2008 Indy Region Solo Results

Class Results
Pax Results
April 6
Fun Run 1 - 16th Street Class Pax
Novice Raw
Event 1 - Spring into Solo Class Pax
Novice Raw
May 18th Event 2 - Performance Driven Dash Class Pax
Novice Raw
Performance Driven Dash Winner - Andrew Madson with a variation of .536 seconds
June 8th Event 3 - Summer is: Around the corner Event cancelled due to flooding!
July 13th Event 4 - CSCC vs. Indy Region Shootout
Round 1
Class Pax
Event 5 - CSCC vs. Indy Region Shootout
Round 2
Class Pax
Novice Raw
Sept 7th Event 6 - Nationals Warm-up, Double Down Class Pax
Novice Raw
Oct 5th Event 7 - Aussie, Aussie Aussie! Group 1 Group 2
Group 3 Group 4
Finals Class Results
Event 8 - Season Lands at Grissom Class Pax
Novice Raw

Season Final Points - updated!

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2008 Cone Count

Warning - Class Final Standings are officially unofficial and year end trophies are given to members that have worked a specialty per our points qualification rules

Nov 2nd Worker Invitational