lorenc
GLDiv Road Rally Steward Mike Bennett (248) 880-7800

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Rally Cross

National SCCA Site

Great Lakes Division Site

Another great source of information can be had via our two online forums!

Indy Region News forums - yahoo groups

Indy Region Discussion forums - SCCAgroups

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